Dr Jo Mcdonall



Associate Professor


Faculty of Health


School of Nursing & Midwifery


Melbourne Burwood Campus


+61 3 924 46630


Jo is a Registered Nurse with a clinical background in critical care with over 25 years of experience working in several intensive care units in Melbourne and Sydney.  Jo has extensive academic experience facilitating the learning of undergraduate and postgraduate nursing students.  She has a specific research interest in engaging patients in their own recovery in the context of acute care and currently leads a research program utilising multimedia to increase patient capability and opportunity to participate in postoperative recovery. Jo commenced at Deakin University, School of Nursing and Midwifery in 2004 and is currently the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

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Research interests

Jo’s primary area of research is utilising multimedia, as a tool to engage patients in their care after surgery. Her research is focused on improving the quality and safety of care by including patients. She is also interested in improving the quality of teaching and learning for undergraduate nursing students.

Teaching interests

Acute Care Nursing
Leadership and Governance
Nursing Research
Clinical Learning

Knowledge areas

Critical Care Nursing
Trauma Nursing
Patient Participation
Multimedia Technology
Partnering with consumers


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journal article

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journal article

Usability and feasibility of multimedia interventions for engaging patients in their care in the context of acute recovery: a narrative review

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journal article

Patient participation in postoperative care activities in patients undergoing total knee replacement surgery: multimedia intervention for managing patient experience (MIME). Study protocol for a cluster randomised crossover trial

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journal article

Working in Acute Settings

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(2013), pp. 239-252, Clinical and Fieldwork Placement in the Health Professions, B1-1

book chapter

Funded Projects at Deakin

Industry and Other Funding

Supporting Patient Activation through multimedia - The MyStay Project

Prof Mari Botti, Prof Ana Hutchinson, Dr Jo Mcdonall, Mr Richard de Steiger

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