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Melbourne Burwood Campus


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Genocide studies


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Shifting responses to antisemitism and racism: temporary exhibitions at the Jewish Holocaust Centre

Steven Cooke, Donna Frieze

(2019), pp. 327-349, Holocaust memory and racism in the postwar world, Detroit, Mich., B1

book chapter

Educational bridges to the intangible: an Australian perspective to teaching and learning about the Holocaust

Tony Joel, Donna Frieze, M Turner

(2018), pp. 221-238, Remembering the Holocaust in educational settings, London, Eng., B1

book chapter

Arshaluys Mardigian/Aurora Mardiganian: Absorption, Stardom, exploitation, and empowerment

D Frieze

(2018), pp. 58-76, Women and Genocide: Survivors, Victims, Perpetrators, Bloomington, Ind., B1

book chapter

Affect and the politics of testimony in Holocaust museums

S Cooke, D Frieze

(2016), pp. 75-92, Heritage, affect and emotion: Politics, practices and infrastructures., Abingdon, Eng., B1

book chapter

The interior of our memories: a history of Melbourne's Jewish holocaust centre

S Cooke, D Frieze

(2015), Ormond, Vic., A1


Imagination, performance and affect: a critical pedagogy of the Holocaust?

S Cooke, D Frieze

(2015), Vol. 21, pp. 157-171, Holocaust studies. a journal of culture and history, Middlesex, Eng., C1

journal article

On an ordinary suburban street: a brief history of Melbourne's Jewish Holocaust Centre

S Cooke, D Frieze

(2015), Vol. 22, pp. 548-568, Journal of the Australian Jewish Historical Society, [Australia], C1-1

journal article

'Simply bred out': genocide and the ethical in the stolen generations

D Frieze

(2014), pp. 83-95, Hidden genocides: power, knowledge, memory, New Brunswick, NJ, B1

book chapter

'Its still in your body': identity, place and performance in Holocaust testimonies

S Cooke, D Frieze

(2014), pp. 181-195, Travel and imagination, Surrey, England, B1

book chapter

Three films, one genocide: remembering the Armenian Genocide through ravished Armenia(s)

D Frieze

(2014), pp. 38-53, Remembering genocide, London, Eng., B1-1

book chapter

Community museums and the creation of a 'sense of place': Holocaust Museums in Australia

S Cooke, A Alba, D Frieze

(2014), Vol. 9, pp. 1-1, reCollections, Canberra, ACT, C1

journal article

The 'insistent prophet'

D Frieze

(2013), Totally unofficial : the autobiography of Raphael Lemkin, New Haven, Conn., B1

book chapter

The other in genocide : responsibility and benevolence in rabbit-proof fence

D Frieze

(2012), pp. 122-132, Film and Genocide, Madison, Wi., B1

book chapter

The destruction of Sarajevo's Vijećnica : a case of genocidal cultural destruction?

D Frieze

(2011), pp. 57-74, New directions in genocide research, Oxon, England, B1

book chapter

The face of genocide

D Frieze

(2009), pp. 222-223, Evoking genocide : scholars and activists describe the works that shaped their lives, Toronto, Ont., B1

book chapter

The wealth of all humanity

D Frieze

(2009), pp. 139-141, Evoking genocide : scholars and activists describe the works that shaped their lives, Toronto, Ont., B1

book chapter

The death of the suffering other : responding to holocaust survivors through the philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas

D Frieze, P Maclean

(2009), pp. 75-92, Testifying to the holocaust, Sydney, N.S.W., B1

book chapter

Cycles of genocide, stories of denial : Atom Egoyan's Ararat

D Frieze

(2009), Vol. 3, pp. 243-262, Genocide studies and prevention, Toronto, Ont., C1

journal article

Funded Projects at Deakin

Other Public Sector Funding

Towards a Holocaust Memorial Week in Australia

A/Prof Steven Cooke, Dr Donna-Lee Frieze

Department of Education, Skills and Employment (Cmwlth)

  • 2021: $30,000

Industry and Other Funding

The Holocaust Knowledge and Awareness Survey in Australia

A/Prof Steven Cooke, Dr Donna-Lee Frieze, Prof Andrew Singleton, A/Prof Matteo Vergani

Gandel Philanthropy

  • 2021: $119,399


Associate Supervisor

Brenda Fitzpatrick

Thesis entitled: Rejecting Sexual Violence in Conflict:Significant Progress; Ongoing Challenges

Doctor of Philosophy, School of Humanities and Social Sciences