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Dr Ashleigh Haw



DECRA Track Postdoctoral Fellowship


Faculty of Arts and Education


Office of the Exec Dean A&E


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Doctor of Philosophy, Univ. of Western Australia, 2019

+61 3 924 68237


Ashleigh's research focuses on discursive constructions of marginalised populations in Australian media, political and public discourse, with a particular interest in the implications for democracy, health, social cohesion, and social policy. She is currently involved in research projects investigating both traditional news and social media depictions of African youth in Australia, digital communication surrounding ethnic and religious minority communities during COVID-19, and the health, social and democratic implications of online disinformation during global crises. Ashleigh is a convener of The Australian Sociological Association's 'Migration, Ethnicity and Multiculturalism' thematic group and Communications Coordinator for the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association whereby she is an active member of the Political Communication research stream. 

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Research interests

Critical Discourse Analysis, Racism, Anti-Racism, Xenophobia, Media, Political Communication, Audiences, Digital Publics, Disinformation, Social Equity


The Australian Sociological Association (Co-Convener, 'Migration, Ethnicities and Multiculturalism' thematic group; Member, 'Sociology of Religion' and 'Media' thematic groups)

The Australian and New Zealand Communication Association (Communications Coordinator)

Migration and Mobilities Research Network (member)

Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law (Emerging Scholars Network)

Australian Linguistics Society (member)

Cultural Studies Association of Australia (member)

International Communication Association (member)

Teaching interests

Sociology or race, religion and multiculturalism; qualitative research methods; social research methods; critical discourse studies; global crises in the media; political communication; disinformation

Knowledge areas

Critical Discourse Analysis, Racism, Anti-Racism, Xenophobia, Media, Political Communication, Audiences, Digital Publics, Disinformation, Social Equity

Research groups

Deakin Religion and Society Research Cluster


2019 Grant Noble Award for best Postgraduate Paper at the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association conference 

2008 Western Australian Women's Community Award - WA State Government, Office for Women's Interests


2022-2023: "Mediated constructions of Australia’s ethnic and religious communities during COVID-19: Dominant discourses and resulting social and health challenges" (Lead CI: Dr Ashleigh Haw) - Deakin University, School of Humanities and Social Sciences

2021: "Evaluation of an online information campaign surrounding COVID-19 information for multicultural youth" (Lead CI: Prof. Rob Cover) - RMIT University, School of Media and Communication (funded by the Department of Families, Fairness & Housing, VIC)

2019-2021: “Media, Migration and Politics. A Comparative Study of Media Representations of Immigrants in Australia and Germany” (Lead CI: Prof. Karen Farquharson) - University of Melbourne, School of Social and Political Sciences (funded by the Melbourne-Berlin Research Partnership Fund, University of Melbourne and Humbodlt University in Berlin)

2019: "The impact of ethnic diversity, socio-economic disadvantage and sense of belonging on Islamophobia and social cohesion locally and nationally" (Lead CI: Dr Val Colic-Peisker) - RMIT University, School of Global, Urban and Social Sciences (funded by the Department of Health and Human Services, VIC)


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The "good refugee" ideal: How discourses of deservingness permeate Australia's refugee and asylum seeker narratives

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journal article

Remedying disinformation and fake news? The cultural frameworks of fake news crisis responses and solution-seeking

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journal article

Understanding conviviality in Australian suburbs with high Muslim concentrations: A qualitative case study in Melbourne

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Fake News in Digital Cultures Technology, Populism and Digital Misinformation

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Asylum Seekers in Australian News Media Mediated (In)humanity

Ashleigh Haw

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"Tarred with the Same Brush": Racist and Anti-racist Constructions of Muslim Asylum Seekers in Australia

A Haw

(2022), Vol. 42, pp. 56-74, Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, C1

journal article

The Spectre of Populist Leadership: QAnon, Emergent Formations, and Digital Community

R Cover, J Thompson, A Haw

(2022), Vol. 10, pp. 118-128, Media and Communication, C1

journal article

'Fitting In' and 'Giving Back': Constructions of Australia's 'Ideal' Refugee Through Discourses of Assimilation and Market Citizenship

Ashleigh Haw

(2021), Vol. 34, pp. 3164-3183, Journal of Refugee Studies, Oxford, Eng., C1

journal article

"Hapless Victims" or "Making Trouble": Audience Responses to Stereotypical Representations of Asylum Seekers in Australian News Discourse

A Haw

(2021), Journalism Practice, C1

journal article

Audience constructions of fake news in Australian media representations of asylum seekers: A critical discourse perspective

A Haw

(2021), Vol. 20, pp. 761-782, Journal of Language and Politics, C1

journal article

Social Exclusivism Versus Cosmopolitan Acceptance: Competing Constructions of 'Australian Values' in Discourse Surrounding People Seeking Asylum

A Haw

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journal article

What drives political news engagement in digital spaces? Reimagining 'echo chambers' in a polarised and hybridised media ecology

A Haw

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journal article

'Manufactured hysteria': audience perceptions of sensationalism and moral panic in Australian news representations of asylum seekers

A Haw

(2020), Vol. 174, pp. 125-139, Media International Australia, London, England, C1

journal article

Resistance to the dehumanisation of asylum seekers in Australia's mediated public sphere: an audience perspective

A Haw, F Fozdar, R Cover

(2020), Vol. 42, pp. 898-914, Media, Culture and Society, London, England, C1

journal article

Duelling Discourses: A Rhetorical Device for Challenging Anti-Asylum Sentiment in Western Australia

A Haw

(2020), Vol. 44, pp. 303-317, Journal of Australian Studies, C1

journal article

Funded Projects at Deakin

Australian Competitive Grants

"Engaging multicultural communities in antiracist advocacy during global crisis events: Lessons from COVID-19 in Australia

Dr Ashleigh Haw

Freilich Early Career Research Small Grants

  • 2023: $4,310


No completed student supervisions to report