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A/Prof. Ann Vickery



Associate Professor of Writing and Literature


Faculty of Arts and Education


SCCA Arts & Education


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Doctor of Philosophy, University of Melbourne, 1998
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Law, University of Melbourne, 1992


Currently Head of Writing, Literature, and Culture at Deakin, Ann works across the fields of literary studies, creative writing, and gender and sexuality studies.

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Biography summary

  • Ann is Associate Professor in writing and literature and specialises in poetry, modernism, and literary feminisms. She is currently co-leader of the Literature & Its Readers research cluster at Deakin. She co-founded the Australasian Modernist Studies Network with Lorraine Sim and James Smith, and remains on its advisory board. She was co-founder and editor-in-chief (2000-2001) of HOW2, a journal of innovative women's writing and scholarship. She has been poetry editor of Puncher and Wattman and remains a consulting editor. She completed her PhD at the University of Melbourne. This was followed by a Macquarie University Research Fellowship, a Fulbright Postdoctoral Award (Yale University and Temple University), and a Monash University Research Fellowship. She joined Deakin in 2009.


  • Stressing the Modern: Cultural Politics in Australian Women's Poetry (Salt, 2007)
  • Leaving Lines of Gender: A Feminist Genealogy of Language Writing (Wesleyan UP, 2000).
  • The Intimate Archive: Journeys through Private Papers (National Library of Australia, 2009) (with Maryanne Dever and Sally Newman)
  • Poetry and the Trace (Puncher and Wattmann, 2013) (co-edited with John Hawke)
  • Manifesting Australian Literary Feminisms: Nexus and Faultlines (Australian Literary Studies, 2007) (co-edited with Margaret Henderson) 

Poetry Collections

  • Devious Intimacy (Hunter Publishing, 2015)
  • The Complete Pocketbook of Swoon (Vagabond Press, 2014)

Feature Journal Issues

  • Vickery, Ann, Daniel Marshall, and Emma Whatman. “Queer Legacies, New Solidarities,” Hecate 44.1-2 (2018).
  • Sim, Lorraine and Ann Vickery, eds. “Modernism, Intimacy, and Emotion,” Affirmations: Of the Modern 1.2 (2014).
  • Alizadeh, Ali and Ann Vickery, eds. “The Political Imagination: Postcolonial and Diasporic Contemporary Poetries,” Southerly 73.1 (2013).
  • Vickery, Ann, ed. “Masque,” Cordite Poetry Review 43 (2013).

Research interests

Social Poetics, 20th and 21st century American poetry, Australian poetry, Australian and American modernism, archival methodologies, literary feminisms 


Australian Modernist Studies Network 
Association for the Study of Australian Literature
Modernist Studies Association
Australian Women and Gender Studies Association

Teaching interests

Ann is particularly interested in supervising students in the areas of poetry, literary feminisms, modernism, Australian literature, American literature, and archival methodologies. 

Units taught

ALL201 From Romanticism to Realism
ALL202 Modernism/Postmodernism
ALL201 Love, Death, and Poetry
ALL202 Writing Modern Worlds
ALL256 Gender, Sex and Literature
AGS102 Histories of Sex and Gender
ALL727 Contemporary Poetry
ALL727 Sex, the Body and American Poetry
AAR410 Honours Research Methods
AAR412 Honours Research Theory

Knowledge areas

Poetry and poetics, Australian literature, literary archives, modernism, literary feminisms.


Conference Convenor

(with Daniel Marshall and Emma Whatman), "Queer Legacies, New Solidarities" conference, 22-24 November 2018, Deakin University, Australian Women's and Gender Studies Association (AWGSA), Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives (ALGA). Held at Deakin University and the State Library of Victoria. Also celebrating the 40th anniversary of ALGA. 

(with Lyn Hejinian, Eric Falci, and Kate Fagan), "Active Aesthetics: Contemporary Australian Poetry" conference, 14-16 April 2016, University of California, Berkeley. 

(with Jessica L Wilkinson, Cassandra Atherton, Anna Poletti, and Melinda Harvey), "Women's Writing and Environment," 5th Contemporary Women's Writing conference, 3-5 July 2014, State Library of Victoria.

(with Lorraine Sim) "Modernism, Intimacy and Emotion," Inaugural Modernist Studies Network Symposium, 6-7 February 2012, University of Western Sydney. 

