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Dr Jade Guan is a Lecturer in Strategic Studies of Deakin University, a Module Convener for the Defence and Strategic Studies Course (DSSC), and an Academic Adviser for the postgraduate program of the DSSC at the Australian War College.
Jade has a decade of experience in higher education teaching and learning in the discipline of International Relations. She has held roles as a Course Convener, Lecturer, and Tutor in International Security and International Relations at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Jade is a China scholar and has developed her expertise in security and foreign policy issues in the Indo Pacific region. She is the author of publications on soft power, and China’s security, economic, and foreign policies.
Jade received her PhD on International Relations from the ANU. She is on the Editorial Board of the Australian Journal of Defence and Strategic Studies. Jade was a visiting fellow of many Chinese academic institutes over the past decade, including Beijing University, Renmin University, and Nanjing University, and has extensive fieldwork and archival research experience in China.

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Biography summary

  • Over a decade experience in course design, development, and delivery at both undergraduate and postgraduate level in the subjects of International Relations, Strategic Studies, Politics, and Chinese Language
  • An author of publications on soft power, and China’s economic and foreign policies
  • Developed academic research and writing skills in independent and joint research projects
  • An editorial board member for the Australian Journal of Defence and Strategic Studies

Career highlights

  • Lecturer in Strategic Studies at the Australian War College – Deakin University (2017-current)
  • Sessional Lecturer and Research Fellow – Australian National University (2012-2017)

Research interests

  • Soft power
  • China's foreign policy and domestic politics
  • China's strategic culture
  • US-China relations
  • Critical security issues in the Indo Pacific


The Australian War College (Canberra)

Politics and International Studies (POLIS), Deakin University

Teaching interests

  • China's foreign policy
  • China's strategic culture
  • China's modern history
  • Security and foreign policy issues in the Indo Pacific

Knowledge areas

  • China's foreign policy and strategic culture
  • China's modern history
  • Soft Power
  • Security and foreign policy issues in the Indo Pacific region

Professional activities

  • Higher education
  • Academic research
  • Chinese language teacher


  • ANU Scholarship for the PhD program (2008-2012)
  • ANU Vice-Chancellor’s Travel Grants for international conference (2012)
  • ANU-Beijing University Exchange Scholarship (2010)


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China's economic strategy: when theory meets practice

J Guan, Y Shi

(2020), pp. 1-7, Australian journal of international affairs, Abingdon, Eng., C1

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