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Units taught

AIH399 - Making History 

AIH389 - The French Revolution and the Struggle for Freedom 


Conference Hosting/Submissions 

Slaveski, F. June 2019:  ‘Remaking Ukraine after World War II”, at the Recovering Forgotten History: The Image of East-Central Europe in English-language Academic and Text Books” in Warsaw/Kyiv.

Slaveski, F. December 2018: Address to the ‘History and Policy’ International Conference at King’s College, London by the History and Policy Network.

Slaveski, F. 2016. Peasant Resistance to Government Corruption in Rebuilding Post-War Ukraine, 1945-48. ‘Social Catastrophes in the first half of the 20th century in Ukraine’ Conference at the Institute of history of Ukraine at the National Academy of Sciences, Kiev October 2016

Slaveski, F. 2015. Fighting stalinism from within. Military raids on party pre-election meetings and troop violence across the post-war Soviet space, 1945-1946. ‘Europe, 1945: Liberation, Occupation, Retribution’ Conference at the National Research University - Higher School of Economics, Moscow, June 2015.

Slaveski, F., 2013. Brutalized peace? Demobilisation and violence in the Soviet Union, 1914-1953. Inaugural Conference of the Australian Russianist Study Group (ARSG) at Latrobe University, November 2013.

Slaveski, F., 2011. The russian civil war in Germany, 1945-49. Australasian Association of European Historians (AAEH) biennial Conference. Perth, University of Western Australia, July 2011.

Slaveski, F., 2011. Soviet and british food wars in occupied Germany, 1945-49. International Workshop on Grain and Politics of the Twentieth Century. Shanghai, Jiao Tong University, May 2011.

Slaveski, F., 2010. Separating the wheat from the chaff: soviet and british food polices in occupied Germany, 1945-47. International Workshop on Famines of the Twentieth Century. Melbourne, University of Melbourne, June, 2010.

Slaveski, F., 2010. Demobilisation and violence in soviet-occupied Germany, 1945-47. International Workshop on Demobilisation and Violence after the Two World Wars-Global Perspectives. Perth, University of Western Australia, April, 2010.

Slaveski, F., 2009. The masterpieces of stalinist politics: soviet responses to food shortages in post-war Germany, 1945-46. International Conference on Modern World Famines. Melbourne, University of Melbourne, March, 2009.

Slaveski, F., 2008. The importance of mass docility in the administration of occupied territories: the role of policing and violence in the soviet occupation of post-war Germany 1945-47. Australasian Association of European Historians (AAEH) biennial Conference. Sydney, University of Sydney, July, 2007.

Media appearances

Slaveski, F. (2015) ‘Russia and MH17.’ Sky News. [TV programme] Sky News Channel, 15 October, 18:00.

Slaveski, F. (2015) ‘Russian Actions in Syria.’ Sky News. [TV programme] Sky News Channel, 8 October, 18:00.

Slaveski, F. (2015) ‘Ukraine Crisis.’ Sky News. [TV programme] Sky News Channel, 2 September, 18:00.

Slaveski, F. (2014) ‘What is Putin’s Grand Strategy? Australian Institute of International Affairs Victoria. 15 October.

Slaveski, F. (2014) ‘Ukraine Crisis.’ Sky News. [TV programme] Sky News Channel, 26 September, 18:00.

Slaveski, F. (2014) ‘The soviet occupation of Germany.’ New Books in History [podcast] NBN, 2 July. Available at:



Australian Research Council Discovery Project 

DP210100278: The Last Soviet Famine, 1946/47: Drought and food crises in war's aftermath

Lead Chief Invesigator (CI)


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Remaking Ukraine after World War II: the clash of local and central Soviet power

Filip Slaveski

(2021), Cambridge, Eng., A1


Violence from below : explaining crimes against civilians across Soviet space, 1943-1947

M Edele, F Slaveski

(2016), Vol. 68, pp. 1020-1035, Europe-Asia studies, London, Eng., C1

journal article

The soviet occupation of Germany: hunger, mass violence and the struggle for peace, 1945-1947

F Slaveski

(2013), Cambridge, UK, A1-1


The occupiers' burden: tackling food shortage and related health problems in post-war Germany 1945-47

F Slaveski

(2013), pp. 187-206, Early life nutrition and adult health and development: lessons from changing dietary patterns, famines, and experimental studies, New York, N.Y., B1-1

book chapter

Violence and xenophobia as means of social control in times of collapse: the soviet occupation of post-war Germany, 1945-1947

F Slaveski

(2008), Vol. 54, pp. 389-402, Australian journal of politics and history, Melbourne, Vic, C1-1

journal article

Competing occupiers: bloody conflicts between Soviet and Polish authorities in the borderlands of post-war Germany and Poland, 1945-46

F Slaveski

(2008), Vol. 42, pp. 137-155, New Zealand Slavonic Journal, Christchurch, NZ, C1-1

journal article

Funded Projects at Deakin

Australian Competitive Grants

The Chaotic Transition from War to Peace in Soviet-Occupied Europe, 1945-53

Dr Filip Slaveski

ARC DECRA - Discovery Early Career Researcher Award

  • 2017: $105,172
  • 2016: $128,160
  • 2015: $126,151

Europe's Last Famine: The Soviet Case of 1946/7

Dr Filip Slaveski, Prof Stephen Wheatcroft, Prof Hiroaki Kuromiya, Yuri Shapoval

ARC - Discovery Projects

  • 2021: $101,525


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