Dr Jan Barton





Faculty of Sci Eng & Built Env


Centre Regional & Rural Future


Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus


Doctor of Philosophy, Flinders University, 2007
Bachelor of Science, University of Tasmania, 1990


+61 3 556 33108


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Restructuring of littoral fish assemblages after drought differs in two lakes at the terminus of a heavily regulated river

B Halliday, S Wedderburn, J Barton, R Lester

(2018), Vol. 34, pp. 338-347, River research and applications, Chichester, Eng., C1

journal article

Soil organic carbon variability in Australian temperate freshwater wetlands

A Pearse, J Barton, R Lester, A Zawadzki, P Macreadie

(2018), Vol. 63, pp. 254-266, Limnology and oceanography, Chichester, Eng., C1

journal article

Assessment of aquatic weed in irrigation channels using UAV and satellite imagery

J Brinkhoff, John Hornbuckle, Jan Barton

(2018), Vol. 10, Water, Basel, Switzerland, C1

journal article

A review of Australian approaches for monitoring, assessing and reporting estuarine condition: II. State and Territory programs

C Hallett, F Valesini, P Scanes, C Crawford, B Gillanders, A Pope, J Udy, J Fortune, S Townsend, J Barton, Q Ye, D Ross, K Martin, T Glasby, P Maxwell

(2016), Vol. 66, pp. 270-281, Environmental science & policy, New York, N.Y., C1

journal article

Influence of intermittent estuary outflow on coastal sediments of adjacent sandy beaches

J McKenzie, G Quinn, T Matthews, J Barton, A Bellgrove

(2011), Vol. 92, pp. 59-69, Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, C1

journal article

Victorian index of estuary condition : implementation trial year 1 update : 2009/10

A Pope, J Barton, G Quinn

(2011), Warrnambool, Vic., A6-1

research report/technical paper

EstuaryWatch review

K Iervasi, A Pope, J Barton, D Tiller, J Rennie

(2011), Notting Hill, Vic., A6-1

research report/technical paper

Identifying threats to the ecological condition of Victorian estuaries

J Barton, A Pope, G Quinn, J Sherwood

(2008), Melbourne, Vic., A6-1

research report/technical paper

Reporting on the environmental condition of Victorian estuaries - a discussion paper

H Arundel, J Barton, A Becker, G Quinn

(2008), [Canberra, A.C.T.], A6-1

research report/technical paper

A review of knowledge of selected estuaries in the Port Phillip Bay and Western Port Bay regions

H Arundel, J Barton

(2007), Warrnambool, Vic., A6-1

research report/technical paper

The development of biological objectives for streams in a single catchment: A case study on the catchment of Western Port Bay, Victoria, Australia

J Barton, L Metzeling

(2004), Vol. 95, pp. 239-256, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, C1-1

journal article

Estuary opening management in Western Victoria : an information analysis

J Barton, J Sherwood

(2004), Melbourne, Vic., A6

research report/technical paper

Estuarine health monitoring & assessment review

J Barton

(2003), Melbourne, Vic, A6-1

research report/technical paper

Funded Projects at Deakin

Australian Competitive Grants

Using nuclear techniques in estuarine condition assessment: Sedimentation and contaminant history of estuaries in post-European times

Dr Adam Pope, Dr Jan Barton, Dr Mark Warne, A/Prof Julie Mondon, Prof Peter Gell

AINSE Awards - Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering

  • 2012: $24,720

Other Public Sector Funding

Development of a methodology for assessing estuary pressures: relationships with catchment conditions. Stage 2 Linking catchments to the sea - understanding how human activities impact on Vict estuari

Prof Gerry Quinn, A/Prof John Sherwood, Dr Jan Barton

  • 2008: $62,928
  • 2007: $43,000
  • 2006: $118,565

Trial implementation of the index of Estuary condition

Dr Adam Pope, Dr Jan Barton, Prof Gerry Quinn

  • 2012: $210,000
  • 2011: $198,750
  • 2010: $250,000
  • 2009: $61,250

Marine Monitoring and Marine Natural Values project RPP 0809 P17 Component 2: Marine Natural Values Volume 2 (Status Reports)

Dr Adam Pope, Prof Gerry Quinn, Dr Jan Barton

  • 2010: $5,000
  • 2009: $22,900

Marine monitoring and Marine Natural Values Project RPP 0809 P18 Component 2:Marine natural Values Volume 2 (Status Reports)- STAGE 2

Dr Jan Barton, Dr Adam Pope

  • 2012: $13,200
  • 2011: $16,000
  • 2010: $30,000

Trial implementation of the Index of Estuary Condition - Melbourne Water extension

Dr Adam Pope, Dr Jan Barton, Prof Gerry Quinn

  • 2015: $8,000
  • 2010: $72,000

Management of the Northen Pacific Seastar (Asterias amurensis) in Tidal River estuary, Wilsons Promontory National Park

Dr Ty Matthews, Dr Adam Pope, Dr Jan Barton

  • 2013: $1,000
  • 2012: $11,200

Development and validation of key components for an ecosystem response forecasting tool

Prof Rebecca Lester, Dr Jan Barton

  • 2015: $65,579
  • 2014: $163,142
  • 2013: $34,000

Provision of Vector Scripts

Prof Rebecca Lester, Dr Jan Barton

  • 2014: $3,883

Wetland Monitoring Program Development

Prof Peter Macreadie, Dr Paul Carnell, Dr Jan Barton, Prof Rebecca Lester

  • 2016: $10,000
  • 2015: $70,000

Ayr Creek Lagoon - Investigation & Options Analysis

Dr Jan Barton

  • 2018: $8,995

Industry and Other Funding

Water Quality Improvement Plan for the Corner Inlet Coastal Hotspot

Dr Jan Barton

  • 2013: $14,862

Carbon sequestration by wetlands: A fresh(water) approach to tackling climate change

Prof Rebecca Lester, Prof Peter Macreadie, Dr Jan Barton

  • 2016: $1,000
  • 2014: $8,942

Water SEPP Review - Indicators and Objectives

Dr Jan Barton, Dr Adam Pope

  • 2015: $14,720


Associate Supervisor

Bryce Thomas Halliday

Thesis entitled: Water Level and Habitat Affect Small-Bodied Fish in Semi-Arid Lakes.

Master of Science (Ecology & Environment), School of Life and Environmental Sciences