A/Prof. Jade Sheen



Associate Professor


Faculty of Health


School of Psychology


Melbourne Burwood Campus


+61 3 925 17634

Research interests

Clinical simulation in teaching practice

Stress and wellbeing amongst health professionals

Management of acute mental health conditions in the prehospital environment

Parenting and mental illness

Carer burden and mental illness

Teaching interests

Unit chair and lecturer in:

HPS 915 Etiology of Couple of Family Disorders

HPS 916 Treatment of Couple and Family Disorders


Sheen, J. (2012). Pedagogical principles informing the Monash Health Science Curriculum: examples from Psychology. Fatima College of Health Sciences Curriculum Conference. 2nd-6th September. Abu Dhabi, UAE. Sheen, J. (2012). Assessment and learning in the health sciences: Introduction to constructive alignment and enquiry based learning. Fatima College of Health Sciences Curriculum Conference. 2nd-6th September. Abu Dhabi, UAE. Bath, T., Boyd, L., & Sheen, J. (2011). Occupational Risks on Undergraduate Paramedic Clinical Placements. Australian Paramedics Australiasia. 5th-8th Oct. Sydney, Australia. Johnson, M., Boyd, L., Sheen, J., & Colquitt, S. (2011). What is the undergraduate paramedic students perspective on the acceptability, realism, and effectiveness of Simulated Patients? SimHealth Conference. 12th-15th September. Sydney, Australia. Boyd, L. Sheen, J. Johnson, M. Eastwood, K. (2010). Developing a Multidisciplinary Education Program: Challenges and Incentives. International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation. 15th-17th November. Madrid, Spain. ICERI2010 Boyd, L., Sheen, J., & Johnson, M. (2010). Multidisciplinary responses to mental health crisis within the community setting. Chisholm Centre for Integrated Health & Community Well-being. Mornington Peninsula. October 12-13 Boyd, L., Sheen, J., Johnson, M., & Eastwood, K. (2010). Multidisciplinary responses to mental health crises in the pre-hospital setting. Australian College of Ambulance Professionals (ACAP) Conference, Perth, 14 to 16 October Murcott, P., Sheen, J., Eastwood, K., Boyd, L., & Johnson, M. (2010). Mental health crises in the prehospital sector. Australian College of Ambulance Professionals (ACAP) Conference, Perth, 14 to 16 October


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Funded Projects at Deakin

Australian Competitive Grants

Developing an Australian-first recovery model for parents in Victorian mental health and family services (MIRF)

A/Prof Darryl Maybery, Dr Andrea Reupert, A/Prof Jade Sheen, Brendan O'Hanlon, Rose Cuff, Melinda Goodyear, Warren Cann, Dr Robyn Mildon, Dr Kim Dalziel

Mental Illness Research Fund

  • 2017: $4,143
  • 2016: $7,993
  • 2015: $7,426
  • 2014: $3,576
  • 2013: $6,645

Risk Aware: Enhancing students¿ clinical competence in risky environments through blended simulation- based learning.

A/Prof Jade Sheen, Prof Jane McGillivray, A/Prof Wendy Sutherland-Smith, Ms Amanda Dudley, Dr Sue Littler, Dr Rachel Roberts, Dr Michael Proeve, Prof Reg Nixon, A/Prof Carmela Pestell, Dr Katie Bunch, Ms Louise Alexander, Mr Matthew Johnson

OLT Innovation and Development Grants - Office for Learning and Teaching

  • 2016: $180,222


Principal Supervisor

Louise Alexander

Thesis entitled: Impacts of simulation-based education on students' attitudes towards mental illness

Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology), School of Psychology

Rachel Elizabeth Waller

Thesis entitled: An Examination of Adolescent Sexual Behaviour, Knowledge and Education

Doctor of Psychology (Health), School of Psychology