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Prof Chien-Ting Lin



Chair in Finance


Faculty of Business and Law


BL Deakin Business School


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Doctor of Philosophy, Texas Tech University, 1999

+61 3 924 46782


Professor Chien-Ting “Ed” Lin is a Professor in the Department of Finance in Deakin Business School. Ed completed his PhD in Finance from Texas Tech University. He specialises in asset pricing, banking, and corporate finance. In asset pricing, Ed's work revolves around the pricing of higher moments in stock return distribution. In banking, he is involved with macro-prudential regulations including designs of capital requirements, liquidity requirements, and deposit insurance. In corporate finance, Ed's focus is on corporate issues on financial decisions, payout decisions, and governance mechanisms.

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Research interests

  • Corporate Governance
  • Empirical Asset Pricing
  • Banking

Teaching interests

  • Corporate Finance
  • Asset Pricing
  • International Finance

Units taught

  • MAF101 - Fundamentals of Finance
  • MAF306 - International Finance and Investment
  • MAA427 - Research Methods

Knowledge areas

  • Banking
  • Corporate finance
  • Empirical asset pricing


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Funded Projects at Deakin

Industry and Other Funding

Asset Correlations in Basel Capital Requirement: Does one size fit all?

Prof Chien-Ting Lin

  • 2012: $9,800

The pricing of deposit insurance under systematic risk

Prof Chien-Ting Lin

  • 2014: $4,363
  • 2013: $6,545

CEO Remuneration and Firm Performance: Does Information Asymmetry Explain the Gap?

Dr Hong Ang, Prof Peter Carey, Prof Chien-Ting Lin

  • 2013: $5,225


Principal Supervisor

Vuong Thao Tran

Thesis entitled: Three Essays on Liquidity Creation

Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Finance


Zhisong Chen

Thesis entitled: Anchoring Countercyclical Capital Buffer in Basel III

Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Finance