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Clinicians' perspectives of forensic rehabilitation

P Robertson, M Barnao, T Ward, A Birgden, S Casey, B Guardagno

(2020), Vol. 27, pp. 138-154, Psychiatry, psychology and Law, Abingdon, Eng., C1

journal article

Off the rails--evaluating the nightlife impact of Melbourne, Australia's 24-h public transport trial

Ashlee Curtis, Nicolas Droste, Kerri Coomber, Belinda Guadagno, Richelle Mayshak, Shannon Hyder, Alexa Hayley, Peter Miller

(2019), Vol. 63, pp. 39-46, International journal of drug policy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

The impact of twenty four-hour public transport in Melbourne, Australia: an evaluation of alcohol-related harms

A Curtis, N Droste, K Coomber, B Guadagno, R Mayshak, S Hyder, A Hayley, R Crossin, D Scott, K Smith, P Miller

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journal article

Overweight or obesity associations with physical aggression in children and adolescents: a meta-analysis

M Tso, B Rowland, J Toumbourou, B Guadagno

(2018), Vol. 42, pp. 116-131, International journal of behavioral development, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Community awareness of patron banning in Australia: a brief report

A curtis, N taylor, B guadagno, C farmer, P miller

(2018), Vol. 33, pp. 283-287, Journal of police and criminal psychology, Berlin, Germany, C1

journal article

Heads you win, tails I lose: the dilemma mandatory reporting poses for teachers

M Falkiner, D Thomson, B Guadagno, A Day

(2017), Vol. 42, pp. 93-110, Australian journal of teacher education, Joondalup, W.A., C1

journal article

Targeting at-risk samples through brief face-to-face interviews in night-time entertainment precincts

K Coomber, T Chikritzhs, A Morgan, T Lam, N Droste, R Mayshak, A Curtis, B Guadagno, S Hyder, W Gilmore, A Peacock, R Bruno, N Taylor, P Miller

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journal article

Improving child investigative interviewer performance through computer-based learning activities

M Powell, B Guadagno, M Benson

(2016), Vol. 26, pp. 365-374, Policing and society, London, Eng., C1

journal article

The effects of e-simulation interview training on teachers' use of open-ended questions.

S Brubacher, M Powell, H Skouteris, B Guadagno

(2015), Vol. 43, pp. 95-103, Child Abuse & Neglect, England, C1

journal article

The association between investigative interviewers' knowledge of question type and adherence to best-practice interviewing

S Yii, M Powell, B Guadagno

(2014), Vol. 19, pp. 270-281, Legal and Criminological Psychology, C1

journal article

An examination of the prevalence of temporally leading questions in child witness interviews

B Guadagno, M Powell

(2014), Vol. 16, pp. 16-25, International journal of police science and management, Dalby, Isle of Man, C1

journal article

An investigation of the question-types teachers use to elicit information from children

S Brubacher, M Powell, H Skouteris, B Guadagno

(2014), Vol. 31, pp. 125-140, Australian educational and developmental psychologist, Cambridge, Eng., C1

journal article

What Themes Trigger Investigative Interviewers to Ask Specific Questions When Interviewing Children?

Belinda Guadagno, Carolyn Hughes-Scholes, Martine Powell

(2013), Vol. 15, pp. 51-60, International Journal of Police Science & Management, C1

journal article

Workplace stressors for investigative interviewers of child-abuse victims

M Powell, B Guadagno, P Cassematis

(2013), Vol. 36, pp. 512-525, Policing, C1

journal article

Errors in the Identification of Question Types in Investigative Interviews of Children

Martine Powell, Mairi Benson, Stefanie Sharman, Belinda Guadagno, Rebecca Steinberg

(2013), Vol. 15, pp. 144-156, International Journal of Police Science & Management, C1

journal article

Police officers' ability to play the role of the child during investigative interview training

S Sharman, C Hughes-Scholes, M Powell, B Guadagno

(2012), Vol. 14, pp. 312-321, International journal of police science and management, Isle of Man, England, C1

journal article

Child abuse and sex crimes : examining police officer interview techniques involving juvenile victims

B Guadagno, M Powell

(2011), pp. 551-567, Effective crime reduction strategies : international perspectives, Boca Raton, Fla., B1

book chapter

A qualitative examination of police officers' questioning of children about repeated events

B Guadagno, M Powell

(2009), Vol. 10, pp. 61-73, Police Practice and Research: an international journal, Abingdon, England, C1

journal article

An Evaluation of a Self-Initiated Practice Exercise for Investigative Interviewers of Children

Rebecca Wright, Belinda Guadagno, Martine Powell

(2009), Vol. 11, pp. 366-376, International Journal of Police Science & Management, C1

journal article

An examination of the limitations in investigative interviewers' use of open-ended questions

M Powell, B Guadagno

(2008), Vol. 15, pp. 382-395, Psychiatry, Psychology and Law, C1

journal article

Particularisation of Child Abuse Offences: Common Problems when Questioning Child Witnesses

Martine Powell, Kim Roberts, Belinda Guadagno

(2007), Vol. 19, pp. 64-74, Current Issues in Criminal Justice, C1

journal article

Police officers' and legal professionals' perceptions regarding how children are, and should be, questioned about repeated abuse

B Guadagno, M Powell, R Wright

(2006), Vol. 13, pp. 251-260, Psychiatry, Psychology and Law, C1

journal article

Funded Projects at Deakin

Other Public Sector Funding

WA Police and DCP forensic interview: Development and Evaluation Agreement

Prof Martine Powell, Dr Belinda Guadagno

  • 2014: $80,000
  • 2013: $80,000
  • 2012: $100,000

Industry and Other Funding

South Australia Police and Department of Child Protection child forensic interview: training and evaluation.

Dr Belinda Guadagno

  • 2019: $14,318


Principal Supervisor

Rachel Parsons

Thesis entitled: How do Leading Questions Impact Children with an Intellectual Disability?

Doctor of Psychology (Forensic), School of Psychology

Associate Supervisor

Melissa Tso

Thesis entitled: Association of Overweight/Obesity in the Development of Physical Aggression in Children and Adolescents

Doctor of Psychology (Forensic), School of Psychology


Julianne Read

Thesis entitled: Best-practice in Interviewing of Suspects in Child Sexual Abuse Cases

Doctor of Psychology (Forensic), School of Psychology