Dr Justin Lawson





Faculty of Health


School of Health & Social Dev


Melbourne Burwood Campus


+61 3 924 43718

Research interests

Contact with nature, eco-health, ecological-cultural determinants of health, spirituality and nature, greening urban space, biodiversity conservation, food systems, alternative technology and transport, augmented/virtual reality.

Teaching interests

Environmental studies, environmental health, environmental sociology, sustainability, climate change, food security, natural resources, renewable technology, sense of place.

Units taught


HSH103 Health Protection

HSH112 Local and Global Environments for Health

HSH306 People, Health and Place

Former Chair:

HBS108 Health Information and Data

HSH216 Epidemiology and Biostatistics 2

HSH360 International Perspectives in Health and Social Development (co-chair)

HSH724 Glocal Action for Healthy Cities and Communities

Taught into:

HBS107 Understanding Health

HSH113 Social Perspectives on Population Health

HSH206 Human Development and Healthy Families

HSH701 Principles and Practice of Public Health

HSH736 Community Consultation and Participation

SHD201 Creating Sustainable Futures

SBS146 Working with Science

SBS350 Community Science Project


ASS206 Medical Anthropology

ASS228 Australian People: Anthropological Insights

HME101/201 Medicine

HSH731 Minor project (MPH)

SQA/SLE201 Society and Environment

Research groups

Health, Nature and Sustainability Research Group


2016 Vice Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Contribution to Healthy Deakin

2013 Faculty of Health Award for Excellence - Health, Nature and Sustainability Research Group

2008 Deakin University Postgraduate Award Scholarship


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Planetary health indicators for the local level: opportunities and challenges in applying the happy planet index in Victoria, Australia

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Health promotion and food insecurity: Exploring environmental sustainability principles to guide practice within Australia

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journal article

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book chapter

Hope for resurrecting a functionally extinct parrot or squandered social capital? Landholder attitudes towards the Orange-bellied Parrot (Neophema chrysogaster) in Victoria, Australia

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journal article

Green revelations in a country of drought, flood and fire : a case study of Abrahamic faith communities and sustainability

J Lawson, K Miller

(2011), pp. 1-15, International journal of environmental studies, Abingdon, U. K., C1

journal article

Funded Projects at Deakin

Australian Competitive Grants

Building resilience in at-risk rural communities through improving Media Communication on Climate Change Policies

A/Prof Xiao Liu, Dr Hilya Mudrika Arini, Dr Ming Liu, Dr Fitri Trapsilawati, A/Prof Chathu Ranaweera, A/Prof Kevin Lee, A/Prof Hassan Vally, Dr Anna Klas, Dr Adam Cardilini, Dr Yun Mulyani, Dr Arif Nurwidyantoro, Prof Catherine Bennett, Dr Yunita Sari, Dr Justin Lawson, Dr Gabi Mocatta

KONEKSI Australia-Indonesia Research Collaboration Grants

  • 2023: $175,000


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