Dr Elsa Underhill





Faculty of Business and Law


BL Deakin Business School


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Research interests

  • Occupational health and safety and temporary agency workers
  • Labour market change
  • Human Resource Management
  • Industrial Relations Policy and Strategies
  • Strategies for improving the safe placement of agency workers
  • Interrelationships between human resource management policies and practices and OHS outcomes


  • Association Of Industrial Relations Academics Of Australia & New Zealand (Former President)
  • Industrial Relations Society of Victoria (Former Vice-President, Advocacy & Dispute Resolution)
  • International Industrial Relations Association
  • Australian Society of Certified Practising Accountants
  • Associate, Business Outsourcing and Restructuring Regulatory Research Network

Teaching interests

  • Human Resource Management
  • Workplace Counselling and Negotiation

Units taught

MMH250 Workplace Counselling and Negotiation

MPM722 Human Resource Management

MPR722 Human Resource Management Residential

Knowledge areas

Precarious employment and workplace health and safety

Temporary migrant workers

Worker representation in the construction industry

Regulating labour hire employment (temporary employment agencies)

Research groups

Worker representation in OHS in the Construction Industry, with Profs. Michael Quinlan (UNSW), David Walters (Cardiff) and Dr. Emma Wadsworth (Cardiff)

The Harvest Trail: A study of employment and OHS amongst international backpackers in the Australian harvesting sector, with Emer. Prof. Malcolm Rimmer (La Trobe).


  • 2009 Faculty Exemplar of Teaching Excellence Award, for Unfair Dismissal Workshop conducted in MPR722.
  • 2005 Vice Chancellor's award for Outstanding Achievement in Teaching and Learning (team award for residential teaching).
  • Recognised expert in OHS and labour hire employment, including expert opinions in court cases
  • Widely cited in Reports of State and National government enquiries involving OHS, and changing labour markets
  • Organised the Industrial Relations Society of Victoria/Australian Industrial Relations Commission Advocacy Training Programs (until 2008)
  • Organised the International Symposium on Regulating Precarious Employment in 2011, sponsored by Safe Work Australia
  • Recipient of two Deakin University Teaching Awards for residential program teaching


Worker Representation in OHS in the Australian Construction Industry, with Profs. Michael Quinlan (UNSW), David Walters (Cardiff) and Dr. Emma Wadsworth (Cardiff).  Research grant from the CFMEU

The Harvest Trail: Employment and OHS amongst international backpackers in the Australian harvesting sector, with Emer. Prof. Malcolm Rimmer (La Trobe).

Employment status and employee well-being, with Drs. Melissa Parris, Kerrie Saville & Justine Ferrer.

Licensing of temporary agency employers (labour hire employers): a review of international standards and their relevance to Australia.


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A review of licensing arrangements for labour hire firms

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Managing work health and safety: Recent developments and future directions

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Should host employers have greater responsibility for temporary agency workers' employment rights?

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Winners or losers? Work/Life Balance and Temporary Agency Workers

Elsa Underhill


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The importance of having a say: labour hire employees workplace voice

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Elsa Underhill

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The Australian construction industry: union control in a disorganised industry

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Funded Projects at Deakin

Other Public Sector Funding

For the provision of research into strategies for improving workplace health and safety for labour placement industry workers in Queensland

Dr Elsa Underhill

  • 2010: $41,481

Information seeking behaviours of temporary visa workers

Dr Elsa Underhill

  • 2018: $26,756
  • 2017: $14,407


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