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Obesity in Australia

O Huse, J Hettiarachchi, E Gearon, M Nichols, S Allender, A Peeters

(2018), Vol. 12, pp. 29-39, Obesity research & clinical practice, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Contribution of discretionary food and drink consumption to socio-economic inequalities in children's weight: prospective study of Australian children

Alexandra Chung, Anna Peeters, Emma Gearon, Kathryn Backholer

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Influence of early-life risk factors on socioeconomic inequalities in weight gain

Isabel Iguacel, Alexandra Chung, Emma Gearon, Luis Moreno, Anna Peeters, Kathryn Backholer

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Diet and physical activity as possible mediators of the association between educational attainment and body mass index gain among Australian adults

Emma Gearon, Anna Peeters, Winda Ng, Allison Hodge, Kathryn Backholer

(2018), Vol. 63, pp. 883-893, International journal of public health, Berlin, Germany, C1


Increases in waist circumference independent of weight in Mongolia over the last decade: the Mongolian STEPS surveys

O Chimeddamba, E Gearon, S Brilleman, E Tumenjargal, A Peeters

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Are low-to-middle-income households experiencing food insecurity in Victoria, Australia? An examination of the Victorian Population Health Survey, 2006-2009

Sue Kleve, Zoe Davidson, Emma Gearon, Sue Booth, Claire Palermo

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Changes in waist circumference independent of weight: implications for population level monitoring of obesity

E Gearon, S Tanamas, C Stevenson, V Loh, A Peeters

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The association between socio-economic position and diet quality in Australian adults

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Trends in adult overweight and obesity prevalence in Mongolia, 2005-2013

O Chimeddamba, E Gearon, C Stevenson, W Liviya Ng, B Baasai, A Peeters

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Prevalence of class-I, class-II and class-III obesity in Australian adults between 1995 and 2011-12

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Trends in body mass index according to educational attainment for urban Australian adults between 1980 and 2007

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A systematic review of the effectiveness of whole-of-community interventions by socioeconomic position

T Boelsen-Robinson, A Peeters, A Beauchamp, A Chung, E Gearon, K Backholer

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Trends in the skewness of the body mass index distribution among urban Australian adults, 1980 to 2007

A Peeters, E Gearon, K Backholer, B Carstensen

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Age-specific changes in BMI and BMI distribution among Australian adults using cross-sectional surveys from 1980 to 2008

A Hayes, E Gearon, K Backholer, A Bauman, A Peeters

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Diabetes and risk of physical disability in adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis

E Wong, K Backholer, E Gearon, J Harding, R Freak-Poli, C Stevenson, A Peeters

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The mediating role of dietary factors and leisure time physical activity on socioeconomic inequalities in body mass index among Australian adults

E Gearon, K Backholer, A Hodge, A Peeters

(2013), Vol. 13, pp. 1-16, BMC public health, London, Eng., C1-1


A systematic review and meta-analysis of diabetes and risk of physical disability and functional impairment - protocol

E Wong, K Backholer, J Harding, E Gearon, C Stevenson, R Freak-Poli, A Peeters

(2012), Vol. 1, Systematic Reviews, C1-1


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