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Dr Jill Loughlin



Casual Sessional Academic


Faculty of Arts and Education


School of Education


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Graduate Certificate of Higher Education, Deakin University, 2013
Doctor of Philosophy, Deakin University, 2008


After completing my training as generalist primary school teacher at Auckland College of Education in 1990, I taught in urban Intermediate Schools, moving from general classroom to specialist performing arts and Lead Teacher.  I continued my professional learning in the areas of Curriculum Leadership, Dance and Drama Teaching and ICT. 

In 2001 I moved with my family to Australia and enrolled in a Master of Education degree at Deakin University.  I was awarded an APA scholarship to undertake my doctoral studies under the supervision of Associate Professor Geoff Shacklock and Professor Noel Gough, later completing under the supervision of Professor Jill Blackmore. 

In 2007 I joined the Deakin faculty working as a Research Fellow in the Centre for Research in Educational Futures and Innovation.  Working with Professor Blackmore and a team of Deakin researchers, we completed a suite of research projects on school redesign and learning spaces, funded by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development in partnership with the OECD.

After three years as research coordinator of CREFI, I returned to my first love, teaching, and became a Lecturer in Curriculum, Pedagogy and Professional Learning in the newly minted Master of Teaching and later took an active role in leading the Internship program for the MTeach as well as being a key member of the course enhancement and reaccreditation team.

In 2014, Deakin made a successful bid for the Teach for Australia contract and the associated Mentor Professional Learning Program.  I was asked to take up a role as School Academic Mentor and have been working with various partners to support the TFA MTeach cohort.

Alongside my work in education, I have been a professional musician, working for Television New Zealand and a number of bands throughout the 1980s and 1990s.  I often incorporate my love of arts education, photography and arts-based research into my work at Deakin. 

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Research interests

Arts Education
Narrative Inquiry
Arts-based Inquiry Methods
Critical Inquiry
Middle Years Education
Pedagogy and Curriculum Theory
Innovative Learning Environments

Teaching interests

Masters of Teaching
Curriculum, Pedagogy and Professional Learning

Arts Education


2015 Complexity and Resistance in the Public/Private Spaces of School Redesign. Presented at Public Pedagogies Conference, Nov 2015. Victoria University, Melbourne.

2012 Photography as field notes - researchers as educational tourists. Presented at The Visual in Education Research Symposium. 4-5 October 2012. Deakin University, Melbourne City Centre.

2011 Researching spatiality, temporality and flexibility: student voice. Presented at AARE Hobart Learning space redesign and pedagogy: exploring the tangle of spatiality, temporality and connectivity in schools Symposium with Professor Jill Blackmore, Dr Debra Bateman, Dr Jo O'Mara, Dr Kim Senior, Assoc Prof Julianne Moss, Assoc Prof Mary Dixon, Dr Elizabeth Hartnell-Young (DEECD).

2010 Herding Cats: ensuring representation and including voice at the Deakin National Policy Forum. Presented at Deakin Teaching and Learning Conference with Dr Debra Bateman and Ms Margeret Ryan. 2010 Deakin National Policy Forum (Organizing Committee)

2009 Does my policy look big in this?: Representing school reform AARE Canberra Capturing the super-complexity of the practices of school reform: conceptual, methodological and policy issues Symposium with Professor Jill Blackmore and Assoc Prof Deb Hayes.

2008 Methodology Workshop Presented at Creative Spaces and Places Conference Geelong with Dr Jo O'Mara. 2007 Concept Album Methodology: representing jazz narratives. Presented at Institutional Ethnography Conference Geelong

2005 Revisioning the relationship between researcher and text/data. Presented at DUSA Research Conference 2005 Beyond the Sea: a critical narrative approach to identity construction for jazz educators in New Zealand. Presented at Narrative in Music Education University of Arizona, Pheonix.

2005 The forgotten voices of music education: the event and the audience. Presented at ASME Melbourne University


Faculty of Arts & Education Excellence in Team Teaching 2012


Gowrie Outdoor Spaces Project (CREFI)
Widening participation through university-school partnerships and arts-based pedagogies in public spaces in Dandenong (CREFI)
Master of Teaching- transition from student to pre-service teacher.


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Funded Projects at Deakin

Other Public Sector Funding

Review of the literature on the connections between physical learning spaces and student learning outcomes

Prof Jill Blackmore, Dr Debra Bateman, Prof Joanne O'Mara, Dr Jill Loughlin

DEECD Research Panel - Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

  • 2010: $30,844

Innovative Learning Environments Immersion Project

A/Prof Simone White, Dr Jill Loughlin

DEECD Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

  • 2010: $20,425

Innovative Learning Environments Research Study

Prof Jill Blackmore, A/Prof Mary Dixon, Prof Joanne O'Mara, Dr Jill Loughlin, Dr Debra Bateman, Hon Prof Anne Cloonan, Dr Kim Senior, Dr Jill Bamforth, Dr George Aranda, Mr Rod Le Cudennec, Ms Kate McCulloch

DEECD Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

  • 2011: $143,524
  • 2010: $54,000

Collaborative Teacher Practice ¿ Action Research Project

A/Prof Andrea Gallant, Dr Lihua Xu, Dr Jill Loughlin, Dr Muriel Wells

DETVic Grant - Research - Department of Education and Training Victoria

  • 2017: $40,804
  • 2016: $89,316
  • 2015: $13,601


Associate Supervisor

Rebecca Sahr

Thesis entitled: Being-with-uncertainty

Doctor of Philosophy (Education), School of Education


Trevor McCandless

Thesis entitled: Schooled Into Place: A Mixed Methods Social Semiotic Analysis of School Marketing Materials

Doctor of Philosophy (Education), School of Education


Michelle Ludecke

Thesis entitled: Using beginning teachers' 'firsts' to understand identity formation and transformation

Doctor of Philosophy (Education), School of Education