Dr Janine Little



Senior Lecturer in Communication


Faculty of Arts and Education


SCCA Arts & Ed


Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching & Learning, University of Southern QLD, 2007
Doctor of Philosophy, University of Queensland, 1999
Master of Arts, University of Queensland, 1995
Bachelor of Arts (Honours), University of Queensland, 1992


My research draws from my work as a long-time writer of feminist and cultural critique, and extends from a PhD (UQ 1999) critiquing Australian/American novels, film, theatre and musical lyric through race/class/gender intersectionality.  That work produced seven articles, while research Masters and First Class Honours degrees about Aboriginal short fiction and women's autobiography also produced publications in leading journals.  My current writing is about the cultural representation of gender and class, family violence, and violence against women and children -- and its navigation of horror and tragedy. An incomplete publication list is available via Deakin Elements research page.

I am a trained journalist with reporting experience in courts, police, political, industrial, entertainment, features, and general rounds, and have written a book about journalism law and ethics, and co-authored another on journalism training.

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Research interests

I supervise Honours and HDR projects in the following areas

Family violence in the media/popular culture -- e.g. filicide, violence against women, domestic violence, true crime in TV, film, fiction, creative non-fiction

Cultural representation of gender, social class, and difference (using qualitative approaches)

Women's studies and feminist cultural theory

Media Law and Ethics -- e.g. defamation and the media; privacy and media practice; media coverage of social and cultural disadvantage/difference/conflict

Teaching interests

Media Law and Ethics

Units taught

Chair ACC717 Law Media Communication (2012-2019, except 16-17)

Chair ACC213 Media Law and Ethics (2009-2019, except 1/13 & 2/17)

ALJ112 News Reporting B (Chair 2008-2011; teaching 2008-11, 2013, 2015)

ALJ111 News Reporting A (2012)

Chair and designer/developer ALJ722 Investigative and Narrative Journalism (2008-2014)

ALJ216 Feature writing 2019

Knowledge areas

Addressing social disadvantage, gender, cultural difference, and violence/non-violence

Relational ethics and legal discourse across media forms and genres

Women's studies and feminist paradigms in creative non-fiction and fiction

Cultural analysis of journalism

Working class subjectivity

Indigenous Australian media and cultural representation


Family violence public narrative Media representation of gender and difference Women's studies and feminist cultural theory Media Law and Ethics
  • Communication
  • Culture
  • Ethics
  • Gender issues
  • Journalism
  • Literature & creative writing
  • Violence
  • Women's issues

Professional activities

Australia and New Zealand Communication Association Annual Conference 2016, Chair of Gender Panel, Domestic Violence in the Media, and paper presenter, Newcastle, July.

Peer reviewer, Australian National Research Organisation for Women's Safety, research reports, domestic violence and the media, 2015.

Reviewer for various journals including Feminist Media Studies, Women's Studies International Forum, Communication Culture and Critique.


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Funded Projects at Deakin

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Associate Supervisor

Claire Duffy

Thesis entitled: What's so funny: humour as a subversive technique in contemporary feminist literature

Doctor of Philosophy, School of Communication & Creative Arts


Emma Clare Hayes

Thesis entitled: The Scarlet Legacy Representations of the Single Mother

Master of Arts, School of Communication & Creative Arts