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Dr Danielle Chubb



Senior Lecturer in International Relations


Faculty of Arts and Education


School of Hum & Social Science


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Graduate Certificate of Higher Education, Deakin University, 2015
Doctor of Philosophy, Australian National University, 2010


Danielle’s main research interests are the policy dynamics of the Korean peninsula, the role of non-traditional actors in security arenas, human rights activism, and the interaction of policy and public opinion in Australia.

Danielle has published books on Australian foreign policy and North Korean human rights.

  • Australian Public Opinion, Defence and Foreign Policy examines attitudes and trends in Australian public opinion since 1945. It is co-authored with Professor Ian McAllister (ANU) and published in 2021 with Palgrave.
  • North Korean human rights: activists and networks is a Cambridge University Press volume edited with Andrew I. Yeo (Catholic University of America in Washington DC). It examines transnational advocacy over the north korean human rights issue and was published in hardback in 2018, and in paperback in 2019.
  • Contentious activism and inter-Korean relations, Danielle's first book, was published by Columbia University Press in 2014. The book was officially launched by the Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG. The book examines the role played by political activists in shaping the discussion of inter-Korean relations as they pursue the separate yet connected agendas of democracy, human rights, and unification.

Danielle joined Deakin in 2012, after working as a Research Fellow at the Honolulu-based security studies think tank, Pacific Forum CSIS. She has also worked as a lecturer at The Australian National University and Hawaii Pacific University, and as a researcher in the Australian Parliamentary Library's Social Policy branch. Danielle completed her PhD at The Australian National University, in the College of Asia and the Pacific.

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International Studies Association

Australian Political Science Association

Units taught

Danielle is Unit Chair and Lecturer for

AIR348 - Activists beyond borders (T1)

AIR102 - War, Terrorism and Humanitarian Responses (T2)

Danielle also teaches into:

AIX493 - Honours Research Design (T1)

AIX494 - Honours Research Communication (T2)

Knowledge areas

Australian foreign policy; North Korea; South Korea; civil society; human rights activism

Professional activities


Associate Editor, Foreign Policy Analysis, 2020 - present


Course Director, Associate Degree of Arts, 2021 - present

POLIS seminar series convenor, 2020 - present

Founding member, POLIS research network

Media appearances

Danielle contributes to public discussion and debate related to North Korea and Australian foreign policy. Examples of these contributions include:

'Will raising human rights with North Korea de-rail nuclear negotiations?', The Monkey Cage, Washington Post, 27 June 2018 (with Andrew Yeo)

‘National interest’ figleaf avoids debate on wars and terror laws, The Conversation, 22 September 2014

The religious cult of North Korea’s Kim dynasty, ABC Radio National, 16 April, 2013

We need to engage with North Korea,” The Australian, Thursday August 18, 2011

International Relations, North Korea style,  ABC The Drum, 25 November, 2010

Research groups

Danielle is a founding member of Deakin's Politics and International Studies (POLIS) research network. For updates on the group's activities, follow us on twitter:

Danielle is also a member of the inter-disciplinary Governance, Justice and Security Research Stream, in Deakin University's Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation


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book chapter

Public opinion and the ANZUS alliance

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book chapter

Fear and Greed: Australian Public Opinion Towards China's Rise*

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Perceptions of terrorism in Australia: 1978-2019

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Public attitudes towards the defence of Australia

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Bringing Australian foreign policy alive through teaching and assessment practice

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The politics of networking behind the public face of the transnational North Korean human rights movement

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Conclusion: the contentious terrain of north Korean human rights activism

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North Korean human rights: activists and networks

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edited book

Issues in Australian foreign policy: July to December 2016

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A nuclear North Korea and the limitations of US security perspectives

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Civil society, democracy and the state in South Korea: a critical dialogue

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Just another regional superpower? a cautious south korea watches India's rise

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Just Another Regional Superpower? A Cautious South Korea Watches India's Rise

D Chubb

(2015), pp. 66-78, Competing Visions of India in World Politics: India's Rise Beyond the West, B1

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North Korean human rights and the international community: responding to the UN Commission of Inquiry

D Chubb

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journal article

Contentious Activism and Inter-Korean Relations

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Statist nationalism and South Korea's national security law

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North Korean defector activism and the South Korean politics

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Acting alone to act together: diversifying approaches to North Korea

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journal article

Le combat des activistes nord-coréens en Corée du Sud

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journal article

Funded Projects at Deakin

Industry and Other Funding

The Evolution of North Korean Human Rights Discourse and Activism: Domestic and Transnational Dimensions

Dr Danielle Chubb

  • 2015: $25,574

China and Human Rights in North Korea: Part of the Problem or a Partial Solution?

Prof Baogang He, A/Prof Chengxin Pan, A/Prof David Hundt, Dr Danielle Chubb

  • 2019: $29,090

Transitional Justice in Korea: A Role for Australia?

Dr Danielle Chubb, Dr Nazanin Zadeh-Cummings

  • 2020: $24,732


Principal Supervisor

Catherine Carter

Thesis entitled: Characteristics of the Australian Civil-Military Relationship

Doctor of Philosophy, School of Humanities and Social Sciences