Dr Dominique Condo



Senior Lecturer, Sport Nutrition


Faculty of Health


School of Exercise & Nut. Sci.


Melbourne Burwood Campus



Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Sports Dietitian. She specialises in Sports Nutrition, overseeing the nutrition program at our partner sporting organisations, Geelong Cats Football Club and the WNBL Deakin Melbourne Boomers.

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Biography summary

2015- current. Lecturer in Sports Nutrition, School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, Deakin University.

2015- current. Consulting Sports Dietitian, Geelong Cats Football Club, Geelong, Victoria

2011-2015. Clinical Trials Co-ordnator, Women’s and Children’s Health Research Institute (WCHRI), Adelaide, South Australia

2011-2015 Private practice dietitian and director: DC Dietary consultting, Adelaide South Australia

2010-2012 Clinical and community dietitian, SA Health, Adelaide, South Australia

Research interests

Dr. Condo’s current research interests include:
- The assessment of dietary intake, nutritional status and nutritional knowledge in athletes
- The well-being of athletes including sleep, immune health and injury prevention
- Health promotion programs aimed at improving food choice and physical activity in population groups through the use of sporting organisations and sporting figures.


Dietitians Association of Australia (2009 - present); Accredited Practising Dietitian

Sports Dietitians of Australia (2010-present); Accredited Sports Dietitian

Nutrition Society of Australia (2015- present)

Teaching interests

Sports Nutrition
Dietetic practice
Nutrition research skills
Principle supervisor of honours students
Co-supervisor of 2 PhD students

Units taught

HSE330: Nutrition for Exercise Scientists

HSN307: Sports Nutrition theory and practice
HSN709: Sports Nutrition
HSN740: Nutrition research skills
HSN311: Food and nutrition practicum
HSN101: Foundations of food, nutrition and health
HSN106: Food fundamentals


Association between thyroid function of pregnant women and their infants in Adelaide. Condo D, Huyhn D, Skeaff S, Makrides M, Zhou S. PSANZ, April 2015, Melbourne Australia

   Iodine intake and status in Australian Pregnant women. Condo D, Huyhn D, Skeaff S, Makrides M, Zhou S. DAA National Conference. May 2016, Melbourne Australia
   Accepted for presentation in Early Career Showcase

 Development and validation of an iodine specific food frequency questionnaire to estimate iodine intake in Australian pregnant women.  Condo D, Huyhn D, Skeaff S, Makrides M, Zhou S. International Congress of Dietitians, September 2016 Granada, Spain.

 Use of Articulate Storyline for Online Unit Development. Condo D, Macfarlane S, Cicerale, S. Teaching and Learning Conference, November 2016, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia

 Supplement considerations when working with athletes. Condo D, Austin S, Walker E, Andrews K. DAA National Conference. May 2017, Hobart, Tasmania

 Periodisation of carbohydrate intake around exercise: from elite athletes to your active clients. Condo D, Austin S, Burke L. DAA National Conference. May 2018, Sydney Australia

 Margerison C, Van der Pligt P, Murray E, Condo D. Are we adequately supporting dietetic student mental health prior to and during placements? DAA National Conference, May 2018, Sydney Australia

Assessment for learning not marks: Designing standards-based rubrics for students’ learning and feedback literacy. Condo D, Margerison C, Macfarlane S. Teaching and Learning Conference, November 2018, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia

The relationship between diet, meal timing and sleep in AFL players. European College of Sports Science (ECSS), Prague, Czech Republic.

The relationship between diet and sleep in AFL players. DAA National Conference, August 2019, Gold Coast, Australia

Professional activities

Dietitians Association of Australia Victorian branch (2015-present), Professional Development coordinator; South Australian branch (2010-2015), Sponsorship coordinator.

Vice-president Sports Dietitians of Australia (2018-present)

Sports Dietitians of Australia board member (2016-present)

Member, Oceania Nutrition Leadership Program (2016-present)

Member, European College Sports Science (2017-present)


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journal article

Funded Projects at Deakin

Other Public Sector Funding

Evaluation Support Water in Sports Initiative 2017-2020 Proj ID: 27136

Prof Anna Peeters, Dr Miranda Blake, A/Prof Lukar Thornton, A/Prof Adrian Cameron, Dr Dominique Condo, Dr Tara Boelsen-Robinson

  • 2021: $20,000
  • 2020: $89,144
  • 2019: $100,000
  • 2018: $100,000

Industry and Other Funding

Investigation of novel factors that potentially contribute to pre-competition sleep disturbance and gastrointestinal symptoms during an ultra-marathon race

Dr Rhiannon Snipe, Dr Dominique Condo, Dr Amelia Carr, Dr Luana Main, Dr Spencer Roberts

  • 2019: $4,493

A guide to best practice for the assessment and management of body composition in AFLW players.

Dr Dominique Condo

  • 2020: $15,000


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