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Similar muscle hypertrophy following eight weeks of resistance training to momentary muscular failure or with repetitions-in-reserve in resistance-trained individuals

Martin Refalo, Eric Helms, Zac Robinson, D Hamilton, Jackson Fyfe

(2024), pp. 1-17, Journal of Sports Sciences, London, Eng., C1-1

journal article

Barriers and enablers associated with participation in a home-based pragmatic exercise snacking program in older adults delivered and monitored by Amazon Alexa: a qualitative study

P Jansons, J Fyfe, J Dalla Via, R Daly, D Scott

(2023), Vol. 35, pp. 561-569, Aging Clinical and Experimental Research, Berlin, Germany, C1

journal article

Comparative Effects of Contrast Training and Progressive Resistance Training on Strength and Power-Related Measures in Subelite Australian Rules Football Players

Knut Schneiker, Jackson Fyfe, Shaun Teo, David Bishop

(2023), pp. 1-9, Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, Philadelphia, Pa., C1

journal article

Influence of Resistance Training Proximity-to-Failure, Determined by Repetitions-in-Reserve, on Neuromuscular Fatigue in Resistance-Trained Males and Females

Martin Refalo, Eric Helms, D Hamilton, Jackson Fyfe

(2023), Vol. 9, Sports Medicine - Open, London, Eng., C1

journal article

A randomised controlled trial assessing the potential of palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) to act as an adjuvant to resistance training in healthy adults: a study protocol

Z Huschtscha, J Fyfe, S Feros, A Betik, C Shaw, L Main, G Abbott, S Tan, M Refalo, M Gerhardy, E Grunwald, A May, J Silver, C Smith, M White, D Hamilton

(2023), Vol. 24, Trials, C1

journal article

Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Sarcopenia as Comorbid Chronic Diseases in Older Adults: Established and Emerging Treatments and Therapies

J Mesinovic, J Fyfe, J Talevski, M Wheeler, G Leung, E George, M Hunegnaw, C Glavas, P Jansons, R Daly, D Scott

(2023), Vol. 47, pp. 719-742, Diabetes and Metabolism Journal, C1

journal article

Accuracy of Intraset Repetitions-in-Reserve Predictions During the Bench Press Exercise in Resistance-Trained Male and Female Subjects

Martin Refalo, Jacob Remmert, Joshua Pelland, Zac Robinson, Michael Zourdos, D Hamilton, Jackson Fyfe, Eric Helms

(2023), pp. 1-8, Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, Philadelphia, Pa., C1

journal article

Minimal-Dose Resistance Training for Improving Muscle Mass, Strength, and Function: A Narrative Review of Current Evidence and Practical Considerations

J Fyfe, D Hamilton, R Daly

(2022), Vol. 52, pp. 463-479, Sports Medicine, Berlin, Germany, C1

journal article

Barriers and enablers for older adults participating in a home-based pragmatic exercise program delivered and monitored by Amazon Alexa: a qualitative study

P Jansons, J Fyfe, J Via, R Daly, E Gvozdenko, D Scott

(2022), Vol. 22, pp. 1-10, BMC Geriatrics, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Screening, Diagnosis and Management of Sarcopenia and Frailty in Hospitalized Older Adults: Recommendations from the Australian and New Zealand Society for Sarcopenia and Frailty Research (ANZSSFR) Expert Working Group

R Daly, S Iuliano, J Fyfe, D Scott, B Kirk, M Thompson, E Dent, K Fetterplace, O Wright, G Lynch, J Zanker, S Yu, S Kurrle, R Visvanathan, A Maier

(2022), Vol. 26, pp. 637-651, Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging, Heidelberg, Germany, C1

journal article

Towards an improved understanding of proximity-to-failure in resistance training and its influence on skeletal muscle hypertrophy, neuromuscular fatigue, muscle damage, and perceived discomfort: A scoping review

M Refalo, E Helms, D Hamilton, J Fyfe

(2022), Vol. 40, pp. 1369-1391, Journal of Sports Sciences, England, C1

journal article

Feasibility and acceptability of a remotely delivered, home-based, pragmatic resistance 'exercise snacking' intervention in community-dwelling older adults: a pilot randomised controlled trial

J Fyfe, J Dalla Via, P Jansons, D Scott, R Daly

(2022), Vol. 22, BMC Geriatrics, England, C1

journal article

Bayesian analysis of changes in standing horizontal and vertical jump after different modes of resistance training

M Wilson, L Macgregor, J Fyfe, A Hunter, D Hamilton, I Gallagher

(2022), Vol. 40, pp. 1700-1711, Journal of Sports Sciences, England, C1

journal article

Influence of Resistance Training Proximity-to-Failure on Skeletal Muscle Hypertrophy: A Systematic Review with Meta-analysis

M Refalo, E Helms, E Trexler, D Hamilton, J Fyfe

(2022), Sports Medicine, Berlin, Germany, C1

journal article

Farmed mussels: A nutritive protein source, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, with a low environmental footprint

E Yaghubi, S Carboni, R Snipe, C Shaw, J Fyfe, C Smith, G Kaur, S Tan, D Hamilton

(2021), Vol. 13, Nutrients, Switzerland, C1

journal article

Post-exercise Cold Water Immersion Effects on Physiological Adaptations to Resistance Training and the Underlying Mechanisms in Skeletal Muscle: A Narrative Review

