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Influenza A virus infection induces viral and cellular defective ribosomal products encoded by alternative reading frames

Damien Zanker, Sara Oveissi, David Tscharke, Mubing Duan, Siyuan Wan, Xiaomu Zhang, Kun Xiao, Nicole Mifsud, James Gibbs, Lenny Izzard, Daniel Dlugolenski, Pierre Faou, Karen Laurie, Nathalie Vigneron, Ian Barr, John Stambas, Benot Van den Eynde, Jack Bennink, Jonathan Yewdell, Weisan Chen

(2019), Vol. 202, pp. 3370-3380, Journal of immunology, Bethesda, Md., C1


Enhanced immunogenicity following miR-155 incorporation into the influenza A virus genome

L Izzard, D Dlugolenski, Y Xia, M McMahon, D Middleton, R Tripp, J Stambas

(2017), Vol. 235, pp. 115-120, Virus research, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Vaccination with Recombinant Parainfluenza Virus 5 Expressing Neuraminidase Protects against Homologous and Heterologous Influenza Virus Challenge

Alaina Mooney, Jon Gabbard, Zhuo Li, Daniel Dlugolenski, Scott Johnson, Ralph Tripp, Biao He, S Tompkins

(2017), Vol. 91, pp. 1-15, Journal of virology, Washington, D.C., C1-1


Hypothiocyanite produced by human and rat respiratory epithelial cells inactivates extracellular H1N2 influenza A virus

A Gingerich, L Pang, J Hanson, D Dlugolenski, R Streich, E Lafontaine, T Nagy, R Tripp, B Rada

(2016), Vol. 65, pp. 71-80, Inflammation research, Basel, Switzerland, C1


ADAMTS5 is a critical regulator of virus-specific T cell immunity

M McMahon, S Ye, L Izzard, D Dlugolenski, R Tripp, A Bean, D McCulloch, J Stambas

(2016), Vol. 14, pp. 1-22, PLoS biology, San Francisco, Calif., C1


Virologic differences do not fully explain the diversification of swine influenza viruses in the United States

Thomas Fabrizio, Yilun Sun, Sun-Woo Yoon, Trushar Jeevan, Daniel Dlugolenski, Ralph Tripp, Li Tang, Richard Webby

(2016), Vol. 90, pp. 10074-10082, Journal of virology, Washington, D.C., C1


Swine influenza virus PA and neuraminidase gene reassortment into human H1N1iInfluenza Virus is associated with an altered pathogenic phenotype linked to increased MIP-2 expression

D Dlugolenski, L Jones, E Howerth, D Wentworth, S Tompkins, R Tripp

(2015), Vol. 89, pp. 5651-5667, Journal of virology, Washington DC, U.S., C1-1


Efficacy of a parainfluenza virus 5 (PIV5)-based H7N9 vaccine in mice and guinea pigs: antibody titer towards HA was not a good indicator for protection

Z Li, J Gabbard, S Johnson, D Dlugolenski, S Phan, S Tompkins, B He

(2015), Vol. 10, pp. 1-14, PLoS One, San Fransico, Calif., C1-1


Polymerase discordance in novel swine influenza H3N2v constellations is tolerated in swine but not human respiratory epithelial cells

J Powell, D Dlugolenski, T Nagy, J Gabbard, C Lee, S Tompkins, R Tripp

(2014), Vol. 9, pp. 1-13, PLoS one, San Francisco, Calif., C1-1


Novel H7N9 influenza virus shows low infectious dose, high growth rate, and efficient contact transmission in the guinea pig model

J Gabbard, D Dlugolenski, D Van Riel, N Marshall, S Galloway, E Howerth, P Campbell, C Jones, S Johnson, L Byrd-Leotis, D Steinhauer, T Kuiken, S Tompkins, R Tripp, A Lowen, J Steel

(2014), Vol. 88, pp. 1502-1512, Journal of virology, Washington, D.C., C1-1


Bat cells from Pteropus alecto are susceptible to influenza A virus infection and reassortment

D Dlugolenski, L Jones, S Tompkins, G Crameri, L-F Wang, R Tripp

(2013), Vol. 7, pp. 900-903, Influenza and other respiratory viruses, London, Eng., C1-1


Antiviral responses by Swine primary bronchoepithelial cells are limited compared to human bronchoepithelial cells following influenza virus infection

M Hauser, D Dlugolenski, M Culhane, D Wentworth, S Tompkins, R Tripp

(2013), Vol. 8, pp. 1-14, PLoS one, San Francisco, Calif., C1-1


Passage of low-pathogenic avian influenza (LPAI) viruses mediates rapid genetic adaptation of a wild-bird isolate in poultry

D Dlugolenski, L Jones, G Saavedra, S Tompkins, R Tripp, E Mundt

(2011), Vol. 156, pp. 565-576, Archives of virology, Vienna, Austria, C1-1


Production of H5-specific monoclonal antibodies and the development of a competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of H5 antibodies in multiple species

D Dlugolenski, R Hauck, R Hogan, F Michel, E Mundt

(2010), Vol. 54, pp. 644-649, Avian diseases, Washington, D.C., C1-1


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