Dr Ann Livingstone



Research Fellow


Faculty of Health


School of Health & Social Dev


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Doctor of Philosophy, University of Sydney, 2022


+61 3 924 68725


Ann Livingstone is a research fellow, in the economics of cancer stream at Deakin Health Economics (DHE). She retrained as a health economist in 2016, after a career in cancer clinical trials, completing her PhD in 2022. Her PhD thesis investigated patient and clinician preferences for adjuvant immunotherapy as a treatment for melanoma skin cancer. Ann's research interests include exploring the trade-offs people are willing to make to access healthcare services and interventions. Her PhD used a Discrete Choice Experiment (DCE), a type of preference study, to inform and calculate the ‘value’ of cancer treatments to patients and clinicians. Ann has substantial expertise in consumer co-design, having worked closely with consumer groups throughout her career.

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Research interests

Health Economics

Discrete Choice Experiments (DCE)

Preference elicitation for healthcare interventions

Teaching interests

Health Economics


Economic Evaluation

Knowledge areas

Health Economics

Discrete Choice Experiments (DCE)

Preference elicitation for healthcare interventions

Research groups

Economics of Cancer Stream


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Preferences for Adjuvant Immunotherapy in Adults with Resected Stage III Melanoma-A Discrete Choice Experiment

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Physician-patient communication of costs and financial burden of cancer and its treatment: a systematic review of clinical guidelines

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Adjuvant immunotherapy recommendations for stage III melanoma: physician and nurse interviews

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Is routine distal clavicle resection necessary in rotator cuff repair surgery? A systematic review and meta-analysis

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Continuing or ceasing bevacizumab beyond progression in recurrent glioblastoma: An exploratory randomized phase II trial

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