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Participatory research with a rural Aboriginal Community Controllled Health Organisation: Lessons Learned using the CONDIDER statement

H Beks, T Amos, J Bell, J Ryan, J Hayward, A Brown, C Mckenzie, B Allen, G Ewing, K Hudson, R Clark, B Morphett, S Allender, D Creighton, M Johnstone, V Versace

(2022), Vol. 22, Rural and Remote Health, C1

journal article

The Public Health 12 framework: interpreting the 'Meadows 12 places to act in a system' for use in public health

K Bolton, J Whelan, P Fraser, C Bell, S Allender, A Brown

(2022), Vol. 80, Archives of Public Health, C1

journal article

The impact of covid-19 on rural food supply and demand in australia: Utilising group model building to identifyretailer and customer perspectives

J Whelan, A Brown, L Coller, C Strugnell, S Allender, L Alston, J Hayward, J Brimblecombe, C Bell

(2021), Vol. 13, pp. 1-11, Nutrients, Basel, Switzerland, C1

journal article

Identifying the views of adolescents in five European countries on the drivers of obesity using group model building

N Savona, T Macauley, A Aguiar, A Banik, M Boberska, J Brock, A Brown, J Hayward, H Holbæk, A Rito, S Mendes, F Vaaheim, M van Houten, G Veltkamp, S Allender, H Rutter, C Knai

(2021), Vol. 31, pp. 391-396, European journal of public health, Oxford, Eng., C1

journal article

Mapping factors associated with a successful shift towards healthier food retail in community-based organisations: A systems approach

T Boelsen-Robinson, M Blake, A Brown, O Huse, C Palermo, N George, A Peeters

(2021), Vol. 101, pp. 1-13, Food Policy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Four‐Year Behavioral, Health‐Related Quality of Life, and BMI Outcomes from a Cluster Randomized Whole of Systems Trial of Prevention Strategies for Childhood Obesity

Steven Allender, Liliana Orellana, Nic Crooks, Kristy Bolton, Penny Fraser, Andrew Brown, Ha Le, Janette Lowe, Kayla de la Haye, Lynne Millar, Marjorie Moodie, Boyd Swinburn, Colin Bell, Claudia Strugnell

(2021), Vol. 29, pp. 1022-1035, Obesity, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Systems thinking for Aboriginal Health: Understanding the value and acceptability of group model building approaches

J Browne, T Walker, A Brown, S Sherriff, R Christidis, M Egan, V Versace, S Allender, K Backholer

(2021), Vol. 15, pp. 1-8, SSM - Population Health, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

The impact of a community-based intervention on weight, weight-related behaviours and health-related quality of life in primary school children in Victoria, Australia, according to socio-economic position

J Jacobs, C Strugnell, S Allender, L Orellana, K Backholer, K Bolton, P Fraser, H Le, A Brown, M Nichols

(2021), Vol. 21, pp. 1-12, BMC Public Health, London, Eng., C1

journal article

A Theory of Change for Community-Based Systems Interventions to Prevent Obesity

A Brown, J Whelan, K Bolton, P Nagorcka-Smith, J Hayward, P Fraser, C Strugnell, T Felmingham, M Nichols, C Bell, H Le, S Allender

(2021), pp. 1-9, American Journal of Preventive Medicine, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Protocol for the measurement of changes in knowledge and engagement in the stepped wedge cluster randomised trial for childhood obesity prevention in Australia: (Reflexive Evidence and Systems interventions to Prevent Obesity and Non-communicable Disease (RESPOND))

Jillian Whelan, Claudia Strugnell, Steven Allender, Ariella Korn, Andrew Brown, Liliana Orellana, Josh Hayward, Vicki Brown, Colin Bell, Marj Moodie, Anna Peeters, Melanie Nichols

(2020), Vol. 21, pp. 1-11, Trials, New York, N.Y., C1

journal article

Generating political commitment for ending malnutrition in all its forms: a system dynamics approach for strengthening nutrition actor networks

