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Professor Helen Partridge is the Pro Vice-Chancellor Teaching and Learning at Deakin University. Prior to this she was the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education) at the University of Southern Queensland where she had oversight of the University Library Services, Office for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching, and the Open Access College. Professor Partridge's research explores the interplay between information, technology and learning. She investigates the ways people experience information and/or technology to learn as students, as professionals, and as people in their everyday life. Professor Partridge has been a visiting Research Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford (2011), and the Berkmein Klein Center for Internet and Society, Harvard University (2014). In 2008 she was selected to be a National Fellow (1 of 8) of the Australian Learning & Teaching Council (ALTC). Connect with Professor Partridge on Twitter at @partridh 

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The strategic, curious & skeptical learner : Australian public librarians and professional learning experiences

M Stephens, H Partridge, K Davis, M Snyder

(2021), pp. 1-16, Public library quarterly, Abingdon, Eng., C1

journal article

Narratives of access: a critical exploration of how institutional interactions with students affect regional student participation in higher education

J Ostini, H Partridge, K Kelly, S Owen, S Jeffries

(2020), Vol. 11, pp. 60-71, Student success, Brisbane, Qld., C1

journal article

Integrated 'one-stop' support for student success: recommendations from a regional university case study

E Power, H Partridge, C O’Sullivan, M Kek

(2020), Vol. 39, pp. 561-576, Higher education research and development, Abingdon, Eng., C1

journal article

'Working Together': Public Libraries Supporting Rural, Regional, and Remote Low-Socioeconomic Student Success in Partnership with Universities

E Power, H Partridge, S Owen, K Kelly, S Jeffries

(2019), Vol. 68, pp. 105-125, Journal of the Australian Library and Information Association, C1

journal article

Evaluating the student experience with enrolment assistance in an integrated student support service program at the University of Southern Queensland

Anbarasu Thangavelu, Helen Partridge, Kathy Carey, Carmel O'Sullivan, Naomi Lutvey

(2019), Vol. 10, pp. 99-114, Student success, Brisbane, Qld., C1-1

journal article

Making as learning: makerspaces in universities

A Wong, H Partridge

(2016), Vol. 47, pp. 143-159, Australian academic and research libraries, Abingdon, Eng., C1-1

journal article

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Prof Helen Partridge

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Academic archetypes: understanding the xperience of being an academic in Australian universities

Prof Helen Partridge, Dr Kate Davis

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