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Dr Elizabeth Oldland



Casual Research Fellow


Faculty of Health


School of Nursing & Midwifery


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Doctor of Philosophy, Deakin University, 2018
Master of Nursing Practice, Deakin University, 2012
Graduate Certificate of Higher Education, Deakin University, 2012
Graduate Diploma in Advanced Nursing, La Trobe University, 1996


Research interests

Safety and quality in healthcare

Workforce development

Educational strategies to develop graduate learning outcomes

Units taught

HNN112: Quality and Safety: Nursing Practice 1

HNN122: Quality and Safety: Nursing Practice 2

HNN751: Advanced Phsyiology and Patient Assessment

HNN752: Core Principles of Care for the Critically Ill

HNN764: Intensive Care Nursing 1

HNN765: Cardiac Care Nursing 1

HNN766: Emergency Care Nursing 1

HNN767: Critical Care Nursing 1

HNN774: Intensive Care Nursing 2

HNN775: Cardiac Care Nursing 2

HNN776: Emergency Care Nursing 2

HNN777: Critical Care Nursing 2

HNN750: Inquiry into Specialist Practice (Unit Chair)

HNN788: Advanced Concepts in Specialty Nursing Practice (Unit Chair)

Professional activities

Accredited Team-Based Leaning Consultant-Trainer for the international Team-Based Learning Collaborative

Member of the Australian Confederation of Critical Care Nurses

Life Member of the Nurses Memorial Centre

Member of the Team-Based Learning Collaborative (TBLC)

TBLC Scholarship and Research Committee member

Member of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation


2008 Most Outstanding Course: Suite of Critical Care Courses, Faculty of Health, Medicine, Nursing and Behavioural Sciences, Deakin University,

2009 Nurses Memorial Centre post graduate scholarship and the Betty Jeffrey award

2012 Deakin University, Pro Vice Chancellor Commendation for Excellence in Teaching, Faculty of Health

2013 Deakin University Vice Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching

2014 Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation Annual Research Scholarship

2014 TBLC 13th Annual Meeting, Ft. Worth, Texas, March 6-8th. Winner - Best Poster Award

2018 TBLC 17th Annual Meeting, San Diego, California, USA. Winner - Best Research Paper Award

2019 TBLC 18th Annual Meeting, Tampa, Florida, USA. Winner - Best Research Paper Award

2019 Vice-Chancellors Prizes and Awards, Deakin University Award for Teaching Team of the Year: Leading Sustained Active and Collaborative Learning and International Scholarship, Oldland, E., Story, I, Considine, J. & Currey, J.

2020 Awarded Senior Fellowship with the Higher Education Academy

2020 TBLC 19th Annual Meeting, TPortland, Oregon, USA. Winner - Best Research Paper Award


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Australian emergency nurses' experiences of working with personal protective equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic. A qualitative study

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journal article

Nurses' motivations and desired learning outcomes of postgraduate critical care studies: A descriptive exploratory study

E Oldland, B Redley, M Botti, A M Hutchinson

(2023), Vol. 36, pp. 586-594, Australian Critical Care, C1

journal article

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on emergency department team dynamics and workforce sustainability in Australia. A qualitative study

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journal article

Evaluation of the validity and reliability of the Nurses' Responsibility in Healthcare Quality Questionnaire: An instrument design study

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journal article

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A framework of nurses' responsibilities for quality healthcare - exploration of content validity

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journal article

Stakeholder acceptance of digital team-based learning

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journal article

Students perceive Team-Based Learning facilitates development of graduate learning outcomes and professional skills

Judy Currey, S Sprogis, G Burdeu, Julie Considine, Josh Allen, Elizabeth Oldland

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journal article

Nurses' perceptions of the impact of team-based learning participation on learning style, team behaviours and clinical performance: an exploration of written reflections

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journal article

Evaluation of postgraduate critical care nursing students' attitudes to, and engagement with, Team-Based Learning: a descriptive study

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journal article

Development of a postgraduate interventional cardiac nursing curriculum.

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Developing professional attributes in critical care nurses using Team-Based Learning.

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High complexity chronic heart failure management programmes: programme characteristics and 12 month patient outcomes

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journal article

Transition from clinical manager to university lecturer : a self-reflective case study

E Oldland

(2011), Vol. 30, pp. 779-790, Higher education research and development, Abingdon, England, C1

journal article

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