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Understanding weight status and dietary intakes among Australian school children by remoteness: A cross-sectional study

Jane Jacobs, Claudia Strugnell, Denise Becker, Jill Whelan, Josh Hayward, Melanie Nichols, Andrew Brown, Victoria Brown, Steven Allender, Colin Bell, Andrew Sanigorski, Liliana Orellana, Laura Alston

(2023), Vol. 26, pp. 1185-1193, Public Health Nutrition, Cambridge, Eng., C1

journal article

The Community, the Workplace, and Public Health Measures: A Qualitative Study of Factors that Impacted the Wellbeing of Rural Health Service Staff in Victoria, Australia, during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Olivia King, Alison Buccheri, Anton Isaacs, Jaclyn Bishop, Laura Alston, Vincent Versace, Anna Wong Shee, Nick Sourlos, Didir Imran, Jane Jacobs, Fiona Murphy, Melissa Kennelly, Michael Field

(2023), Vol. 2023, pp. 1-12, Health and Social Care in the Community, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Diet-Related Disease Prevention in a Rural Australian Setting: Understanding Barriers, Enablers, and the Role of Rural Health Services in Supporting Changes in Local Rural Food Environments

N Wheaton, E Alston, V Versace, M Field, A Wong Shee, J Jacobs, K Backholer, S Allender, M Nichols, C Needham, K Bolton, M Blake, F Stewart, E Close, L Alston

(2023), Vol. 15, pp. 4979-4979, Nutrients, Switzerland, C1

journal article

Spillover effects of childhood obesity prevention interventions: A systematic review

V Brown, H Tran, J Jacobs, J Ananthapavan, C Strugnell, K Backholer, M Sultana, M Alsubhi, S Allender, R Novotny, M Nichols

(2023), pp. e13692-, Obesity Reviews, England, C1

journal article

Socio-economic and Regional Differences in Walkability and Greenspace Around Primary Schools: A Census of Australian Primary School Neighbourhoods

J Jacobs, K Backholer, C Strugnell, S Allender, M Nichols

(2021), Vol. 46, pp. 98-107, Journal of Community Health, Netherlands, C1

journal article

Is the physical activity environment surrounding primary schools associated with students' weight status, physical activity or active transport, in regional areas of Victoria, Australia? A cross-sectional study

J Jacobs, N Crooks, S Allender, C Strugnell, K Backholer, M Nichols

(2021), Vol. 11, BMJ Open, England, C1

journal article

The impact of a community-based intervention on weight, weight-related behaviours and health-related quality of life in primary school children in Victoria, Australia, according to socio-economic position

J Jacobs, C Strugnell, S Allender, L Orellana, K Backholer, K Bolton, P Fraser, H Le, A Brown, M Nichols

(2021), Vol. 21, BMC Public Health, England, C1

journal article

A comparison of the modelled impacts on CVD mortality if attainment of public health recommendations was achieved in metropolitan and rural Australia

L Alston, J Jacobs, S Allender, M Nichols

(2020), Vol. 23, pp. 339-347, Public Health Nutrition, England, C1

journal article

Variation in the physical activity environment according to area-level socio-economic position-a systematic review

Jane Jacobs, Laura Alston, Cindy Needham, Kathryn Backholer, Claudia Strugnell, Steven Allender, Melanie Nichols

(2019), Vol. 20, pp. 686-700, Obesity reviews, Chichester, Eng., C1

journal article

Regional variation in cardiovascular mortality in Australia 2009-2012: the impact of remoteness and socioeconomic status

J Jacobs, K Peterson, S Allender, L Alston, M Nichols

(2018), Vol. 42, pp. 467-473, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, Australia, C1

journal article

Rural Inequalities in the Australian Burden of Ischaemic Heart Disease: A Systematic Review

L Alston, S Allender, K Peterson, J Jacobs, M Nichols

(2017), Vol. 26, pp. 122-133, Heart Lung and Circulation, Australia, C1

journal article

Quantifying the role of modifiable risk factors in the differences in cardiovascular disease mortality rates between metropolitan and rural populations in Australia: A macrosimulation modelling study

L Alston, K Peterson, J Jacobs, S Allender, M Nichols

(2017), Vol. 7, BMJ Open, C1

journal article

Characterising the extent of misreporting of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes using the Australian Health Survey

K Peterson, J Jacobs, S Allender, L Alston, M Nichols

(2016), Vol. 16, BMC Public Health, C1

journal article

A systematic review of published interventions for primary and secondary prevention of ischaemic heart disease (IHD) in rural populations of Australia

L Alston, K Peterson, J Jacobs, S Allender, M Nichols

(2016), Vol. 16, BMC Public Health, C1

journal article

Funded Projects at Deakin

Australian Competitive Grants

A spatial, systems and solution focused approach to understanding food environment factors that influence dietary risks of Australians living in rural and remote areas

Dr Cindy Needham, Dr Laura Alston, Dr Christina Zorbas, Dr Jane Jacobs

MRFF (NHMRC) Early to Mid-Career Researchers

  • 2024: $349,515

Other Public Sector Funding

Food swamps, deserts or swampy deserts? Do regional Victorian children have access to healthy food retail? Does this influence weight status, dietary intake and wellbeing

Dr Claudia Strugnell, Dr Cindy Needham, Prof Liliana Orellana, Prof Steven Allender, Dr Miranda Blake, Ms Jane Jacobs, Prof Gary Sacks

VicHealth Partnerships for Impact Research Grant

  • 2023: $19,000
  • 2022: $30,000
  • 2021: $150,000


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