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Prof Joshua Newton





Faculty of Business and Law


Deakin Business School


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Doctor of Philosophy, Monash University, 2011
Bachelor of Science (Honours), Monash University, 2008
Bachelor of Arts & Sciences, Monash University, 2007


Josh Newton is an Associate Professor of Marketing, the Associate Dean Research for the Faculty of Business and Law, and a co-founder of the Better Consumption Lab. His research draws on approaches from consumer psychology and social marketing to help address the world’s consumption challenges, including renewable energy technologies, physical activity, nutrition, organ donation, sports injury prevention, sexual health, international health, illegal dumping of rubbish, and climate change. He has published in a range of outlets, including the Journal of Service Research, European Journal of Marketing, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Advertising Research, Journal of Advertising, Journal of Business Research, and Marketing Letters, among others.

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Research interests

  • Social Marketing
  • Consumer Behaviour


  • Ad Hoc Reviewer, Journal of Business Research.

Teaching interests

  • Consumer Behaviour


  • Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Contribution to Resources, Finances and Infrastructure, Deakin University, 2016.
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Early Career Researcher Award for Research Excellence, Deakin University, 2015.



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Professional athlete responses to new product development: A dialectic

Hunter Fujak, Michael Ewing, Joshua Newton, Teagan Altschwager

(2023), Vol. 23, pp. 1666-1687, European Sport Management Quarterly, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Effects of customer relationship management (CRM) strategies and socio-cognitive constructs on the physical activity of individuals with arthritis over time

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journal article

Extending CSR Accreditation Brands It May Not Always Work

Michael Polonsky, Jonathan Robertson, Adam Karg, Joshua Newton

(2022), pp. 261-278, Dealing with Socially Responsible Consumers, Singapore, B1

book chapter

Twelve-month findings of the MOVE Frankston randomised controlled trial of interventions to increase recreation facility usage and physical activity among adults

B Smith, R Mackenzie-Stewart, F Newton, K Manera, T Haregu, A Bauman, R Donovan, A Mahal, M Ewing, J Newton

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journal article

The MOVE Frankston study: 24-Month follow-up of a randomized controlled trial of incentives and support to increase leisure center usage and physical activity

K Manera, J Newton, F Newton, A Bauman, R Donovan, M Ewing, R Mackenzie-Stewart, A Mahal, B Smith

(2021), Vol. 24, Preventive Medicine Reports, United States, C1

journal article

Do house prices ride the wave of immigration?

M Larkin, Z Askarov, H Doucouliagos, C Dubelaar, M Klona, J Newton, T Stanley, A Vocino

(2019), Vol. 46, Journal of Housing Economics, C1

journal article

A longitudinal study examining uptake of new recreation infrastructure by inactive adults

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journal article

Deck the Halls With Boughs of Holly to Soften Evaluations of Service Failure

J Newton, J Wong, R Casidy

(2018), Vol. 21, pp. 389-404, Journal of Service Research, C1

journal article

This is your stomach speaking: anthropomorphized health messages reduce portion size preferences among the powerless

F Newton, J Newton, J Wong

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journal article

Exploring the wicked problem of athlete and consumer vulnerability in sport

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journal article

Translating Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Sports-Related Concussion Into Practice

A Donaldson, J Newton, P McCrory, P White, G Davis, M Makdissi, C Finch

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journal article

Powerlessness following service failure and its implications for service recovery

J Wong, J Newton, F Newton

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journal article

Implementation of concussion guidelines in community Australian Football and Rugby League-The experiences and challenges faced by coaches and sports trainers

J Kemp, J Newton, P White, C Finch

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journal article

Evaluating social marketing's upstream metaphor: does it capture the flows of behavioural influence between 'upstream' and 'downstream' actors?

J Newton, F Newton, S Rep

(2016), Vol. 32, pp. 1103-1122, Journal of marketing management, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Listerine - for the bridesmaid who's never a bride: Disparaging humour increases brand attitude and recall among the powerless

J Newton, J Wong, F Newton

(2016), Vol. 50, pp. 1137-1158, European Journal of Marketing, C1

journal article

Australian Football League concussion guidelines: what do community players think?

P White, A Donaldson, S Sullivan, J Newton, C Finch

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journal article

Environmental concern and environmental purchase intentions: the mediating role of learning strategy

J Newton, Y Tsarenko, C Ferraro, S Sands

(2015), Vol. 69, pp. 1974-1981, Journal of Business Research, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

The MOVE study: A study protocol for a randomised controlled trial assessing interventions to maximise attendance at physical activity facilities

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journal article

A cross-nationally validated decision-making model of environmental coaction

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journal article

The social status of health message endorsers influences the health intentions of the powerless

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Intention to use sport concussion guidelines among community-level coaches and sports trainers

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Knowledge about sports-related concussion: is the message getting through to coaches and trainers?

