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Faculty of Health


School of Psychology


Melbourne Burwood Campus



Dr Youssef is a cognitive neuropsychologist and biostatistician with expertise in the design and analysis of longitudinal studies of socioemotional and neurocognitive development, spanning childhood through to adulthood. His personal research interests are focused on understanding the phenomenology of exploratory behaviours in young people, including how engaging in these behaviours can promote healthy transition into adulthood.

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Biography summary

Dr Youssef completed his PhD and Master of Psychology (Clinical Neuropsychology) degrees in 2013 (University of Melbourne) and Master of Biostatistics degree in 2015 (University of Melbourne). He was previously employed as a research fellow at Monash University and worked clinically in the neuropsychology team at the McKellar Center (Barwon Health). Dr Youssef was offered a continuing appointment at Deakin University in 2015. He is a senior member of the Data Sciences Platform within the Centre for Social and Early Emotional Development (SEED) at Deakin University and leads the Longitidinal and Cohort Studies Group which provides statistical consulting support to all longitudinal studies within SEED. He holds an Honorary appointment in the Centre for Adolescent Health at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute.

In the years since completing his PhD, Dr Youssef's research has been primarily focused on quantitative psychology and statistical consulting work across a number of major (i.e. ARC and NHMRC funded) longitudinal studies of development in Australia. He is a senior statistical advisor for the Australian Temperament Project, one of the oldest studies of development in Australia, spaning 35+ years and three generations of participants (n=2400); the Adolescent Development Study, which is a large longitudinal study of adolescent neurobiological and socioemotional development (n=400); and the Triple B Pregnancy Cohort Study, which is examining how perinatal factors influence development over time (n=1600). He is also an investigator on a major ARC funded project focussed on cross-cohort analysis of major longitudinal intergenerational studies (Australian and New Zealand Intergenerational Cohort Consortium) and is an active analyst within other major consortiums focused on the cross-cohort analysis of longitudinal data across Australia and New Zealand (e.g., Cannabis Cohorts Research Consortium). Finally, he is the senior statistical advisor for the Gambling Studies group at Deakin University (embedded within the Deakin University Centre for Drug use, Addictive and Anti-social behaviour Research; CEDAAR) and in this role has made substantial contributions to major government funded (e.g. Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, Tasmanian Department of Treasury and Finance) studies of gambling behaviour, which have direct implications for the public (e.g., developing empirically derived responsible gambling guidelines for the Victorian Government). Beyond quantiative methods, Dr Youssef has specific interest in risk taking and exploratory behaviours and leads a program of research examining the development and phenomenology of these behaviours over the lifecourse.


Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, Melbourne Royal Children's Hospital, Australia

Knowledge areas

Longitudinal data analysis, risk taking and exploratory behaviour, adolescence and young adulthood


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The Intergenerational Origins of Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Prof Craig Olsson, Prof George Patton, Prof Robert Hancox, Prof Rob McGee, A/Prof Delyse Hutchinson, Dr George Youssef, Prof Jennifer Mcintosh, Dr Ella Iousa

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Breaking the intergenerational cycle of mental disorder: A longitudinal study of the social determinants of childhood psychosocial adjustment problems

A/Prof Delyse Hutchinson, Prof Craig Olsson, Dr George Youssef, Prof Jakob Najman

Aust Rotary Health Research Fund Grant

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Transitioning into and out of low or moderate risk gambling: Sociodemographic, gambling-related harm motivation and change profiles

Dr Stephanie Merkouris, A/Prof Nicki Dowling, Dr George Youssef, Dr Simone Rodda

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  • 2018: $10,091
  • 2017: $33,828

Experiences and perceptions of gamblers using gambling, mental health and alcohol and other drug use online forums: A natural language processing approach

Dr Stephanie Merkouris, A/Prof Nicki Dowling, Dr George Youssef, Dr Simone Rodda

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  • 2018: $9,885

The development and evaluation of just-in-time intervention apps to reduce gambling harm: Providing ¿in-the-moment¿ support for gamblers

A/Prof Nicki Dowling, Dr Simone Rodda, Prof Dan Lubman, Dr Stephanie Merkouris, Dr George Youssef, Mr Leon Young, Ms Anna Goldfelder

  • 2019: $262,160

Industry and Other Funding

The identification of protective factors in the development of problem gambling using a socio-ecological framework: A systematic review and meta-analysis

A/Prof Nicki Dowling, Prof John Toumbourou, Dr Stephanie Merkouris, Dr George Youssef

  • 2015: $29,743


Associate Supervisor

Brendan Major

Thesis entitled: Neurophysiological assessment of female Australian football players following sports-related concussion

Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology), School of Psychology

Declan Bourke

Thesis entitled: Predictors and moderators of treatment efficacy for childhood disruptive behaviours

Doctor of Psychology (Clinical), School of Psychology


Genevieve Le Bas

Thesis entitled: Maternal Bonding and Negative Affect: Association with Infant Social-Emotional Development

Doctor of Psychology (Clinical), School of Psychology

Anna Booth

Thesis entitled: Predicting Parental Sensitivity: Contextual Stress Exposure Across Preconception to Parenthood

Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology), School of Psychology


Diana Frances Smart

Thesis entitled: Childhood reading difficulties and behaviour problems: Inter-relationships and consequences

Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology), School of Psychology


Laura Marie Di Manno

Thesis entitled: Variation in Depression Outcomes among Young People from Dissolved Families

Doctor of Psychology (Clinical), School of Psychology