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Colin Campbell is a Senior Lecturer in the Deakin Law School. Colin’s research focuses on Anti-Discrimination Law and Administrative Law. He holds Masters degrees from the Universities of Melbourne and Cambridge, and a doctorate in law from Cambridge, where he was a W.M. Tapp Scholar at Gonville and Caius College. 

Colin has authored or co-authored articles that have been published in several of the common law world’s pre-eminent law journals, including the Modern Law Review, the Law Quarterly Review, the Cambridge Law Journal, and the University of Toronto Law Journal. He is the co-editor of Australian Charters of Rights, A Decade On (Federation Press, 2017) and the co-author of Emergency Powers in Australia (Cambridge University Press (England), 2nd ed.2018).

At Deakin, Colin currently teaches Administrative Law and Torts. In his academic career to date, Colin has supervised to completion over 20 Honours students and 6 PhD students.

He is Director of Deakin’s LLB (Hons) course, is founder and Convenor of the Deakin Law School Student Academic Excellence Program, and is a member of the Law School Executive.

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Research interests

I research primarily in the area of anti-discrimination law, but also in the area of administrative law.


Australian Discrimination Law Experts' Group

Teaching interests

I teach in the areas of Administrative Law, Torts and Anti-Discrimination Law

Units taught

MLL424 Administrative Law 

MLL213 Tort 

Knowledge areas

Ant-Discrimination Law, Administrative Law, Torts, Privacy Law.


Colin Campbell has considerable expertise in the areas of Anti-discrimination Law and Administrative Law. He has published in these areas in several of the world's pre-eminent law journals. He also has expertise in the area of Privacy Law.
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Winner Monash Student Association Award for Teaching Excellence in the Law Faculty, 2018.

Shorlisted, Zines Prize for Legal Excellence, 2015


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The public/private distinction in Australian administrative law

Colin Campbell


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