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Prof Judy Currey



Professor of Nursing


Faculty of Health


School of Nursing & Midwifery


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Graduate Certificate of Higher Education, Deakin University, 2008
Doctor of Philosophy, Deakin University, 2004
Bachelor of Nursing, La Trobe University, 1999


Professor Judy Currey is a Professor of Nursing and an Executive of the Centre for Organisational Change in Person-centred Healthcare (OCPH) in the Faculty of Health. Professor Judy Currey is an internationally respected educator, researcher and critical care nurse whose expertise is applied in academia, health services and professional organisations. As a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Judy is particularly interested in governance as a driver of quality education and health services. For 25 years, Judy has volunteered on Australian boards (Chair, Eva Tilley Memorial Home; Chair, Research Advisory, Australian College of Critical Care Nurses and Australian Resucitation Council, Vic branches) and USA-based international boards in education (Team-Based Learning Collaborative including Chair, Research and Scholarship) and health (International Society of Heart-Lung Transplantation, including Chair, Research and Scholarship).

At Deakin, Judy’s governance service has included Academic Board (2016-2020), Chair, Campus Learning Spaces Committee (2018-2021), Faculty of Health Board (2017-2019), Course Strategy Group (2013-2015) and School of Nursing Advisory Board (2012-2017). During 2020-2022, as Education Lead of Deakin's Campus Reactivation Group (CRG), Judy provided strategic advice to the Vice Chancellor and Executive, and operational advice to academics and students regarding permitted and restricted teaching and learning activities. Judy was the Director of Active Learning in the Office of the DVC(E) (2016-2020), including Director CloudFirst (2019), and Director of Learning Spaces Transformation in 2021, returning full time to the Faculty of Health in 2022. Judy derives great satisfaction creating and leading high performing teams; and motivating and inspiring others to exceed their own expectations. 

Judy has a strong academic profile in educational scholarship and practice with an emphasis on active learning for student investment in learning, academic scholarly practice and satisfaction, and students' development of soft skills, psychological capital, mastery of learning and workforce preparedness. Judy pioneered Team-Based Learning (TBL) in Australian health education, leading academics to adopt scholarly practices, and scholarship in learning and teaching that has been recognised by prestigious competitive awards at the University, National and International level. With active learning, and TBL specifically, being adopted by numerous disciplines, Judy has enabled academic succession planning for future generations of diverse learners.

Judy leads a clinical investigative program of patient safety and quality research focused on improving the governance, systems and processes of Rapid Response Systems for recognising and responding to clinical deterioration. Judy’s research explores relationships between clinician attributes, risk management decisions, workforce factors, systems and processes of healthcare delivery, and patient outcomes. Judy is a foundation member of Deakin University’s Centre for Quality and Patient Safety Research and Institute of Health Transformation. In 2023, Judy was ranked second in the world in the fields of “rapid response systems and nursing” based on productivity (Title, abstract search: Scopus). Judy is committed to ensuring her research enhances clinicians’ skills and positively impacts patients’ lives through best practice implementation. Judy leads investigative and translational research in healthcare communication using Guided Self-Determination, and translation research in shared decision-making via healthcare communication skills training in Deakin’s OCPH to enhance patients’ lives and experiences of healthcare.

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Biography summary

Judy Currey is a Professor of Nursing and Executive of the Centre for Organisational Change in Person-centred Healthcare (OCPH) in the Faculty of Health. From 2016 to 2022, Judy held positions of Director of Learning Spaces Transformation, Director of Active Learning and Director of CloudFirst Projects in the Office of the DVC Education. Prior to this, Judy was the Director of Postgraduate Studies and Director of the Postgraduate Suite of Critical Care Courses for 10 years in the School of Nursing and Midwifery.

Judy is a foundation member of the Centre for Quality and Patient Safety (QPS) Research in the Institute of Health Transformation (IHT). Judy leads investigative quality and patient safety research through governance, system, process and decision-making lenses to improve patient experiences and outcomes related to clinical deterioration; and translational research enhancing shared decision making through healthcare communication skills training.

As the pioneer of Team-Based Learning in Australian healthcare education, Judy leads a program of research in teaching and learning focusing on active and collaborative learning, especially Team-Based Learning for its impact on student learning and healthcare workforce preparedness.

Judy is an Accredited Consultant-Trainer in Team-Based Learning (USA); a Principal Fellow of Advance HE (UK); and holds numerous university (including six Vice Chancellor Awards) and national awards for leadership, curricula design, active learning, learning space design and outstanding contributions to student learning. Judy is Board Chair of a stand-alone, large not-for-profit non-denominational community-based aged care home in Melbourne. Judy is an Editorial Board member of Australian Critical Care.