P Baker, A Brown, K Wingrove, S Allender, H Walls, K Cullerton, A Lee, A Demaio, M Lawrence

(2019), Vol. 20, pp. 30-44, Obesity reviews, Chichester, Eng., C1

journal article

Translating systems thinking into practice for community action on childhood obesity

S Allender, A Brown, K Bolton, P Fraser, J Lowe, P Hovmand

(2019), Vol. 20, pp. 179-184, Obesity reviews, Chichester, Eng., C1

journal article

Campbelltown - changing our future: study protocol for a whole of system approach to childhood obesity in South Western Sydney

N Maitland, M Williams, B Jalaludin, S Allender, C Strugnell, A Brown, J Hayward, N Crooks, J Tredoux, V Li, K Wardle

(2019), Vol. 19, pp. 1-9, BMC public health, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Understanding a successful obesity prevention initiative in children under 5 from a systems perspective

Brynle Owen, Andrew Brown, Jill Kuhlberg, Lynne Millar, Melanie Nichols, Christina Economos, Steven Allender

(2018), Vol. 13, pp. 1-10, PLoS one, San Francisco, Calif., C1

journal article

Protocol for an economic evaluation of WHO STOPS childhood obesity stepped-wedge cluster randomised controlled trial

Rohan Sweeney, Marj Moodie, Phuong Nguyen, Penny Fraser, Kristy Bolton, Andrew Brown, Jennifer Marks, Nic Crooks, Claudia Strugnell, Colin Bell, Lynne Millar, Liliana Orellana, Steven Allender

(2018), Vol. 8, pp. 1-10, BMJ Open, London, ENg., C1

journal article

Comparing complex perspectives on obesity drivers: action-driven communities and evidence-oriented experts

J McGlashan, J Hayward, A Brown, B Owen, L Millar, M Johnstone, D Creighton, S Allender

(2018), Vol. 4, pp. 575-581, Obesity science and practice, Chichester, Eng., C1

journal article

Funded Projects at Deakin

Australian Competitive Grants

Capacity building health promotion practitioners to implement healthy food retail initiatives

Dr Tara Boelsen-Robinson, Dr Miranda Blake, Mr Andrew Brown, Prof Anna Peeters

NHMRC TAPPC (Sax Institute) Seed Funding Grant

  • 2021: $5,000

Other Public Sector Funding

STICK-E ACT Health Promotion

Prof Steven Allender, Mr Andrew Brown

  • 2017: $2,140

STICK-E MansfieldSC Municipal Public Health Plan

Prof Steven Allender, Mr Andrew Brown, Dr Josh Hayward

  • 2018: $39,000
  • 2017: $15,000

Campbelltown Changing our Future: A whole of systems approach to childhood obesity in south western Sydney

Prof Steven Allender, Mr Andrew Brown, Dr Josh Hayward, Dr Claudia Strugnell, Mr Nic Crooks

  • 2019: $42,248
  • 2018: $252,248

Food and nutrition policies for Aboriginal Victorians: Evidence and Advocates for change

Dr Jennifer Browne, A/Prof Kathryn Backholer, Prof Steven Allender, Mr Andrew Brown, Ms Mikaela Egan

  • 2020: $90,000
  • 2019: $90,000

Industry and Other Funding

STICK-E Research Workshop - EGPCP

Prof Steven Allender, Mr Andrew Brown

  • 2017: $25,000

STICK-E TAPPC Prevention Tracker

Prof Steven Allender, Mr Andrew Brown, Dr Josh Hayward

  • 2018: $30,000
  • 2017: $30,000

Translate a community-based and 'systems informed' childhood obesity intervention.

Dr Claudia Strugnell, Prof Steven Allender, Dr Melanie Nichols, Prof Anna Peeters, Prof Colin Bell, Prof Marj Moodie, Prof Liliana Orellana, Dr Josh Hayward, Mr Andrew Brown

  • 2019: $70,000
  • 2018: $70,000

Addressing Food Insecurity in Urban Aboriginal Communities.

Mr Andrew Brown

  • 2019: $3,212
  • 2018: $12,240


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