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Danielle has worked in academic institutions since 2000. Her early work life was spent coordinating a combined library reference/IT help desk and working with students teaching a range of information literacy skills and digital library products and platforms. She later transitioned into library website coordination.

In 2008, she tranistioned from libraries into roles within university IT departnments, spending seven years working in various roles including website administrator, functional analyst, web development project manager, and service manager. During that time she completed her Master’s degree in information and knowledge management.

In 2015, she returned to the academic library environment at Deakin University Library, taking on the inaugural role of Digital Experience Librarian and, later, Manager Digital Experience, in which she leads a multi-talented team engaged in UX research and testing, digital content management, experience design and front-end development, applications and integrations, and emerging technologies. Her team works to provide consistent, high-quality, scalable digital solutions for library users. In her role, she’s worked to establish a collaborative, end-to-end approach to identifying, designing and developing and managing experiences.

As Manager Digital Experience for Deakin University Library, Danielle is future-focussed, and actively seeks opportunities to deliver digital experiences that extend Deakin’s reputation as a driver of leading-edge innovation. At the same time, she has a keen eye on delivering practical, continuous improvement to today’s library experience challenges.


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Content management for dynamic, digital displays in academic libraries

D Johnson, L McDonald

(2017), Geelong, Vic., A6

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