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A/Prof. Farid Christo



Associate Professor in Mechanical/Manufacturing


Faculty of Sci Eng & Built Env


School of Engineering


Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus

+61 3 522 73108


I am an  Aerospace and Mechanical Engineer, a Researcher and a Team Leader with significant expertise and applied research, and industry (private & Defence) experience in thermal-fluids, aerodynamics, combustion, propulsion  and energy technology. My research interest includes also high-temperature industrial combustion systems, coal&alternative fuel combustion, burners, and thermal energy technologies; renewable energy with a focus on high-temperature solar energy and biomass systems. I have extensive experience in numerical modelling (CFD) of thermal-fluids and reacting flows, and currently working on the development of flameless combustion technology for gas turbines. My passion for applied research has cultivated in significant number of  publications in peer-reviewed journals, conferences and technical reports. My  practical experience comprise numerous industry projects related to thermal and combustion systems, biomass gasifiers, biochar reactors for developing countries, kilns for the high-temperature process industry  focusing on developing advanced CFD models for cement kilns and calciners, and the development of multi-fuel  & alternative fuel burners. Defence and defence-related projects are available upon request.

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Biography summary

Expertise: a well-established researcher with a proven expertise and experience of more than 25 years in aerodynamoics, combustion, propulsion, renewable energy, multiphase flows, CFD, and their engineering applications.
Research output: I am passionate about creating research impact by solving industrial problems. This is demonstarted through more than 150 publications (9 Journals, 48 referred conference papers, more than 110 research & consulting reports), and one international patent.
Research income: a total income of $3.5m (2003-2018) in Category I & III, Defence and indsutrial research programs.
Teaching & Learning contribution in thermal-fluids/energy/combustion/propulsion subjects. Supervision of numerous undergraduate students, 3 PhD candidates, and numerous junior and ECR Staff.
Proven Management & Leadership skills in senior positions in defence, academic sector, and private industry, with the ability to transfer fundamental research outcomes into viable engineering and business solutions.

Research interests

• Combustion science, including industrial combustion systems.
• High-speed aerodynamics.
• Supersonic combustion
• Detonation physics and blast dynamics
• Alternative fuels and renewable energy.


• Fellow of the Australian Institute of Energy (2000 – Present).
• Member of Engineers Australia, MIEAust (1989 - Present).
• Member of the ANZ Combustion Institute (1998 – Present).

Knowledge areas

  • Turbulent Combustion
  • Fluid Dynamics/Aerodynamics
  • Thermal Sciences
  • High-Speed Vehicles Propulsion and Gas Turbines
  • Detonation physics and blast dynamics


Combustion, High-speed Propulsion, Aerodynamics, Thermal Engineering, Alternative Energy.


• Austrade Visiting Researcher Program (2011) ME/Europe – Energy Sector.
• Theeman Australia-Israel Fellowship Program (2011).
• Lady Davis Fellowship (2008) - Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Technion I.I.T.
• Recipient of two merit-based R&D grants from the State Energy Research Advisory Committee (SENRAC) of the South Australian Office of Energy for the “Development of Porous Burner Technology for Ultra-Lean Combustion Systems”.
• Best Industrial Paper (1997) – The ANZ Combustion Institute.
• ARC (API) Award (1993-1996) –Mechanical Engineering, The University of Sydney.


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