Dr Hossein Shokouhi



Senior Lecturer in Education (TESOL and Languages)


Faculty of Arts and Education


SoE Arts & Ed


Melbourne Burwood Campus


+61 3 925 17171

Biography summary

I am a Senior Lecturer in Linguistics and TESOL with research interests in Critical Discourse and Critical Thinking, Second Language Acquisition, Conversation Analysis, and Lanaguge and Culture. My research engages mainly with learners, teachers, power relations, and cultural issues affecting critical thinking. I have published in leading Q1 and Q2 Linguistic and Applied Linguistic Journals in Australia and internationally including Australian Journal of Linguistics, Lingua: An International Review of General Linguistics, and Discourse Studies, and book chapters by renowned publishers, such as John Benjamins, Springer, and Routledge.

Research interests

Discourse and Conversation Analysis

Critical thinking and critical reading

Critical thinking and reading in second language acquisition

Linguistics/Applied Linguistics

Teaching interests

Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

Discourse and Conversation Analysis

Second Language Acquisition


Units taught


Applied Linguistics

Linguistics for Language Teaching

Discourse Analysis

Learning an Additional Language

Learning Global English in Diverse Social Contexts

Speech and Sounds

Words and Structures

Texts across Cultures

Analysing and Combining Words

Research Methodology in Language Education

Assessment and Testing

Second Language Acquisition

Teaching English as a Second Language

English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

Linguistics for Literature Purposes


Child Language Acquisition

Theories of Translation


Media interview 2018: Are you mispronouncing these common words? https://this.deakin.edu.au/society/are-you-mispronouncing-these-common-words



Shokouhi, H. 2019. Challenges of language and identity among migrants. International Symposium of Afghan writers' festival in exile.

Shokouhi, H. 2018. How is critical thinking perceived among students of collectivist and individualistic societies? Keynote speech presented at the Chinese Association of Professionals and Scholars, Australia Symposium, Swinburne University of Technology.

Shokouhi, H. 2010. Linguistic imperialism. Tehran International Conference on ‘Academic Imperialism’, Ministry of Culture and Higher Education at Al-Zahra University, Tehran.

Shokouhi, H. 2010. Information flow and authentication of dialogues in classroom discourse. Paper presented as the keynote speech at the 1st. National Conference of Language, Discourse and Pragmatics in Education, CUA, Iran.

Shokouhi, H. 2007. Cognitive constraints on packaging information: Cases in first and second language acquisition. Keynote speech presented at 4th. TELLSI Conference, Shiraz University, Iran.


Shokouhi, H. 2019. Critical thinking and its impact on writing. Thai Academics at Deakin. 

Shokouhi, H. 2017. Native/non-native speaker dilemma. Deakin Summer School.

Shokouhi, H. 2007. Critical discourse education. Iran Language Institute (ILI), Tehran.


Shokouhi, H. 2018. A triangulation analysis of Persian honorifics in pre- and post-revolution Iran. Paper presented at 22nd Sociolinguistic Symposium at Auckland University, New Zealand.

Shokouhi, H. 2015. Pause and laughter in conversation: Neuro-cognitive implications for second language teaching and learning. Paper presented at Faces of English. University of Hong Kong.

Shokouhi, H. 2015. The shielding, exalting, and mystical power of words: The use of ‘Persian’ vs ‘Iranian’ as a marker of identity. LASC 7th Annual Roundtable Monash University.

Shokouhi, H. & Akbarzadeh, F. 2014. Persuasive voices in English and Persian editorials: Nuclear discussion between the U.S. and Iran. Paper presented at the AILA World Congress, Brisbane, Australia.

Shokouhi, H. & Riazi, H. 2013. Which is prime in translation: Text fluidity or writer-reader interaction? Paper presented at SoLLS.INTEC.13: Knowledge-Innovation-Excellence-Synergy in Language Research and Practice. 2-3 July, Kebangsaan University, Malaysia.

Shokouhi, H. & K. Zobeid 2009.  Engagement and participation: Weapons for encouraging autonomy and critical pedagogy. Paper presented to the conference on Bilingualism and Bilingual Education conference- Fostering Multiliteracies. American University of Sharjah, Emirate.

Shokouhi, H. 2007. A functional analysis of rhetorical organization of recognition and production tasks by EFL learners. Odense Working Papers in Language and Communication, 34, Presented at 34th. Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark.