(with Michael Farrell), "Poetry and the Contemporary" Symposium, 7-10 July 2011, Victorian Trades Hall. With John Hawke and Rose Lucas. "Poetry and the Trace: An International Conference," 13-16 July 2009, State Library of Victoria.

(with Margaret Henderson). "Manifesting Literary Feminisms: Drafts, Grafts, Nexus and Faultlines," 13-14 December 2007, Monash University.

(with John Hawke and Rose Lucas), "Poetry and the Trace," July 2008, Monash University.

Professional activities


  • Vice-President (Admin) of the Australian University Heads of English and Victorian representative.

Advisory Boards

  • Australasian Modernist Studies Network,
  • Palgrave Modern and Contemporary Poetry and Poetics
  • Anthem Press (Australian Literature) 
  • Rabbit: A Journal of Nonfiction Poetry 
  • Cordite Poetry Review.


  • Past poetry editor and consulting editor, Puncher and Wattmann


  • AUHE Prize for Literary Scholarship (2019-20)
  • Voss Literary Prize (2018, 2020) 

Research groups

Literature & Its Readers 
Creative Writing & Community
Gender and Sexuality Studies Research Network
Contemporary Histories Research Group


Stressing the Modern: Cultural Politics in Australian Womens Poetry (2007) was shortlisted for the Walter McRae Russell Award in 2009 and the NSW Premiers Prize for Literary Scholarship in 2008.
The Complete Pocketbook of Swoon (2015) was commended in the FAW Anne Elder Award. An earlier version was shortlisted for the Helen Bell Bequest Award (2013).


  • Practices of Care in The New York School: how did the cross-disciplinary interactions of the New York School imaginatively explore alternative models of care and how might they provide valuable models for care in the contemporary era?  
  • Bridging Feminist Care across Lyric and Memoir: how is contemporary women’s poetry crossing traditional forms to articulate feminist models of care? This project has a particular focus on motherhood and friendship
  • Mapping Histories and Pedagogies of Australian Poetry: how might histories of Australian poetry provide insights into Australian culture and what kinds of approaches might we bring to Australian poetry to better understand its significance within Australia and internationally?


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Funded Projects at Deakin

No Funded Projects at Deakin found


Principal Supervisor

Ella O'Keefe

Thesis entitled: Mobile Image: Reading Modes of Vision in Forrest-Thomson and Guest

Doctor of Philosophy, School of Communication & Creative Arts


Dylan Gregory Holdsworth

Thesis entitled: Dis-topias: The Government of Disability in Dystopian Children's Literature

Doctor of Philosophy, School of Communication & Creative Arts

Thomas Dylan Sandercock

Thesis entitled: Telling Trans: Reading Transgender Representation in Texts for Young People

Doctor of Philosophy, School of Communication & Creative Arts

Megan Jane Mooney Taylor

Thesis entitled: Mythmaking and Masculinity in the Fiction of Norman Lindsay

Doctor of Philosophy, School of Communication & Creative Arts


Katrina Hansord

Thesis entitled: 'spirit-music' Unbound: Romanticism and Print Politics in Australian Women's Poetry (1830-1905)

Doctor of Philosophy, School of Communication & Creative Arts

Executive Supervisor

Daniel Joshua Lewis

Thesis entitled: "Dead-Channel" : Writing Cyberpunk

Doctor of Philosophy, School of Communication & Creative Arts

Associate Supervisor

Autumn Lace Royal

Thesis entitled: Poetry and the Elegiac Self: A Creative Thesis with Exegesis

Doctor of Philosophy, School of Communication & Creative Arts

Andrew Lindsay Gaylard

Thesis entitled: Poetic Neologism in English from the Renaissance to Modernism

Doctor of Philosophy, School of Communication & Creative Arts


Shelley Lee Buerger

Thesis entitled: Tell Me Something: The Poetics of Maternal Subjectivity

Doctor of Philosophy, School of Communication & Creative Arts

Janine Gibson

Thesis entitled: Australian Elegy: Landscape and Identity

Doctor of Philosophy, School of Communication & Creative Arts


Kathryn Keeble

Thesis entitled: Lord of the ring: redressing the white oliphant

Doctor of Philosophy, School of Communication & Creative Arts