Dr Frank Jiang



Senior Lecturer in Cyber Security


Faculty of Sci Eng & Built Env


School of Info Technology


Melbourne Burwood Campus


+61 3 924 46677


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A new Markov decision process based behavioral prediction system for airborne crews

Yaozhong Zhang, Kangjia Yao, Jiandong Zhang, Frank Jiang, Matthew Warren

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A Scheme of Intelligent Traffic Light System Based on Distributed Security Architecture of Blockchain Technology

Pengjie Zeng, Xiaoliang Wang, Hao Li, Frank Jiang, Robin Doss

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VoterChoice: A ransomware detection honeypot with multiple voting framework

Chee Ng, Sutharshan Rajasegarar, Lei Pan, Frank Jiang, Yu Zhang

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UAV swarm mission planning in dynamic environment using consensus-based bundle algorithm

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BlockMeds: a Blockchain-based online prescription system with privacy protection

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An improved authentication scheme for Internet of Vehicles based on blockchain technology

Xiaoliang Wang, Pengjie Zeng, Nick Patterson, Frank Jiang, Robin Doss

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An early warning system for curved road based on OV7670 image acquisition and STM32

Xiaoliang Wang, Wenhua Song, Bowei Zhang, Brandon Mausler, Frank Jiang

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Static malware clustering using enhanced deep embedding method

Chee Ng, Frank Jiang, Leo Zhang, Wanlei Zhou

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Cyber security insights into self-proclaimed virtual world hackers

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An efficient dynamic group-based batch verification scheme for vehicular sensor networks

L Jiang, Y Wang, J Tian, F Jiang, Nicholas Patterson, R Ram Mohan Doss

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A dual privacy-preservation scheme for cloud-based eHealth systems

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Applications of distributed ledger technologies to the internet of things: a survey

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Quorum chain-based malware detection in android smart devices

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Effective quarantine and recovery scheme against advanced persistent threat

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Responsible use of technology to protect young people who are experiencing cyberbullying in Australia

Chintha Kaluarachchi, Matthew Warren, Frank Jiang

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Mapping functions driven robust retinal vessel segmentation via training patches

H Xia, F Jiang, S Deng, J Xin, R Doss

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A double-image encryption scheme based on amplitude-phase encoding and discrete complex random transformation

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Single image rain removal via a simplified residual dense network

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A new binary hybrid particle swarm optimization with wavelet mutation

F Jiang, H Xia, Q Anh Tran, Q Minh Ha, N Quang Tran, J Hu

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Constrained NMF-based semi-supervised learning for social media spammer detection

D Yu, N Chen, F Jiang, B Fu, A Qin

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Road vehicle alert system using IOT

Z Chaczko, F Jiang, B Ahmed

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Deformable template matching using proposal-based best-buddies similarity

H Xia, W Zhao, Z Zhou, F Jiang, H Li, X He

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Classifying sybil in MSNs using C4.5

A Chinchore, G Xu, F Jiang

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Coupled behavioral analysis for user preference-based email spamming

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Robust retinal vessel segmentation via clustering-based patch mapping functions

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A novel method of cervical cell image segmentation via region merging and SLIC

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User preference-based spamming detection with coupled behavioral analysis

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Quality and robustness improvement for real world industrial systems using a fuzzy particle swarm optimization

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A gradient learning optimization for dynamic power management

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Effectively predicting whether and when a topic will become prevalent in a social network

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Binary hybrid particle swarm optimization withwavelet mutation

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Intelligent Sybil attack detection on abnormal connectivity behavior in mobile social networks

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Automated generation of ham rules for Vietnamese spam filtering

Q Dang Dinh, Q Tran, F Jiang

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Multi-qudit information splitting with multiple controllers

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Application on self-provisioning of communication network service using fuzzy particle swarm optimization

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A new coupled metric learning for real-time anomalies detection with high-frequency field programmable gate arrays

F Jiang, D Luo

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Quantum information splitting with many-party controllers

M Jiang, F Jiang

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Towards a reliable aquatic-based cyber physical system: A new context-situation aware low overhead routing scheme

F Jiang, M Frater

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Agent-based self-adaptable context-aware network vulnerability assessment

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Deterministic joint remote preparation of arbitrary multi-qudit states

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Cooperative multi-target tracking in passive sensor-based networks

F Jiang, J Hu

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LOARP: A low overhead routing protocol for underwater acoustic sensor networks

R Rahman, C Benson, F Jiang, M Frater

(2013), Vol. 8, pp. 317-330, Journal of networks, Oulu, Finland, C1-1


Funded Projects at Deakin

Other Public Sector Funding

Cyber-Safe Connected Vehicles: Ensuring Secure, Trusted, and Robust Cooperative Automotive systems.

Prof Robin Ram Mohan Doss, Prof Seng Loke, Dr Lei Pan, Dr Rolando Trujillo Rasua, Dr Frank Jiang, Dr Leo Zhang

  • 2019: $296,940


Associate Supervisor

Chee Keong (Allan) Ng

Thesis entitled: VoterChoice: A Ransomware Detection Honeypot with Multiple Voting Concept

Doctor of Philosophy (Information Technology), School of Information Technology