Dr Colin Campbell



Senior Lecturer


Faculty of Business and Law


Deakin Law School


Melbourne Burwood Campus


+61 3 924 46173

Research interests

I research primarily in the area of anti-discrimination law, but also in the area of administrative law.

Teaching interests

I teach in the areas of Administrative Law, Torts and Anti-Discrimination Law

Units taught

MLL424 Administrative Law 

MLL213 Tort 


Colin Campbell has considerable expertise in the areas of Administrative Law, and Anti-discrimination Law. He has published in these areas in a number of the world's pre-eminent law journals.
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Social Media and Free Speech in the Australian Workplace

Colin Campbell

(2022), Vol. 2, pp. 535-566, Critical Perspectives on Human Rights Law in Australia Volume 2, Sydney, N.S.W., B1

book chapter

Distinguishing Between Direct and Indirect Discrimination

Colin Campbell, Dale Smith

(2022), pp. 1-24, MODERN LAW REVIEW, London, Eng., C1

journal article

The Grounding Requirement for Direct Discrimination

Colin Campbell, Dale Smith

(2020), Vol. 136, pp. 258-283, The Law Quarterly Review, Andover, Eng., C1-1

journal article

The Nature and Limitations of Anti-Discrimination Law

Colin Campbell

(2019), pp. 163-183, The Legal Protection of Rights in Australia, Oxford, Eng., B1-1

book chapter

Proportionality in Australian Public Law

Colin Campbell, H Lee

(2019), pp. 158-183, Legal transplants in East Asia and Oceania, Cambridge, Eng., B1-1

book chapter

The risky business of urban water innovation in Australia: looking through the harm lens

Graeme Hodge, Tara McCallum, Colin Campbell

(2019), Vol. 41, pp. 1-18, Asia Pacific Journal of Public Administration, Abingdon, Eng., C1-1

journal article

Emergency Powers in Australia

H Lee, Michael Adams, Colin Campbell, Patrick Emerton

(2018), Cambridge, Eng., A1-1


Freedom of Expression

Colin Campbell

(2017), pp. 104-119, Australian Charters of Rights A Decade On, Annandale, N.S.W., B1-1

book chapter

Deliberative freedoms and the asymmetric features of anti-discrimination law

Colin Campbell, Dale Smith

(2017), Vol. 67, pp. 247-287, University of Toronto Law Journal, Toronto, Canada, C1-1

journal article

Australian Charters of Rights a Decade on

Matthew Groves, Colin Campbell

(2017), A7-1

edited book

The Risky Business of Water Sensitive City Innovation : A Legal Analysis of Rick Allocation

Tara McCallum, Colin Campbell, Graeme Hodge, Emilie Boulot, Colin Campbell

(2016), Melbourne, Vic., A6-1

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