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LSP: Lightweight Smart Contract-based Transaction Prioritization Scheme for Smart Healthcare

A Saini, D Wijaya, N Kaur, Y Xiang, L Gao

(2022), pp. 1-13, IEEE Internet of Things Journal, Piscataway, NJ, C1

journal article

P-sharding: Streamline Emergency Medical Transactions via Priority Sharding

A Saini, N Kaur, N Singh, D Wijaya

(2022), Vol. 428 LNICST, pp. 242-259, EAI 2021: Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Ad Hoc Networks and Tools for IT and 16th International Conference TRIDENTCOM, Virtual event, E1


Transparency or Anonymity Leak: Monero Mining Pools Data Publication

D Wijaya, J Liu, R Steinfeld, D Liu

(2021), Vol. 13083, pp. 433-450, ACISP 2021 : Information Security and Privacy : Proceedings of the 26th Australasian Conference, Virtual Event, E1


Anonymity reduction attacks to Monero

D Wijaya, J Liu, R Steinfeld, D Liu, T Yuen

(2019), pp. 86-100, Inscrypt 2018 : Information security and cryptology : 14th International Conference, Inscrypt 2018, Fuzhou, China, December 14-17, 2018, Revised selected papers, Fuzhou, China, E1-1


Senarai: A Sustainable Public Blockchain-Based Permanent Storage Protocol

D Wijaya, J Liu, R Steinfeld, D Liu, Limerlina

(2019), pp. 235-246, CANS 2019 : Cryptology and network security : 18th International Conference, CANS 2019, Fuzhou, China, October 25-27, 2019, Proceedings, Fuzhou, China, E1-1


Designing Smart Contract for Electronic Document Taxation

D Wijaya, J Liu, R Steinfeld, D Liu, F Junis, D Suwarsono

(2019), pp. 199-213, CANS 2019 : Cryptology and Network Security 18th International Conference, CANS 2019 Fuzhou, China, October 25–27, 2019 Proceedings, Fuzhou, China, E1-1


On the unforkability of monero

D Wijaya, J Liu, R Steinfeld, D Liu, J Yu

(2019), pp. 621-632, Asia CCS 2019 - Proceedings of the 2019 ACM Asia Conference on Computer and Communications Security, Auckland, New Zealand, E1-1


Risk of Asynchronous Protocol Update: Attacks to Monero Protocols

D Wijaya, J Liu, R Steinfeld, D Liu

(2019), pp. 307-321, ACISP 2019 : Information security and privacy : 24th Australasian Conference, ACISP 2019, Christchurch, New Zealand, July 3-5, 2019, Proceedings, Christchurch, New Zealand, E1


Monero Ring Attack: Recreating Zero Mixin Transaction Effect

D Wijaya, J Liu, R Steinfeld, D Liu

(2018), pp. 1196-1201, TrustCom/BigDataSE 2018 : The 17th IEEE International Conference on Trust, Security and Privacy in Computing and Communications : the 12th IEEE International Conference on Big Data Science and Engineering : proceedings : 31 July–3 August 2018, New York, New York, New York, N.Y., E1-1


A new blockchain-based value-added tax system

D Wijaya, J Liu, D Suwarsono, P Zhang

(2017), pp. 471-486, ProvSec 2017 : Provable security : 11th International Conference, ProvSec 2017, Xi'an, China, October 23-25, 2017, Proceedings, Xi'an, China, E1-1


Anonymizing bitcoin transaction

D Wijaya, J Liu, R Steinfeld, S Sun, X Huang

(2016), pp. 271-283, ISPEC 2016 : Information security practice and experience : 12th International Conference, ISPEC 2016, Zhangjiajie, China, November 16-18, 2016, Proceedings, Zhangjiajie, China, E1-1


Extending asset management system functionality in bitcoin platform

D Wijaya

(2016), pp. 97-101, IC3INA 2016 : International Conference on Computer, Control, Informatics and its Applications : proceedings : recent progress in computer, control, and informatics : Tangerang, Indonesia, October 3rd-5th, 2016, Tangerang, Indonesia, E1-1


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