A/Prof. Janet Mc Leod



Associate Head of School (Learning and Teaching)


Faculty of Health


School of Medicine


Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus


+61 3 522 71027


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Prior degree and academic performance in medical school: evidence for prioritising health students and moving away from a bio-medical science-focused entry stream

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journal article

Nutrition content of summative examinations within an Australian 4-year graduate entry medical course: 2013-2016

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journal article

The Australian Rural Clinical School (RCS) program supports rural medical workforce: Evidence from a crosssectional study of 12 RCSs

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journal article

Competent with patients and populations: Integrating public health into a medical program

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journal article

The role of leptin and ghrelin in appetite regulation in the Australian Spinifex hopping mouse, Notomys alexis, during long-term water deprivation

J Donald, N Hamid, J McLeod

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journal article

Investigation of the presence of ghrelin in the central nervous system of the rat and mouse

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journal article

RTKN2 induces NF-KappaB dependent resistance to intrinsic apoptosis in HEK cells and REgulates BCL-2 genes in human CD4+ lymphocytes

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journal article

Identification and expression of natriuretic peptide receptor Type-A and-B mRNA in freshwater and seawater rainbow trout

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journal article

Mechanisms of resistance to the cytotoxic effects of oxysterols in human leukemic cells

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ORP-3, a human oxysterol-binding protein gene differentially expressed in hematopoietic cells

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journal article

Atrial natriuretic peptide binding sites in the brain and pituitary gland of the toad, Bufo marinus: localisation and receptor characterisation

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journal article

Relationship between arginine vasotocin-like and natriuretic peptide-like immunoreactive structures in the brain of the toad Bufo marinus

J McLeod, J Donald

(1999), Vol. 297, pp. 47-55, Cell and Tissue Research, Heidelberg, Germany, C1-1

journal article

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Executive Supervisor

Sarah Catherine Burgess

Thesis entitled: Preparing pre-clinical medical students for learning in the clinical environment

Master of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine