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Dr Eve Mayes





Faculty of Arts and Education


School of Education


Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus


Graduate Certificate of Higher Education, Deakin University, 2017
Doctor of Philosophy, University of Sydney, 2016
Master of Teaching, University of Sydney, 2007
Bachelor of Arts (1st Class Honours), University of Sydney, 2003

Biography summary

Eve Mayes is a Senior Research Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Pedagogy and Curriculum. She currently lives and works on unceded Wadawurrung Country. Her publications and research interests are in the areas of student voice and activism, climate justice education, affective methodologies and participatory research. Eve is currently working on the ARC DECRA project: Striking Voices: Australian school-aged climate justice activism (2022-2025). She has ten years of experience as an English and English as an Additional Language Teacher in government secondary schools in Australia.

Research interests

Student voice/ student experience of teaching



Deleuze and Guattari in education

Posthumanist/ new materialisms/ affect theories

Participatory research

Knowledge areas

Student climate justice activism

Student voice in school reform

Young people's political participation and citizenship

Sociology of childhood and young people

Inequalities in education

Deindustrialisation and schooling

Affective and participatory methodologies


Eve has expertise in facilitating and evaluating 'student voice' in school reform initiatives. She has facilitated, mentored and evaluated student voice programs in NSW and in Victorian schools.
  • Education


  • 2022-2025 ARC DECRA: Striking voices: Australian school-aged student climate justice activism ($454,582)
  • Feb 2022: British Educational Research Journal’s Editor’s Choice Award for the article: Feeling voice: The emotional politics of ‘student voice’ for teachers (with Rosalyn Black)
  • Feb 2020- Feb 2022 Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellowship: Student voice in an age of extinction? The political engagement of young people within and beyond school
  • May 2021-Nov 2021: REDI Research Development Grant (with Julianne Moss and Merinda Kelly): Trans-itioning cultural and educational institutions in a time of de/re/industrialisation ($9424)
  • Dec 2020: Australian Educational Researcher, Best reviewer award (Springer) ($500)
  • 2019: Major Grant Development funding (Deakin Faculty of Education) - Deindustralisation, schooling and inequalities in the city of Geelong (with Merinda Kelly) - $10 000 over 2019)
  • 2018-2020: VicSRC tender - Evaluation of the VicSRC Teach the Teacher and Primary School Engagement Project (with Dr Rosalyn Black) - $40 000
  • 2017: Career Continuity for Researchers who are Primary Carers (Deakin DVCR and School of Education)- ($36 642)
  • 2017: Conference Support Scheme (Faculty of Arts and Education) - $3 000
  • 2017: Australian Association for Research in Education Strategic Grant Initiative: National Social Justice and Education Research Summit and Equity Network Meeting (with Dr Stewart Riddle, Prof Robert Hattam & Prof Wayne Sawyer) - $10 000
  • 2016: Ray Debus Award for Doctoral Research in Education (Australian Association for Research in Education)
  • 2016: Doctoral publication Support grant (Faculty of Arts and Education) - $2 700
  • 2016 VicSRC tender (funded through Department of Education and Training): Commissioned research project: Student voice in school decision-making: Student representation on school governance councils (Category 2 - $10 294)


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The Politics of Voice in Education: Reforming Schools after Deleuze and Guattari

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book chapter

Trans-itioning lives, trans-forming places: Rethinking methodological approaches to studying trans-itions through schooling to work in a de-/re-industrialising city

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The contemporary challenge of activism as curriculum work

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Teaching and learning in uncertain times: thinking with multiple crises

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Passion as Politics: An analysis of Australian newspaper reporting of institutional responses to the school strikes for climate

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The contemporary challenge of activism as curriculum work

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The trouble with 'quiet advocacy': Local journalism and reporting climate change in rural and regional Australia

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journal article

Entering into Sympogogies

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journal article

The possibilities and problematics of student voice for teacher professional learning: lessons from an evaluation study

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journal article

Earth unbound: Climate change, activism and justice

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journal article

News coverage of the School Strike for Climate movement in Australia: the politics of representing young strikers' emotions

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journal article

The shame of participation: rethinking the ontology of participation with a stutter

Eve Mayes

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Re-arranging the grammar of schooling: The affective force of 'student voice'

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Student voice in an age of 'security'?

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Student voice in school reform? Desiring simultaneous critique and affirmation

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Shameful interest in educational research

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A carpet loom and matters of inequality: an agential realist approach to deindustrialisation and schooling in the City of Geelong, Australia

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Diffractive accounts of inequality in education: making the effects of differences evident

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Learning from contemporary student activism: towards a curriculum of fervent concern and critical hope

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Feeling voice: the emotional politics of 'student voice' for teachers

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Re/imagining school climate: Towards processual accounts of affective ecologies of schooling

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VicSRC Teach the Teacher Ignite evaluation: Final Report

Eve Mayes, Rosalyn Black, Rachel Finneran

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Student voice, desire, and power with Deleuze and Guattari

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Radical reform and reforming radicals in Australian schooling

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The challenges of student voice in primary schools: Students 'having a voice' and 'speaking for' others

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The mis/uses of 'voice' in (post)qualitative research with children and young people: Histories, politics and ethics

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Tracing the radical, the migrant, and the secular in the history of Australian schooling: Contrapuntal historiographies

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Uncreatively writing women's lives in academia

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The ontological plurality of digital voice: a schizoanalysis of Rate My Professors and Rate My Teachers

E Mayes

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The (hidden) injuries of NAPLAN: two standardised test events and the making of 'at risk' student subjects

E Mayes, A Howell

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Victorian Student Representative Council (VicSRC) primary school engagement (PSE) evaluation: final report

E Mayes, Rachel Finneran, Rosalyn Black

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Figured worlds of citizenship: examining differences made in "making a difference" in an elementary school classroom

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Shifting research methods with a becoming-child ontology: Co-theorising puppet production with high school students

E Mayes

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The emotional knots of academicity: a collective biography of academic subjectivities and spaces

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journal article

Student representation on school governance councils

E Mayes

(2016), Melbourne, Vic., A6

research report/technical paper

Civic zines in 5th grade: responses to the call to 'making a difference'

E Mayes

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Teachers matter: models for effective teaching in low SES schools

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The contingent conditions of 'creativity': (re-)framing the assessment of creative writing with Deleuze

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A bridge over troubling waters in education: the complexity of a "students as co-researchers" project

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journal article

Negotiating the hidden curriculum: power and affect in negotiated classrooms

E Mayes

(2013), Vol. 48, pp. 62-71, English in Australia, Kensington Gardens, S. Aust., C1-1

journal article

Funded Projects at Deakin

Australian Competitive Grants

Striking voices: Australian school-aged students' climate justice activism

Dr Eve Mayes

ARC DECRA - Discovery Early Career Researcher Award

  • 2024: $48,516
  • 2023: $158,610
  • 2022: $158,382

Other Public Sector Funding

Hands-on Heritage at the National Wool Museum.

Dr Merinda Kelly, Dr Trevor Mccandless, Dr Eve Mayes, Prof Julianne Moss, Dr Harsha Chandir

City of Greater Geelong

  • 2023: $20,900

Industry and Other Funding

Student Voice in School Decision Making: Student Representation on School Councils Project

Dr Eve Mayes

Victorian Student Representative Council

  • 2016: $9,358

Teach the Teacher: Ignite and Primary School Engagement Evaluations 2017-2020

Dr Eve Mayes, Dr Ros Black

Victorian Student Representative Council

  • 2021: $18,040
  • 2019: $7,966
  • 2018: $7,966
  • 2017: $15,932


Principal Supervisor

Rachel Finneran

Thesis entitled: Student voice in advantaged communities: feeling ahead of the game

Doctor of Philosophy (Education), School of Education

Associate Supervisor

Chris Adriaan Zomer

Thesis entitled: Laugh, Focus, and Perform! A Critical Inquiry of Gamified Engagement

Doctor of Philosophy (Education), School of Education