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Dr Emma Cohen is the Nurse Unit Manager of the Oncology/Haematology Ward in the Olivia Newton-John Centre at Austin Health. She is passionate about understanding and improving practice at the point-of-care through education; the implementation of best evidence; and re-designing care so that quality outcomes can be achieved.

Emma completed her PhD at Deakin in 2012. Her thesis explored the concept of patient participation in the effective management of complex, debilitating symptoms associated with cancer and its treatment. The findings and interest generated from the research program led to the creation of a postdoctoral position and research project. This project is beingn conducted in Australia, Bangkok and Shanghai. The findings from this work has important implications on an international level because it will enable cultural comparisons about the notion of participation.

Emma continues to co-supervise master and doctoral students at Deakin and collaborate in reasearch that is focused on improving understanding of the barriers and facilitators to patient participation during an admission to hospital.

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