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Embedding use of patient multimedia educational resources into cardiac acute care. A prospective observational study

Anastasia Hutchinson, Damien Khaw, Annika Malmstrom-Zinkel, Natalie Winter, Chantelle Dowling, Mari Botti, Joanne McDonall

(2024), JMIR Nursing, C1

journal article

Use of Wearable Devices to Monitor Postoperative Activity following Cardiac Surgery. A Systematic Scoping Review

Jessica Edney, Jo McDonall, Damien Khaw, Anastasia Hutchinson

(2024), pp. 1-29, European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, Oxford, Eng., C1

journal article

Handheld Computer Devices to Support Clinical Decision-making in Acute Nursing Practice: Systematic Scoping Review

D Glanville, A Hutchinson, D Khaw

(2023), Vol. 25, pp. e39987-, Journal of medical Internet research, Canada, C1

journal article

Psychosocial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Australian nurses and midwives: a cross-sectional study

S Holton, K Wynter, J Considine, M Street, A Hutchinson, D Khaw, P Stephenson, A Hutchinson, C Ockerby, K Nankervis, S Crowe, M Trueman, S Sweeney, S Bruce, B Rasmussen

(2023), Vol. 40, pp. 30-40, Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing, C1

journal article

Australian and Danish nurses' and midwives' wellbeing during COVID-19: a comparison study

Sara Holton, Karen Wynter, Mette Rothmann, Mette Skjoeth, Julie Considine, Maryann Street, Ana Hutchinson, Damien Khaw, Alison Hutchinson, Cherene Ockerby, Shane Crowe, Melody Trueman, Susan Sweeney, Suellen Bruce, Bodil Rasmussen

(2022), Vol. 29, pp. 281-287, Collegian, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Low dose mobility and functional status outcomes in hospitalized older general medicine patients

L Ley, D Khaw, M Duke, M Botti

(2022), Vol. 43, pp. 7-14, Geriatric Nursing, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Prevalence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and chronic bronchitis in eight countries: a systematic review and meta-analysis

P Jarhyan, A Hutchinson, D Khaw, D Prabhakaran, S Mohan

(2022), Vol. 100, pp. 216-230, Bulletin of the World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland, C1

journal article

MyStay - Development of nurse-facilitated condition-specific multimedia resources to facilitate patient participation in postoperative care

J McDonall, N Heynesbergh, D Khaw, B Redley, R de Steiger, A Hutchinson, M Botti

(2022), Vol. 9, pp. 114-125, Patient Experience Journal, C1

journal article

A systematic scoping review of the cost-impact of ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) intervention bundles in intensive care

E Ladbrook, D Khaw, S Bouchoucha, A Hutchinson

(2021), Vol. 49, pp. 928-936, American Journal of Infection Control, United States, C1

journal article

Inter-rater reliability and predictive accuracy of the Shkuratova Assessment of Falls-risk in Rehabilitation (SAFER) tool

N Shkuratova, E Blatsis, D Khaw, B Redley, M Botti, A Hutchinson

(2021), Vol. 44, pp. 248-255, International Journal of Rehabilitation Research, England, C1

journal article

Impact of Pain on Postoperative Recovery and Participation in Care Following Knee Arthroplasty Surgery: A Qualitative Descriptive Study

M Keast, A Hutchinson, D Khaw, J McDonall

(2021), pp. 1-7, Pain Management Nursing, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Analgesic Outcomes in a Danish Acute Care Hospital Following Electronic Prescribing and Analgesic Self-Administration

M Botti, B Rasmussen, D Khaw, I Kristensen, E Esmarch, A Hutchinson

(2020), Vol. 21, pp. 345-353, Pain Management Nursing, United States, C1

journal article

The relationship between the undergraduate clinical learning environment and work readiness in new graduate nurses: A pre-post survey study

M Dudley, D Khaw, M Botti, A Hutchinson

(2020), Vol. 94, Nurse Education Today, Scotland, C1

journal article

Six-year trends in postoperative prescribing and use of multimodal analgesics following total hip and knee arthroplasty: a single-site observational study of pain management

D Khaw, T Bucknall, J Considine, M Duke, A Hutchinson, B Redley, R de Steiger, M Botti

(2020), Vol. 25, pp. 107-121, European journal of pain, Chichester, Eng., C1

journal article

The dose of physical activity to minimise functional decline in older general medical patients receiving 24-hr acute care: A systematic scoping review

L Ley, D Khaw, M Duke, M Botti

(2019), Vol. 28, pp. 3049-3064, Journal of Clinical Nursing, England, C1

journal article

A profile of four patterns of vulnerability to functional decline in older general medicine patients in Victoria, Australia: A cross sectional survey

L Beddoes-Ley, D Khaw, M Duke, M Botti

(2016), Vol. 16, BMC Geriatrics, England, C1

journal article

Cross-cultural examination of the structure of the Revised American Pain Society Patient Outcome Questionnaire (APS-POQ-R)

M Botti, D Khaw, E Jørgensen, B Rasmussen, S Hunter, B Redley

(2015), Vol. 16, pp. 727-740, Journal of pain, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Mental health-related risk factors for violence : using the evidence to guide mental health triage decision making

N Sands, S Elsom, M Gerdtz, D Khaw

(2012), Vol. 19, pp. 690-701, Journal of psychiatric and mental health nursing, Oxford, England, C1

journal article

Clinical nurse research consultant : a clinical and academic role to advance practice and the discipline of nursing

J Currey, J Considine, D Khaw

(2011), Vol. 67, pp. 2275-2283, Journal of Advanced Nursing, Oxford, England, C1

journal article

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