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Dr Jerry Liang





Faculty of Business and Law


BL Deakin Business School


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Doctor of Philosophy, University of Auckland, 2015

+61 3 924 68991


Jerry Liang is a Lecturer of Property and Real Estate in the Department of Finance in Deakin Business School. Jerry completed his PhD of Property from the University of Auckland in 2016.  He has also completed the Certificate of Higher Education in February of 2018. His research has been published in property academic journals and conferences. Jerry's teaching interests include Property Investment, Advanced Property Valuation, Statutory Valuation and Advanced Property Development.

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Research interests

  • Real estate valuation and investment
  • Housing Market
  • Corporate Finance

Teaching interests

  • Real Estate Valuation
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Real Estate Development


  • 'Impact of level crossing removal project on housing market'


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The effect of bilingual education on housing price-a case study of bilingual school conversion

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journal article

Separating owner-occupier and investor demands for housing in the Australian states

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The impact of the stapled security structure on the quality of financial disclosure: evidence from Australian Real Estate Investment Trusts and Listed Infrastructure Funds

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journal article

The contribution of spatial dependency to office building price indexes: a Melbourne case study

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journal article

How the 2007 global financial crisis changed the financial disclosure behavior: the case of US equity REITs

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Property portfolio composition and earnings management for listed property portfolios

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An explanation of capital structure of China's listed property firms

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The value of retail rents with regression models: a case study of Shanghai

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journal article

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