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Effects of power and individual-level cultural orientation on preferences for volunteer tourism

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When nutritional guidelines and life collide: family fruit and vegetable socialisation practices in low socioeconomic communities

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How contagious is your viral marketing campaign? A mathematics model for assessing campaign performance

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journal article

The dimensional salience solution to the expectancy - value muddle : an extension

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Resolving contradictions in institutional demands through loose coupling

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Skills training to avoid inadvertent plagiarism: results from a randomised control study

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journal article

Conceptual overlap between moral norms and anticipated regret in the prediction of intention: implications for theory of planned behaviour research

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journal article

Ethical evaluation of audience segmentation in social marketing

J Newton, F Newton, T Turk, M Ewing

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journal article

Social marketing : why injury prevention needs to adopt this behaviour change approach

J Newton, M Ewing, C Finch

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Gender differences in beliefs about condom use among young, heterosexual Australian adults

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journal article

Evaluating the efficacy of tuberculosis advocacy, communication and social mobilization (ACSM) activities in Pakistan : a cross-sectional study

T Turk, F Newton, J Newton, F Naureen, J Bokhari

(2013), Vol. 13, pp. 1-8, BMC public health, London, England, C1-1

journal article

Slavery, Sea Power and the State: The Royal Navy and the British West African Settlements, 1748-1756

Joshua Newton


journal article

Resolving the theory of planned behaviour's 'expectancy-value muddle' using dimensional salience

J Newton, M Ewing, S Burney, M Hay

(2012), Vol. 27, pp. 588-602, Psychology and Health, Oxford, UK, C1-1

journal article

How does the general public view posthumous organ donation? A meta-synthesis of the qualitative literature

J Newton

(2011), Vol. 11, pp. 1-11, BMC public health, London, England, C1-1

journal article

A profile of Australian adults who have discussed their posthumous organ donation wishes with family members

J Newton, S Burney, M Hay, M Ewing

(2010), Vol. 15, pp. 470-486, Journal of health communication, Oxford, England, C1-1

journal article

An Empirical Exploration of Complex Accountability in Public Accounting


(1994), Vol. 32, pp. 165-186, Journal of Accounting Research, London, Eng., C1-1

journal article

Funded Projects at Deakin

Other Public Sector Funding

Barwon South West Clean Energy Investment Footprint.

Dr Michael Pereira, Mr Felipe Manuel Bastarrica, Dr Don Gunasekera, Ms Ailiche Goddard-Clegg, Ms Loren Tuck, Mr Adam Fletcher, Prof Joshua Newton

Department of Jobs, Precincts & Regions

  • 2024: $13,545
  • 2023: $13,600

Industry and Other Funding

Testing the efficacy of double opt-in and cooling off periods

Dr Paul Harrison, Prof Joshua Newton

Consumer Action Law Centre Grant - Research

  • 2016: $20,000

Identifying the value proposition of joining a community energy retailer.

Prof Joshua Newton

AusNet Electricity Services Pty Ltd

  • 2020: $40,000
  • 2019: $100,000

Edge Distributed Energy Resources Marketplace Trial.

Prof Joshua Newton, Dr Jeffrey Rotman, Dr Virginia Weber

Geomatic Technologies Pty Ltd (t/as Mondo Power P/L)

  • 2022: $140,000

Project EDGE customer insights.

Prof Joshua Newton, Dr Jeffrey Rotman, Dr Virginia Weber

Australian Energy Market Operator Ltd

  • 2023: $72,496
  • 2022: $74,992

Project EDGE: Customers Insights Research

Prof Joshua Newton, Dr Virginia Weber, Dr Jeffrey Rotman, Dr Jay Zenkic

Mondo Power Pty Ltd

  • 2023: $153,750

Awareness, education and communications for compound natural hazard events.

Dr Gabi Mocatta, Dr Erin Hawley, Prof Kristy Hess, Prof Joshua Newton, A/Prof Timothy Neale

Natural Hazards Research Australia

  • 2023: $59,842

SOCAP (Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals Australia)

Dr Jeffrey Rotman, Prof Joshua Newton, A/Prof Nichola Robertson

Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Business Australia Inc

  • 2024: $25,767

Other Funding Sources

Fairly integrating Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) into the National Electricity Market.

Prof Joshua Newton, Dr Virginia Weber, Dr Jeffrey Rotman, Dr Jay Zenkic, Prof Jenni Lightowlers

iMove Australia Limited

  • 2024: $42,500
  • 2023: $85,600


Principal Supervisor

Fatemeh Habibi

Thesis entitled: Consumer responses to power changes in narratives

Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Marketing


Kaushalya Nallaperuma

Thesis entitled: The Effect of Power on Consumers' Other-Focused Decision-Making

Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Marketing

Associate Supervisor

. Johnny

Thesis entitled: Consumer Evaluations and Organisational Responses to Catastrophic Service Failures

Doctor of Business Administration, Department of Marketing