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Impact of public-private partnership on a regional colonoscopy service

Magdalena Sakowska, Jessie Cole, David Watters, Glenn Guest

(2019), Vol. 89, pp. 552-556, ANZ journal of surgery, Chichester, Eng., C1


Judgement: clinical decision-making as a core surgical competency

Wendy Crebbin, Spencer Beasley, Stephen Tobin, Glenn Guest, Robbert Duvivier, David Watters

(2019), Vol. 89, pp. 760-763, ANZ journal of surgery, Chichester, Eng., C1


The surgical burden of disease and perioperative mortality in patients admitted to hospitals in Victoria, Australia: a population-level observational study

T Fehlberg, J Rose, G Guest, D Watters

(2019), Vol. 9, BMJ open, London, Eng., C1


Robust adaptive control of internet-based bilateral teleoperation systems with time-varying delay and model uncertainties

P Kebria, A Khosravi, S Nahavandi, D Watters, G Guest, P Shi

(2019), pp. 187-192, ICIT 2019 : Proceedings of the 2019 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology, Melbourne, Vic., E1


Access delays to essential surgical care using the Three Delays Framework and Bellwether procedures at Timor Leste's national referral hospital

D Bagguley, A Fordyce, J Guterres, A Soares, E Valadares, G Guest, D Watters

(2019), Vol. 9, pp. 1-5, BMJ Open, London, Eng., C1


Manipulating soft tissues by deep reinforcement learning for autonomous robotic surgery

N Nguyen, T Nguyen, S Nahavandi, A Bhatti, G Guest

(2019), pp. 1-7, SysCon 2019 : Proceedings of the 2019 IEEE International Systems Conference, Orlando, Florida, E1


Global surgery system strengthening: it is all about the right metrics

David Watters, Glenn Guest, Viliami Tangi, Mark Shrime, John Meara

(2018), Vol. 126, pp. 1329-1339, Anesthesia and analgesia, Philadelphia, Pa., C1


Laparoscopic or open appendicectomy for suspected appendicitis in pregnancy and evaluation of foetal outcome in Australia

N Winter, G Guest, M Bozin, B Thomson, G Mann, S Tan, D Clark, J Daruwalla, V Muralidharan, N Najan, M Pitcher, K Vilhelm, M Cox, S Lane, D Watters

(2017), Vol. 87, pp. 334-338, ANZ journal of surgery, Milton, Qld., C1


Surgical capacity building in Timor-Leste: a review of the first 15?years of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons-led Australian Aid programme

G Guest, D Scott, J Xavier, N Martins, E Vreede, A Chennal, D Moss, D Watters

(2017), Vol. 87, pp. 436-440, ANZ journal of surgery, London, Eng., C1


Measuring the burden of surgical disease averted by emergency and essential surgical care in a district hospital in Papua New Guinea

M Stokes, G Guest, P Mamadi, W Seta, N Yaubihi, G Karawiga, B Naidi, D Watters

(2017), Vol. 41, pp. 650-659, World journal of surgery, New York, N.Y., C1


Collecting data for global surgical indicators: a collaborative approach in the Pacific region

G Guest, E McLeod, W Perry, V Tangi, J Pedro, P Ponifasio, J Hedson, J Tudravu, D Pikacha, E Vreede, B Leodoro, N Tapaua, J Kong, B Oten, D Teapa, S Korin, L Wilson, S Mesol, K Tuneti, J Meara, D Watters

(2017), Vol. 2, BMJ global health, London, Eng., C1


Cautery versus scalpel for abdominal skin incisions: a double blind, randomized crossover trial of scar cosmesis

D Stupart, F Sim, Z Chan, G Guest, D Watters

(2016), Vol. 86, pp. 303-306, ANZ journal of surgery, Chichester, Eng., C1-1


Who gets Hartmann's reversed in a regional centre?

R Hodgson, V An, D Stupart, G Guest, D Watters

(2016), Vol. 14, pp. 184-189, Surgeon: journal of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1-1


Colorectal multidisciplinary meetings: how do they affect the timeliness of treatment?

Z Nikolovski, D Watters, D Stupart, G Guest

(2015), Vol. In press, pp. 1-4, ANZ journal of surgery, Weinheim, Germany, C1


Eating marshmallows reduces ileostomy output: a randomized crossover trial

E Clarebrough, G Guest, D Stupart

(2015), Vol. 17, pp. 1100-1103, Colorectal disease, London, Eng., C1


Colorectal preOperative surgical score (CrOSS) for mortality in major colorectal surgery

C Kong, G Guest, D Stupart, I Faragher, S Chan, D Watters

(2015), Vol. 85, pp. 403-407, ANZ journal of surgery, North Melbourne, Vic., C1


Dedicated emergency theatres improve service delivery and surgeons' job satisfaction

D Stupart, D Watters, G Guest, V Cuthbert, S Ryan

(2013), Vol. 83, pp. 549-553, ANZ Journal of Surgery, C1


Does an acute surgical model increase the rate of negative appendicectomy or perforated appendicitis?

S Brockman, S Scott, G Guest, D Stupart, S Ryan, D Watters

(2013), Vol. 83, pp. 744-747, ANZ journal of surgery, Chichester, Eng., C1-1


Medical student participation in a surgical outpatient clinic: a randomized controlled trial

H Azher, J Lay, D Stupart, G Guest, D Watters

(2013), Vol. 83, pp. 466-471, ANZ journal of surgery, Chichester, Eng., C1-1


Recalibration and validation of a preoperative risk prediction model for mortality in major colorectal surgery

C Kong, G Guest, D Stupart, I Faragher, S Chan, D Watters

(2013), Vol. 56, pp. 844-849, Diseases of the colon and rectum, Philadelphia, Pa., C1-1


The ideal ileal-pouch design: A long-term randomized control trial of J-vs W-pouch construction

P McCormick, G Guest, A Clark, D Petersen, D Clark, A Stevenson, J Lumley, R Stitz

(2012), Vol. 55, pp. 1251-1257, Diseases of the Colon and Rectum, C1-1


The surgical trainee log we need: minimum of work, maximum of output

C Merry, D Goodall-Wilson, G Guest, C Papas, J Selvidge, D Watters

(2006), Vol. 76, pp. 185-189, ANZ journal of surgery, Milton, Qld., C1-1


Back to basics: managing gunshot injuries in East Timor

G Guest, S Soldanha, T Walbheim

(2005), Vol. 75, pp. 220-224, ANZ journal of surgery, Carlton, Vic., C1-1


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