Dr Helen Mildred



Senior Lecturer


Faculty of Health


School of Psychology


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Doctor of Psychology, La Trobe University, 2004
Master of Psychology, La Trobe University, 1993


+61 3 925 17371


Helen has been a registered psychologist for over 25 years and is endorsed in the practice area of Clinical Psychology. Across that time she has provided clinical service and supervision to psychologists, provisional psychologists and clinical psychology registrars in public mental health settings as well as in private practice.

For over two decades Helen has been in a collaborative appointment between Eastern Health Mental Health Service and Deakin University School of Psychology. Through this role she teaches into a range of post graduate units, and has supervised over 20 post graduate research theses.  Her research area include deliberate self harm and non-suicidal self-injury, child & youth mental health, disenfranchised young people, and borderline personality disorder. She has presented at numerous conferences and published 30 articles and book chapters in her areas of inquiry. She has also been a co-investigator on a number of research and government grants been aimed at evaluating service delivery and clinical practice. Most recently this included a $100 000 grant from the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs examining service transitions for homeless young people. 

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Career highlights

2018 AHPRA Psychology Supervisor Training Provider re-Approval
2013 AHPRA Psychology Supervisor Training Provider Approval
2007 Director Eastern Health CYMHS/Deakin University Psychology Clinic
2004   VicChamps – Department of Health (Tender Team)
1999  Statewide Suicide Prevention Program (tender team)– ASIST 
1998  Shared Care in Child and Adolescent Mental Health – Department of Health 
1997  Spectrum Statewide Personality Disorder (Tender team) 
1996  Parents in Partnership Project -Department of Health 
1995 Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault (Tender Team

Research interests

Dr Mildred's research interests include:

  • Deliberate self harming behaviours;
  • The mental health of young people;
  • Homeless/disaffiliated young people;
  • Collaborative working partnerships in mental health.


International Society for the Study of Self Injury

Australian Psychological Society College of Clinical Psychologists

Registered Psychologist, AHPRA- Psychologists Registration Board of Victoria

Clinical Psychologist - AHPRA

Registered Supervisor - AHPRA

Teaching interests

self harm, borderline personality disorder, psychopathology, transdiagnostic phenomena

Units taught

Psychological Therapy


Case Analysis

Placement units


Knowledge areas

nonsuicidal self injury, borderline personality disorder, child & youth mental health

Professional activities

VicChamps Management Committee (program for Children of Parents with a Mental Illness)

Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Mental Health Collaborative Project Reference Group Department of Human Services

Project I reference group member (International research into homeless young people)

HYPE reference group (research into randomized control trial of cognitive analytic therapy for adolescents with borderline personality traits compared with manualised standardized treatment.


Dr Mildred has been on a number of Regional and State Working Parties aimed to improve mental health outcomes for vulnerable young people, parents with a mental illness, survivors of domestic violence, children in care, homeless young people and young people with emerging personality disorders.


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Are there underlying differences between sexually diverse and non-sexually diverse people diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder?

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Funded Projects at Deakin

No Funded Projects at Deakin found


Principal Supervisor

Phoebe Newman

Thesis entitled: Caregivers and Non-Suicidal Self-Injury (NSSI): Discovery and Help-Seeking

Doctor of Psychology (Clinical), School of Psychology

Emily Molyneux

Thesis entitled: Romantic Relationships and Attachment in People with Borderline Personality Disorder

Doctor of Psychology (Clinical), School of Psychology


Lauren Moulds

Thesis entitled: An investigation of the Australian experience of adolescent violence towards parents and the potential links with youth justice

Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology), School of Psychology


Jennifer Annabel Mary Wheeler

Thesis entitled: Borderline Personality Disorder: Who is Most at Risk of Completed Suicide?

Doctor of Psychology (Clinical), School of Psychology


Manon Burgat

Thesis entitled: Non-Suicidal Self-Injury: Attachment in Specific Relationships and Experiences of Emotion and Coping

Doctor of Psychology (Clinical), School of Psychology


Jodie Thomas

Thesis entitled: Emotional Processing Factors and Rumination in Non-Suicidal Self-Injury

Doctor of Psychology (Clinical), School of Psychology

Grant Walker

Thesis entitled: Non-Suicidal Self-Injury and Mindfully Coping with Anxiety

Doctor of Psychology (Clinical), School of Psychology

Chris Trewavas

Thesis entitled: The Role of Therapeutic Alliance in Internet-Delivered Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy

Doctor of Psychology (Clinical), School of Psychology


Emma Black

Thesis entitled: Self-injury and Eating Pathology

Doctor of Psychology (Clinical), School of Psychology


Adam Partridge

Thesis entitled: Evaluation of an Early Intervention Program for Childhood Conduct Problems

Doctor of Psychology (Clinical), School of Psychology

Associate Supervisor

Zoe Olivia Wyatt

Thesis entitled: Walking the Journey of Resilience and Recovery from Trauma for Cambodian Young People

Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology), School of Psychology


Elise Sloan

Thesis entitled: Emotion Regulation in Young People with Complex Mental Health and Substance Use Issues

Doctor of Psychology (Clinical), School of Psychology

Cecile Patricia Boganin

Thesis entitled: The role of autobiographical memory in nonsuicidal self-injury

Doctor of Psychology (Clinical), School of Psychology


Daniel Leung

Thesis entitled: Understanding the Relationship between Impulsivity and Cognitive Biases in the Treatment of Substance Misuse

Doctor of Psychology (Clinical), School of Psychology


Natalie Pill

Thesis entitled: An Investigation of Trauma Responses to Intimate Partner Violence

Doctor of Psychology (Clinical), School of Psychology


Nicole Jeffery-Dawes

Thesis entitled: Depression, Anxiety and Metabolic Syndrome in Farm Men and Women

Doctor of Psychology (Health), School of Psychology


Thane Camwell

Thesis entitled: Psychosocial Mechanisms Underlying the Emergence of Social Anxiety in Youth

Doctor of Psychology (Clinical), School of Psychology


Kara Yeske

Thesis entitled: An Examination of Adolescents' Help Seeking Processes: A Longitudinal Study

Doctor of Psychology (Clinical), School of Psychology


Anita Govindan

Thesis entitled: Suicidal Intent within an Acute Australian Self-Harming Cohort

Doctor of Psychology (Clinical), School of Psychology