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Dr James Lucas



Senior Lecturer in Social Work Field


Faculty of Health


School of Health & Social Dev


Geelong Waterfront Campus


Doctor of Philosophy, Charles Darwin University, 2016
Bachelor of Behavioural Science with First Class Honours, Charles Darwin University, 2012
Graduate Diploma in Psychology, Charles Darwin University, 2011
Bachelor of Social Work with second class Honours, Division A, Charles Darwin University, 2009

+61 3 522 78814

Research interests

Mental Health Social Work

The intersection of loss and grief, mental health, and spirituality.

Methodological diversity in research and social work practice.


Accredited Mental Health Social Worker - Australian Association of Social Workers

Member - Australian Psychological Society

Teaching interests

Mental Health Social Work

Social Work Field Education

Units taught

Current Master of Social Work (Qualifying) Units:

HSW714 – Professional Practice in Social Work A
HSW715 – Professional Practice in Social Work B

Current Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) Units:

HSW416/417 - Social Work Honours Research Project A and B

Supervised Honours students to successfull completion.

Knowledge areas

Mental Health Social Work

Loss and Grief



Lucas, J. J. & Qura, A. (2018). Spirituality, Trauma, and Mental Health. Paper presented at the Inaugural "Come Play with Me Fiji!" Trauma is the Fun Killer - Educate, Invigorate and Capacity Build Conference, Suva, Fiji.

Vassos, S. & Lucas, J. J. (2018). Examining the diversity of placement experiences in the contemporary environment: A focus on context, content, approach and relationships. Paper presented at the Australian and New Zealand Social Work and Welfare Education and Research Symposium, Adelaide, Australia.

Lucas, J. J., West, E., & Moore, K. A. (2018) Leadership Style: Influences of Personality, Emotional Intelligence, Job Type and Gender. Paper presented at the International Congress of Applied Psychology 2018, Montreal, Canada.

Lucas, J. J. & Minard, L. (2016). Leading Change: Implementing spinal community living planning. Paper presented at the 7th Annual Health Social Work Directors Group Symposium, Geelong, Australia.

Lucas, J. J., & Moore, K. A. (2014). Experiential acceptance and cognitive defusion: Impact on decision making appraisals and conflict. Paper presented at the 49th Annual Australian Psychological Association Conference, Hobart, Australia.

Lucas, J. J., Cacioli, J.-P., & Moore, K. A. (2013). Decision making-conflict as coping with stress: A qualitative exploration. Paper presented at the 48th Annual Australian Psychological Association Conference, Cairns, Australia.

Minard, L. & Lucas, J. J (2013). The Great Unspeakables: Development and Evaluation of a Spinal Psycho-Educational Group Work Pilot. Paper presented at the Health Social Work Directors Group Symposium, Melbourne, Australia.

Lucas, J. J., & Moore, K. A. (2012). Psychological Flexibility: Mediating the Effect of Health on Life Satisfaction. Paper presented at the 47th Annual Australian Psychological Association Conference, Perth, Australia.

Lucas, J. J., & West, D. (2010). Younger onset dementia: Family and carer losses. Paper presented at the 3rd Asian Psychological Association Conference, Darwin, Australia.

Lucas, J. J. (2008). Loss, Strength, and Family Coping: Families Affected by Younger Onset Dementia. Paper presented at Alzheimer's Australia, Darwin, Australia.


2017 Deakin Faculty of Arts and Education Small Grants Program

2012 Australian Postgraduate Award

2008 Undergraduate Training and Research Opportunities Program


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When primary healthcare meets queerstory: community-based system dynamics influencing regional/rural LGBTQ + people's access to quality primary healthcare in Australia

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(2023), Vol. 23, pp. 1-12, BMC Public Health, Berlin, Germany, C1

journal article

LGBTQ+ Loss and Grief in a Cis-Heteronormative Pandemic: A Qualitative Evidence Synthesis of the COVID-19 Literature

J Lucas, J Lucas, S Bouchoucha, S Bouchoucha, R Afrouz, R Afrouz, K Reed, K Reed, S Brennan-Olsen, S Brennan-Olsen

(2022), Vol. 32, pp. 2102-2117, Qualitative Health Research, United States, C1

journal article

Therapeutic Life Story Work Barwon Pilot Evaluation

James Lucas, jesse Velik, Loey Matthews, Kathleen Brady, Rhiannon Breguet, Judi Parson

(2022), Geelong, Vic., A6

research report/technical paper

COVID-19 distress and worries: The role of attitudes, social support, and positive coping during social isolation

K Moore, J Lucas

(2021), Vol. 94, pp. 365-370, Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice, England, C1

journal article

The Factors Influencing Adherence to Standard Precautions Scale - Student version (FIASP- SV): A psychometric validation

S Bouchoucha, M Kilpatrick, J Lucas, N Phillips, A Hutchinson

(2021), Vol. 26, pp. 85-94, Infection, Disease and Health, Netherlands, C1

journal article

Mindful energy and information flow: A reflective account of S.E.L.F connection during COVID-19

J Lucas

(2021), Vol. 20, pp. 214-221, Qualitative Social Work, England, C1

journal article

An investigation into nursing students' application of infection prevention and control precautions

S Bouchoucha, N Philips, J Lucas, M Kilpatrick, A Hutchinson

(2021), Vol. 104, Nurse Education Today, Scotland, C1

journal article

Factors influencing self-reported adherence to standard precautions among Thai nursing students: A cross sectional study

N van Gulik, S Bouchoucha, S Apivanich, J Lucas, A Hutchinson

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journal article

Younger Onset Dementia: Family and carer stress and losses

James Lucas, Kathleen Moore

(2020), pp. 21-28, Stress and anxiety : theory, practice and measurement, Berlin, Germany, B1-1

book chapter

Psychological flexibility: positive implications for mental health and life satisfaction

James Lucas, Kathleen Moore

(2020), Vol. 35, pp. 312-320, Health promotion international, Oxford, Eng., C1

journal article

Therapeutic Life Story Work Barwon Pilot Evaluation: Interim Report 2020

James Lucas, Loey Matthews, Kathleen Brady, Rhiannon Breguet, Judi Parson

(2020), Geelong, Vic., A6

research report/technical paper

Pedagogical intent and placement diversity in social work field education: one University's experiences

James Lucas, Sevi Vassos

(2019), Vol. 21, pp. 51-66, Advances in Social Work and Welfare Education, Southport, Qld., C1

journal article

Decision-making: a century of theory-making and the synthesis of a contemporary model

J Lucas, K Moore

(2018), pp. 21-32, Stress and anxiety -- theories and realities, Berlin, Germany, B1

book chapter

Mindfulness for professional resilience

J Lucas

(2017), pp. 274-281, Routledge handbook of religion, spirituality and social work, Abingdon, Eng., B1

book chapter

Funded Projects at Deakin

Other Public Sector Funding

Evidence gaps advice on loneliness, social isolation and chronic conditions.

Prof Sharon Brennan-Olsen, Prof Vicki White, Prof Beth Crisp, A/Prof Steve Bowe, Prof Adrienne O'Neil, Prof Lana Williams, Dr Patrick Owen, Dr Lidia Engel, Dr Matthew Dunn, A/Prof Fiona McKay, Dr James Lucas, Dr Sharon Horwood, Mrs Frances Beard

National Health and Medical Research Council

  • 2021: $32,128


Associate Supervisor

Mirian Elizabeth Meade

Thesis entitled: The Voice of Recovery: The Experience of Young People Who Have Been Dual Clients of Child Protection and Youth Justice

Doctor of Philosophy (Health & Social Development), School of Health and Social Development