Dr Guy Wood-Bradley



Senior Lecturer


Faculty of Sci Eng & Built Env


School of Info Technology


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Graduate Certificate of Higher Education, Deakin University, 2014
Doctor of Philosophy, Deakin University, 2009
Bachelor of Computing (Honours), Deakin University, 2004
Bachelor of Computing, Deakin University, 2003



I completed my PhD on Supporting Gen Y’s Engagement, Enrichment and Entertainment in Interactive Technologies in 2009 at Deakin University under the supervision of Professor Kathy Blashki. In 2011, I returned to Deakin University and the then former Faculty of Science & Technology as a Lecturer in Online Teaching and Learning before re-joining the School of IT in 2013 to commence my current role as a Lecturer in IT. My contributions and collaborations since then have been recognised with Deakin University Vice-Chancellor Awards for Teaching Excellence in 2017 and 2018, and in 2019 for excellence in offshore teaching by the Australia Education Management Group (AEMG) and the School of IT.

My previous research and work influence my teaching and research interests and activities, particuarly in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), User Experience (UX), interactive and virtual technologies, student learning and engagement and IT professional skills.

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Research interests

User Experience

Human-Computer Interaction

Virtual Reality

Education Technologies

Teaching interests

Human-Computer Interaction


Interactive media

IT professional skills

Research groups

Centre for Software, Systems & Society (CS3) - Emerging and Educational Technology Innovation Lab (EETIL)


Deakin University Award for Teaching Excellence 2017

Deakin University Award for Teaching Excellence 2018

School of IT Research Award - Research Impact (Honourable Mention) 2019

School of IT Service Award for Excellence in Offshore Teaching 2019

AEMG Certificate of Recognition for Extraordinary Achievement in 2019 Teaching Visit Program in China


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Shaping a Tool for Developing Computing Students' Professional Identity - Industry Perspectives

Laura Tubino, Kerri Morgan, Guy Wood-Bradley, Andrew Cain

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Using Focus to Personalise Learning and Feedback in Software Engineering Education

Bansri Modi, Andrew Cain, Guy Wood-Bradley, Jake Renzella

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A Systematic Review of Immersive Technologies for Physical Training in Fitness and Sports

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Improving Computing Education through a Holistic Learning Framework: A Focus Group Study

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Artificial intelligence and the transformation of digital education: robotics, student skills, and learning analytics

Nicholas Patterson, Dhananjay Thiruvady, Guy Wood-Bradley

(2021), pp. 24-41, Handbook of research on management and strategies for digital enterprise transformation, Hershey, Pa., B1

book chapter

Review of interactive practices in online immigration museums

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Transferring the Physical into Digital to Extend the Reach of Museum Access

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journal article

Going digital to enhance the learning of undergraduate students

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journal article

Gathering intelligence on student information behavior using data mining

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journal article

Going digital to enhance the learning of undergraduate students

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journal article

On repurposing social virtual reality platforms to support distributed learning

Shaun Bangay, Guy Wood-Bradley, Hasan Ferdous, Thuong Hoang, Sophie Mckenzie, Alexander Baldwin, Elicia Lanham

(2020), pp. 981-986, WI-IAT : Proceedings of the 2020 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Joint Conference on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology, Online, E1


Chunked lectures: a new model or conducting online lectures within information technology higher education

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Identifying items for moderation in a peer assessment framework

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A new framework for interactive entertainment technologies

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book chapter

Interactive television and the role of affective usability

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The degree of usability from selected DVD menus and their navigational systems

G Wood-Bradley, M Campbell

(2004), Vol. 3101, pp. 540-549, Lecture notes in computer science, Berlin, Germany, C1

journal article

Funded Projects at Deakin

Other Public Sector Funding

Responsible gambling for preventing and reducing harm through digital education.

Dr Sophie Mckenzie, Dr Nick Patterson, Prof Jo Coldwell-Neilson, Dr Elicia Lanham, Dr Guy Wood-Bradley, A/Prof Chathu Ranaweera, Prof Samantha Thomas, Dr Hannah Pitt

NSW Government - Office of Responsible Gambling

  • 2022: $25,000
  • 2021: $150,000
  • 2019: $75,000

Centre for Higher Education Studies Professional Learning.

Dr Maria Nicholas, A/Prof Andrew Skourdoumbis, Prof Linda Hobbs, Dr Shaun Bangay, Dr John Cripps Clark, Dr Seamus Delaney, Dr Sophie Mckenzie, Dr George Aranda, Miss Ondine Bradbury, Dr Guy Wood-Bradley

DETVic Grant - Research - Department of Education and Training Victoria

  • 2024: $25,000
  • 2023: $96,134
  • 2022: $217,834

Wild Otways Initiative - Online Tools Development Project.

Dr Michael Hobbs, Dr Guy Wood-Bradley, A/Prof Mohamed Abdelrazek

Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment

  • 2023: $9,842
  • 2022: $40,000

Design and delivery of a Graduate Certificate of Secondary Digital Technologies.

A/Prof Julianne Lynch, Prof Andrew Cain, Dr Jo Raphael, Dr George Aranda, Dr Sunil Aryal, A/Prof Chathu Ranaweera, Dr Carly Sawatzki, A/Prof Matthew Thomas, Dr Guy Wood-Bradley, A/Prof Glenn Auld, Dr John Cripps Clark, Prof Linda Hobbs

DETVic Grant - Research - Department of Education and Training Victoria

  • 2024: $134,878
  • 2023: $529,906


Associate Supervisor

Ruobin He

Thesis entitled: The Design of a Web-based Immigration-Oriented Interactive Learning Unit

Master of Science (Information Technology), School of Information Technology