Dr Jessica Holloway





Faculty of Arts and Education


REDI Arts & Ed


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Doctor of Philosophy, Arizona State University, 2014
Master of Education, Arizona State University, 2011



Jessica is an Australian Research Council DECRA Fellow within the strategic research centre - Research for Educational Impact (REDI) - at Deakin University. Her current DECRA project, ‘The Role of Teacher Expertise, Authority and Professionalism in Education’ investigates the role of education in modern democratic societies, with a particular focus on teachers and teacher expertise. 

Jessica earned her Ph.D. in Education Policy and Evaluation, with a concentration in research methods, from the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University (USA) in 2014. She also received her Master’s of Education degree in Educational Leadership and Administration from Arizona State University in 2011. She has more than 10 years of teaching experience, including middle grades English/Language Arts and university-level teacher and principal preparation courses.

Before assuming her position at REDI, Jessica was an Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership at Kansas State University (USA). While there, she supervised doctoral students and taught master’s and doctoral level courses related to qualitative research methods and educational leadership and supervision. In 2016, she transitioned from this position to pursue a research-intensive postdoctoral fellowship at Deakin University, where she conducted the project 'Teacher Leaders and Democracy: An International Study', which looked at modes of distributive leadership in U.S. and Australian schools. She also worked with Professor Amanda Keddie on a project related to autonomous schooling in Australia. Jessica is also an Associate Research Member (USA representative) on the project: The Global History of the OECD in Education, Aalborg University, Denmark, which includes scholars spanning five continents.

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Research for Educational Impact (REDI)

American Educational Research Assoication (AERA)

Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE)

Comparative and International Education Society (CIES)

Knowledge areas

Education policy 

Teacher accountability and evaluation 

Value-added models (VAMs)

Qualitative research methods

Discourse analysis 

Distributed leadership 

Media appearances

Savage, G.C., Holloway, J., & Lewis, S. (2018, August 28). NAPLAN 2018 summary results: A few weeks late, but otherwise little change from previous years. The Conversation. Retrieved from https://theconversation.com/naplan-2018-summary-results-a-few-weeks-late-but-otherwise-little-change-from-previous-years-102096.


DECRA 2019-2022 ($383,157): The Role of Teacher Expertise, Authority and Professionalism in Education 

This project aims to provide new insights about the role of education in modern democratic societies, with a particular focus on teachers and teacher expertise. Specifically, the project will use case studies from three Western Democracies - Australia, United Kingdom, and the United States - to investigate the role of teachers in these education systems, and the ways in which contemporary policy and practice is impacting their professional expertise and authority in their classrooms and schools. Using an innovative approach to comparative case study, this project will advance knowledge about the relationship between schools, professional expertise and democracy, and the role of teachers within these spaces.


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Funded Projects at Deakin

Australian Competitive Grants

The Role of Teacher Expertise, Authority and Professionalism in Education

Dr Jessica Holloway

ARC DECRA - Discovery Early Career Researcher Award

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  • 2019: $135,525


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