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Exploring Australian night shift workers' food experiences within and outside of the workplace: A qualitative photovoice study

G Leung, K Huggins, M Bonham, S Kleve

(2023), Vol. 26, pp. 2276-2287, Public Health Nutrition, Cambridge, Eng., C1-1

journal article

"Mars Bar and a Tin of Red Bull Kept Me and My Patients Alive": Exploring Barriers to Healthy Eating through Facebook Comments of Shiftworkers

E McIntosh, S Ferguson, J Dorrian, A Coates, G Leung, C Gupta

(2023), Vol. 15, pp. 1-12, Nutrients, Basel, Switzerland, C1-1

journal article

Study protocol for the Shifting Weight using Intermittent Fasting in night shift workers (SWIFt) study: A three-arm randomised controlled trial comparing three weight loss strategies in night shift workers with obesity

M Rogers, A Coates, C Huggins, J Dorrian, A Clark, C Davis, G Leung, R Davis, Y Phoi, N Kellow, M Iacovou, C Yates, S Banks, T Sletten, M Bonham

(2022), Vol. 12, pp. 1-15, BMJ Open, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Shift workers' perceptions and experiences of adhering to a nutrition intervention at night whilst working: a qualitative study

C Huggins, J Jong, G Leung, S Page, R Davis, M Bonham

(2022), Vol. 12, Scientific Reports, C1-1

journal article

The Impact of Meal Timing on Risk of Weight Gain and Development of Obesity: a Review of the Current Evidence and Opportunities for Dietary Intervention

R Davis, M Rogers, A Coates, G Leung, M Bonham

(2022), Vol. 22, pp. 147-155, Current Diabetes Reports, Berlin, Germany, C1-1

journal article

Does rearranging meal times at night improve cardiovascular risk factors? An Australian pilot randomised trial in night shift workers

G Leung, R Davis, C Huggins, R Ware, M Bonham

(2021), Vol. 31, pp. 1890-1902, Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases, C1

journal article

Time of day difference in postprandial glucose and insulin responses: Systematic review and meta-analysis of acute postprandial studies

G Leung, C Huggins, R Ware, M Bonham

(2020), Vol. 37, pp. 311-326, Chronobiology International, C1

journal article

Effects of macronutrient manipulation on postprandial metabolic responses in overweight males with high fasting lipids during simulated shift work: A randomized crossover trial

M Bonham, E Kaias, C Huggins, R Davis, G Leung, N Eikelis, E Shaw, C Murgia

(2020), Vol. 39, pp. 369-377, Clinical Nutrition, C1

journal article

Temporal pattern of eating in night shift workers

E Shaw, J Dorrian, A Coates, G Leung, R Davis, E Rosbotham, R Warnock, C Huggins, M Bonham

(2019), Vol. 36, pp. 1613-1625, Chronobiology International, C1

journal article

The impact of time of day on energy expenditure: Implications for long-term energy balance

E Shaw, G Leung, J Jong, A Coates, R Davis, M Blair, C Huggins, J Dorrian, S Banks, N Kellow, M Bonham

(2019), Vol. 11, Nutrients, C1

journal article

Effect of Night Time Eating on Postprandial Triglyceride Metabolism in Healthy Adults: A Systematic Literature Review

M Bonham, E Kaias, I Zimberg, G Leung, R Davis, T Sletten, H Windsor-Aubrey, C Huggins

(2019), Vol. 34, pp. 119-130, Journal of Biological Rhythms, C1

journal article

Effect of meal timing on postprandial glucose responses to a low glycemic index meal: A crossover trial in healthy volunteers

G Leung, C Huggins, M Bonham

(2019), Vol. 38, pp. 465-471, Clinical Nutrition, C1

journal article

Does modifying the timing of meal intake improve cardiovascular risk factors? Protocol of an Australian pilot intervention in night shift workers with abdominal obesity

M Bonham, G Leung, R Davis, T Sletten, C Murgia, M Young, N Eikelis, E Lambert, C Huggins

(2018), Vol. 8, BMJ Open, C1

journal article

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