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Detection of a reassortant H9N2 avian influenza virus with intercontinental gene segments in a resident Australian chestnut teal

Tarka Bhatta, Anthony Chamings, Jessy Vibin, Marcel Klaassen, Soren Alexandersen

(2020), Vol. 12, pp. 1-13, Viruses, Basel, Switzerland, C1

journal article

Metagenomic characterisation of avian parvoviruses and picornaviruses from Australian wild ducks

J Vibin, A Chamings, M Klaassen, T Bhatta, S Alexandersen

(2020), Vol. 10, pp. 1-15, Scientific Reports, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Detection and characterisation of canine astrovirus, canine parvovirus and canine papillomavirus in puppies using next generation sequencing

Tarka Bhatta, Anthony Chamings, Jessy Vibin, Soren Alexandersen

(2019), Vol. 9, Scientific reports, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Evolutionary analysis of human parechovirus type 3 and clinical outcomes of infection during the 2017-18 Australian epidemic

A Chamings, J Druce, L Caly, Y Yoga, P Britton, K Macartney, S Alexandersen

(2019), Vol. 9, Scientific reports, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Identification of Chlamydia gallinacea in a parrot and in free-range chickens in Australia

H Stokes, J Martens, A Chamings, K Walder, M Berg, Y Segal, A Bennett

(2019), Vol. 97, pp. 398-400, Australian veterinary journal, Chichester, Eng., C1

journal article

Detection and characterisation of coronaviruses in migratory and non-migratory Australian wild birds

A Chamings, T Nelson, J Vibin, M Wille, M Klaassen, S Alexandersen

(2018), Vol. 8, pp. 1-10, Scientific reports, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Metagenomics detection and characterisation of viruses in faecal samples from Australian wild birds

Jessy Vibin, Anthony Chamings, Fiona Collier, Marcel Klaassen, Tiffanie Nelson, Soren Alexandersen

(2018), Vol. 8, pp. 1-23, Scientific reports, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Pathological and microbiological investigations into cases of bacterial chondronecrosis and osteomyelitis in broiler poultry

D Wijesurendra, A Chamings, R Bushell, D O'Rourke, M Stevenson, M Marenda, A Noormohammadi, A Stent

(2017), Vol. 46, pp. 683-694, Avian pathology, Abingdon, Eng., C1

journal article

High-resolution melt curve analysis to confirm the presence of co-circulating isolates of avian nephritis virus in commercial chicken flocks

A Chamings, K Hewson, D O'Rourke, J Ignjatovic, A Noormohammadi

(2015), Vol. 44, pp. 443-451, Avian Pathology, Abingdon, Eng., C1-1

journal article

The C-terminal end of the capsid protein of Avian Nephritis Virus is antigenic and induces broadly cross-reactive antibodies

K Hewson, N Wawegama, D O'Rourke, K Putri, A Chamings, A Noormohammadi, J Ignjatovic

(2015), Vol. 221, pp. 106-114, Journal of Virological Methods, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1-1

journal article

Survey of captive parrot populations around Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, Australia, for psittacine beak and feather disease virus, avian polyomavirus and psittacine adenovirus

C Hulbert, A Chamings, K Hewson, P Steer, M Gosbell, A Noormohammadi

(2015), Vol. 93, pp. 287-292, Australian Veterinary Journal, England, C1-1

journal article

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Viral metagenomics of Australian wild birds

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