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Dr Justin Rizzari



Lecturer in Fisheries Science


Faculty of Sci Eng & Built Env


School of Life & Env. Sciences


Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus


Doctor of Philosophy, James Cook University, 2015



Dr. Justin Rizzari is a Fisheries Scientist. He joined the School of Life and Environmental Sciences at Deakin University as a Lecturer in Fisheries in 2018. Justin has a Bachelor of Science in Marine and Coastal Resources from Texas A & M University – Corpus Christi. In 2011, he moved to Australia and completed a Postgraduate Diploma of Research Methods in Tropical Marine Ecology and Fisheries Biology at James Cook University (JCU). In 2015, Justin then went on to complete his PhD in Marine Biology at JCU. Prior to joining Deakin, he was a postdoc at JCU where he worked on modelling the interactive effects of benthic habitat change and marine reserves on coral reef fishes in the Philippines. After that he was a research fellow at the University of Tasmania, specialising in the high-value southern rock lobster and giant crab fisheries. Justin’s research interests span a diverse portfolio encompassing fisheries biology, quantitative fisheries science, assessments of commercial and recreational fisheries, marine conservation, spatial ecology, and the impacts of global change on fisheries. He also has a strong research interest in elasmobranch communities.

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Oceania Chondrichthyan Society

Australian Society for Fish Biology

Society for Conservation Biology

Surfrider Foundation

Units taught

SLE134 - Recreational Fisheries Science

SLE343 - Fisheries Management 

SLE105 - Marine Pollution


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Funded Projects at Deakin

Australian Competitive Grants

Understanding the stock structure of rock flathead and the role of movement dynamics in influencing the performance of the Corner Inlet fishery.

Dr Justin Rizzari, Dr Adam Miller

FRDC Grant - Research - Fisheries Research & Development Corporation

  • 2020: $48,465


No completed student supervisions to report