A Petersen, J Fyfe

(2021), Vol. 3, Frontiers in Sports and Active Living, Switzerland, C1

journal article

Effects of exercise frequency and training volume on bone changes following a multi-component exercise intervention in middle aged and older men: Secondary analysis of an 18-month randomized controlled trial

R Daly, J Dalla Via, J Fyfe, R Nikander, S Kukuljan

(2021), Vol. 148, Bone, United States, C1

journal article

Influence of resistance training load on measures of skeletal muscle hypertrophy and improvements in maximal strength and neuromuscular task performance: A systematic review and meta-analysis

M Refalo, D Hamilton, D Paval, I Gallagher, S Feros, J Fyfe

(2021), Vol. 39, pp. 1723-1745, Journal of Sports Sciences, England, C1

journal article

Delivery of Home-Based Exercise Interventions in Older Adults Facilitated by Amazon Alexa: A 12-week Feasibility Trial

P Jansons, J Dalla Via, R Daly, J Fyfe, E Gvozdenko, D Scott

(2021), Vol. 26, pp. 96-102, Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging, Paris, France, C1

journal article

Exercise twice-a-day potentiates markers of mitochondrial biogenesis in men

V Andrade-Souza, T Ghiarone, A Sansonio, K Santos Silva, F Tomazini, L Arcoverde, J Fyfe, E Perri, N Saner, J Kuang, R Bertuzzi, C Leandro, D Bishop, A Lima-Silva

(2020), Vol. 34, pp. 1602-1619, FASEB journal, Chichester, Eng., C1

journal article

Modulation of Countermovement Jump-Derived Markers of Neuromuscular Function With Concurrent vs. Single-Mode Resistance Training

K Pattison, E Drinkwater, D Bishop, N Stepto, J Fyfe

(2020), Vol. 34, pp. 1497-1502, Journal of strength and conditioning research, United States, C1

journal article

Order of same-day concurrent training influences some indices of power development, but not strength, lean mass, or aerobic fitness in healthy, moderately-active men after 9 weeks of training

M Lee, J Ballantyne, J Chagolla, W Hopkins, J Fyfe, S Phillips, D Bishop, J Bartlett

(2020), Vol. 15, PLoS ONE, United States, C1

journal article

Does Aerobic Training Promote the Same Skeletal Muscle Hypertrophy as Resistance Training? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

J Grgic, L Mcllvenna, J Fyfe, F Sabol, D Bishop, B Schoenfeld, Z Pedisic

(2019), Vol. 49, pp. 233-254, Sports Medicine, New Zealand, C1

journal article

Cold water immersion attenuates anabolic signaling and skeletal muscle fiber hypertrophy, but not strength gain, following whole-body resistance training

J Fyfe, J Broatch, A Trewin, E Hanson, C Argus, A Garnham, S Halson, R Polman, D Bishop, A Petersen

(2019), Vol. 127, pp. 1403-1418, Journal of Applied Physiology, United States, C1-1

journal article

Interpreting adaptation to concurrent compared with single-mode exercise training: some methodological considerations

J Fyfe, J Loenneke

(2018), Vol. 48, pp. 289-297, Sports medicine, Cham, Switzerland, C1

journal article

Enhanced skeletal muscle ribosome biogenesis, yet attenuated mTORC1 and ribosome biogenesis-related signalling, following short-term concurrent versus single-mode resistance training

J Fyfe, D Bishop, J Bartlett, E Hanson, M Anderson, A Garnham, N Stepto

(2018), Vol. 8, Scientific Reports, England, C1

journal article

Power-to-Strength Ratio Influences Performance Enhancement with Contrast Training

K Schneiker, J Fyfe, F Billaut, D Bishop

(2018), Vol. 50, pp. 1422-1432, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, United States, C1

journal article

Maximal exercise increases mucosal associated invariant T cell frequency and number in healthy young men

E Hanson, E Danson, C Nguyen-Robertson, J Fyfe, N Stepto, D Bartlett, S Sakkal

(2017), Vol. 117, pp. 2159-2169, European Journal of Applied Physiology, Germany, C1

journal article

Concurrent exercise incorporating high-intensity interval or continuous training modulates mTORC1 signaling and microRNA expression in human skeletal muscle

J Fyfe, D Bishop, E Zacharewicz, A Russell, N Stepto

(2016), Vol. 310, pp. R1297-R1311, American Journal of Physiology - Regulatory Integrative and Comparative Physiology, United States, C1

journal article

Endurance training intensity does not mediate interference to maximal lower-body strength gain during short-term concurrent training

J Fyfe, J Bartlett, E Hanson, N Stepto, D Bishop

(2016), Vol. 7, Frontiers in Physiology, Switzerland, C1-1

journal article

Interference between concurrent resistance and endurance exercise: molecular bases and the role of individual training variables

J Fyfe, D Bishop, N Stepto

(2014), Vol. 44, pp. 743-762, Sports medicine, Auckland, New Zealand, C1-1

journal article

The role of neuromuscular inhibition in hamstring strain injury recurrence

J Fyfe, D Opar, M Williams, A Shield

(2013), Vol. 23, pp. 523-530, Journal of electromyography and kinesiology, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1-1

journal article

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Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) as an adjuvant to resistance training - can PEA enhance muscle growth, power and strength when combined with strength training?

Dr Lee Hamilton, Dr Jackson Fyfe, Dr Simon Feros, Dr Andrew Betik, A/Prof Chris Shaw, Dr Sze Yen Tan, A/Prof Luana Main

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