Shokouhi, H. 2007. A Cross-linguistic study of a Persian discourse marker with its English counterparts: topic initiation, maintenance, and closing. Presented at the 10th. International Pragmatics Conference, Goteborg, Sweden.

Shokouhi, H. 2006. A cross-linguistic investigation of motion verbs. Presented at ZAS (Zentrum fur Sprawissenschaft), Berlin, Germany.

Shokouhi, H. 2005. A Cognitive analysis of deictics in Persian and English. Paper preserted at the 9th. International Pragmatics Conference. Riva Del Garda, Italy.

Shokouhi, H. 2003. Zero anaphora in casual talk: a comparison between Persian & English. Paper presented at the XII Susanne Hubner Seminar on Corpus Linguistics: theory & applications for the study of English, Zaragoza University, Spain.


Award in sustained excellence in Research, Deakin University, 2017

Visiting Scholar at La Trobe University, Australia, 2010

Erasmus Visiting Scholar at Deusto University, Spain, 2009

DAAD Visiting Scholar at Potsdam University, Germany, 2006




Grants and Funds

Shokouhi, H. 2015. Conceptual challenges of Chinese students in academic writing: A pilot study CREFI Grant- $3000

Arber, R., Neilsen, R., Weinmann, M. & Shokouhi, H. 2017. Multilingual identities: EAL/D families' experiences of Australian English language education- REDI Grant- $10,000

Liyanage, I., Ure, C. & Shokouhi, H. 2018. Contextually responsive transfer of critical thinking skills- $27,420

Liyanage, I., Ure, C. & Shokouhi, H. 2018. Contextually responsive transfer of critical thinking skills- $18,280

Liyanag, I., Shokouhi, H. & Rahimi, M. 2019. Critical thinking skills in Thai universities: Scrutinising implementational challenges- $61,150


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Power and identity embedded in the Persian first person pronoun /mn/: a sociolinguistic perspective

Hossein Shokouhi, Alireza Fard-Kashani

(2019), pp. 87-101, Identity, equity and social justice in Asia Pacific education, Clayton, Vic., B1


Language barrier and internal conflict among Iranian migrants in Australia: a case of unsettling tension

Hossein Shokouhi, Alireza Fard Kashani

(2019), pp. 199-223, The sociolinguistics of Iran?s languages at home and abroad: the case of Persian, Azerbaijani, and Kurdish, Cham, Switzerland, B1


Empowerment and knowledge transformation through critical reading and thinking: a case study of Iranian university students

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Funded Projects at Deakin

Industry and Other Funding

Contextually Responsive Transfer of Critical Thinking Skills

A/Prof Indika Borala Liyanage, Prof Christine Ure, Dr Hossein Shokouhi

  • 2018: $27,420

Contextually Responsive Transfer of Critical Thinking Skills

A/Prof Indika Borala Liyanage, Prof Christine Ure, Dr Hossein Shokouhi

  • 2018: $18,280

Critical Thinking (CT) Skills in Thai Universities: Scrutinising implementational Challenges.

A/Prof Indika Borala Liyanage, Dr Hossein Shokouhi, Dr Mark Rahimi

  • 2019: $61,150


Principal Supervisor

Paul William Lochland

Thesis entitled: Intelligibility, Accentedness, and Attitudes in English as a Lingua Franca

Doctor of Philosophy (Education), School of Education

Executive Supervisor

Kismullah Kismullah

Thesis entitled: Dialect Features of Leupueng Children: A Study of Dialect in Post Tsunami Aceh

Doctor of Philosophy (Education), School of Education


Desvalini Anwar

Thesis entitled: ¿Finding Myself in Someone Else¿s Land¿ Stories by Teachers of Literatures in English in Padang: A Postcolonial Framework

Doctor of Philosophy (Education), School of Education

Associate Supervisor

Mohammed Tahir Kadhim Aldhulaee

Thesis entitled: Linguistic behaviour in email interaction and recipient attitudes: Request emails by Iraqi speakers of English

Doctor of Philosophy (Education), School of Education

Yetti Zainil

Thesis entitled: Stimulated Recall: Unpacking Pedagogical Practice of Code-switching in Indonesia

Doctor of Philosophy (Education), School of Education


Leonardo Veliz

Thesis entitled: Enhancing English Language Learners¿ Text Understanding through Metaphor Awareness

Doctor of Philosophy (Education), School of Education