Research interests

Patient safety, particularly clinical deterioration of patients and rapid response teams

Educational design and teaching practice to develop a professional workforce skilled in clinical risk management

Nurses’ decision making to optimise recovery after critical illness

Teaching interests

Team-Based Learning

Active and collaborative learning

Assessment for learning

Student-centred learning

Academic professional development

Units taught

HNN108 Evidence-Based Practice


2021 Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Contribution to Campus Environments:Deakin Law School Building

2021 Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Contribution to People and Culture: Campus Reactivation Group

2019  Vice-Chancellor’s Award Teaching Team of the Year:

Leading Sustained Active and Collaborative Learning and International Scholarship for Transformative Student Learning Experiences through Team-Based Learning


2011: ALTC Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

Commitment to developing advanced critical thinking, problem-solving and teamwork skills in students through teaching excellence in postgraduate critical care nursing courses

2010: WJC Banks Award for Distinguished Contributions to Teaching and Learning and Deakin University Teacher of the Year

2010: Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Distinguished Teaching 
2010: Deakin University Award for Teaching Excellence 
2010: Faculty of Health, Medicine, Nursing and Behavioural Sciences Innovation Award 

2008: Most Outstanding Course: Suite of Critical Care Courses, Faculty of Health, Medicine, Nursing and Behavioural Sciences, Deakin University

2008: Health Super/Deakin Excellence in Nursing Leadership in an Urban Health Care Environment 

2019: Best Nursing Free Paper, 44th World Congress on Intensive Care 

2019: Best Research Paper Award Team-Based Learning Collaborative, USA: 

2018: Best Research Paper Award, Team-Based Learning Collaborative, USA: 

2014: Kathleen AB Smith Prize for Best Nursing Publication, The Alfred 

2014: Philippa Moore College of Emergency Nursing Australasia Publication Prize 

2007: Best Nursing Poster 32nd Australian and New Zealand Annual Scientific Meeting on Intensive care 

2007: Best Nursing Research Paper Australian College of Critical Care Nurses’ Victorian Branch Annual Symposium 

2002: Best Nursing Research Paper Australian College of Critical Care Nurses’ Victorian Branch Annual Symposium 


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Funded Projects at Deakin

Other Public Sector Funding

Predicting serious in-hospital adverse events: evidence-based risk assessment for patients requiring emergency admission

Prof Julie Considine, Prof Judy Currey, Dr Daryl Jones

Nurses Board of VIC Grant - Research

  • 2015: $9,989
  • 2013: $39,958

Independent Medical Examiner (IME) Quality Assurance Process redesign.

A/Prof Matt Mount, Prof Judy Currey, Dr Huw Flatau Harrison, Ms Stephanie Sprogis

Victorian Workcover Authority (WorkSafe Vic) - Partnership

  • 2021: $20,000
  • 2020: $20,000

Independent Medical Examiner (IME) QAP redesign. New Evidence Based Quality Tool Development

Prof Judy Currey, Dr Huw Flatau Harrison

WorkSafe Victoria

  • 2022: $58,727

Cyber Harm Prevention

Prof Robin Ram Mohan Doss, Dr Jay Jeong, Prof Chad Whelan, Prof Judy Currey, A/Prof William Yeoh, Prof Gang Li, Dr Adnan Anwar, Dr Paul Cooper, Mr Damien Manuel

VIC Managed Insurance Authority

  • 2023: $175,280
  • 2022: $50,763

Industry and Other Funding

Implementing a core dataset for the systematic reporting of medication incidents by cardiac nurses

Prof Judy Currey

RCN - Florence Nightingale Memorial Scholarship - Royal College of Nursing Scholarship

  • 2007: $7,500

Video analysis of interprofessional communication and decision making therapy in intensive care

Prof Judy Currey, Prof Tracey Bucknall, Prof Elizabeth Manias, Dr David Pilcher, Dr Rasa Ruseckaite

Aust College of Critical Care Nurses Grant - Hospira Australia

  • 2009: $10,000


Executive Supervisor

Joshua Allen

Thesis entitled: Anticipating clinical deterioration: Patient characteristics and system factors

Doctor of Philosophy (Nursing), School of Nursing & Midwifery

Associate Supervisor

Hayden Luke Richards

Thesis entitled: Emergency Doctors¿ Experience of Negative Referral Encounters

Master of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine

Stephanie Sprogis

Thesis entitled: Exploring the Pre-Medical Emergency Team Tier of Rapid Response Systems

Doctor of Philosophy (Nursing), School of Nursing & Midwifery


Monica Schoch

Thesis entitled: Point-of-Care Ultrasound in Haemodialysis Vascular Access

Doctor of Philosophy (Nursing), School of Nursing & Midwifery


Kesorn Promlek

Thesis entitled: Evidence-based Care for Traumatic Brain Injury Patients by Thai Trauma Nurses

Doctor of Philosophy (Nursing), School of Nursing & Midwifery


Ann Marie Dunk

Thesis entitled: Exploring Known Risk Factors for Pressure Injury with Visual Technology

Master of Nursing, School of Nursing & Midwifery