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Dr Karen Dunwoodie



Senior Research Fellow


Faculty of Business and Law


Deakin Business School


Melbourne Burwood Campus

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Disrupting assumptions about graduate employability: exploring culturally and linguistically diverse university students' graduate capitals in Australia

S Baker, A Xavier, C Due, K Dunwoodie, A Newman

(2023), pp. 1-18, Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Supporting (or not) the career development of culturally and linguistically diverse migrants and refugees in universities: insights from Australia

K Dunwoodie, C Due, S Baker, A Newman, C Tran

(2022), Vol. 22, pp. 467-490, International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance, Netherlands, C1

journal article

Openness to Experience and the Career Adaptability of Refugees: How Do Career Optimism and Family Social Support Matter?

A Newman, K Dunwoodie, Z Jiang, I Nielsen

(2022), Vol. 30, pp. 309-328, Journal of Career Assessment, C1

journal article

Recognition and precarious mobilities: The experiences of university students from a refugee background in Australia

S Webb, K Dunwoodie, J Wilkinson, L Macaulay, K Reimer, M Kaukko

(2021), Vol. 67, pp. 871-894, International Review of Education, Netherlands, C1

journal article

Widening University Access for Students of Asylum-Seeking Backgrounds: (Mis)recognition in an Australian Context

K Dunwoodie, M Kaukko, J Wilkinson, K Reimer, S Webb

(2020), Vol. 33, pp. 243-264, Higher Education Policy, Berlin, Germany, C1

journal article

Social Capital and the Career Adaptability of Refugees

K Dunwoodie, S Webb, J Wilkinson, A Newman

(2020), International Migration, C1

journal article

Embracing social inclusion? The asylum seeker experience of applying for admission to tertiary education in Australia.

Karen Dunwoodie, S Webb, J Wilkinson

(2019), Vol. 7, pp. 143-153, Power and possibility in contemporary adult education., Leiden, The Netherlands, B1

book chapter

Unsettling equity frames in Australian universities to embrace people seeking asylum

Sue Webb, Karen Dunwoodie, Jane Wilkinson

(2019), Vol. 38, pp. 103-120, International journal of lifelong education, Abingdon, Eng., C1-1

journal article

Acknowledging the head, heart, hands and feet: research with refugees and people seeking asylum in higher education

Kristin Reimer, Mervi Kaukko, Karen Dunwoodie, Jane Wilkinson, Sue Webb

(2019), Vol. 21, pp. 190-208, Widening participation and lifelong learning, Milton Keynes, Eng., C1

journal article

Rethinking the ethical and methodological dimensions of research with refugee children

Mervi Kaukko, Karen Dunwoodie, Elisha Riggs

(2017), Vol. 40, pp. 16-21, Journal of International Education Research and Development Education, Bamberg, Germany, C1

journal article

Acknowledging student diversity: Modifying the MBA experience for international

K Dunwoodie, M Ainsworth

(1999), Vol. 5, pp. 35-45, Journal of Management and Organization, C1

journal article

Funded Projects at Deakin

Other Public Sector Funding

Careers guidance for CALDM/R students

Prof Alexander Newman, Dr Sally Baker, Dr Clemence Due, Dr Karen Dunwoodie

NCSEHE National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Research

  • 2020: $20,109
  • 2019: $15,000

Development, Delivery and Evaluation of a Research-Based Career Clinic Intervention to Support Skilled People to Seek Employment from a Refugee Background in the Hume City Council Area.

Prof Alexander Newman, Dr Karen Dunwoodie

Hume City Council

  • 2021: $20,000

Careers Guidance and Support for Women from Migrant Backgrounds

Prof Alexander Newman, Dr Karen Dunwoodie, Dr Fannie Wu, Dr Luke Macaulay

DISER National Careers Institute Partnership Grant

  • 2023: $19,276
  • 2022: $173,486

Deakin CREATE - The Re-establishment of Careers for Highly Skilled Migrants (for the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations)

Dr Karen Dunwoodie, Dr Luke Macaulay

Department of Employment & Workplace Relations

  • 2023: $32,727

Deakin CREATE Hume City Council Career clinic project for medical and allied health professionals.

Dr Karen Dunwoodie, Dr Luke Macaulay

Hume City Council

  • 2023: $25,000

Industry and Other Funding

The Deakin Centre for Refugee Employment, Advocacy, Training and Education: Career Clinics and Employment Guide

Prof Alexander Newman, Dr Karen Dunwoodie

Helen Macpherson Smith Trust Grant - Research

  • 2021: $71,630
  • 2020: $128,150

Employability and Psychological Wellbeing of Students from a Refugee Background

Prof Alexander Newman, Dr Karen Dunwoodie

Research Donations - Business & Law

  • 2023: $2,360
  • 2022: $2,830
  • 2021: $5,720
  • 2020: $22,250
  • 2019: $43,726

University Guide for Humanitarian Refugees

Dr Karen Dunwoodie, Prof Alexander Newman

Bennelong Foundation

  • 2019: $30,000

Crescent Foundation: Graduate Career Clinics

Prof Alexander Newman, Dr Karen Dunwoodie

Crescent Foundation

  • 2022: $15,000
  • 2021: $55,000

An Intergroup contact Perspective to Promoting Allyship.

Dr Fannie Wu, Dr Karen Dunwoodie

Bendigo Bank

  • 2021: $9,072

Research on the careers and employability of people from refugee backgrounds.

Dr Karen Dunwoodie

Galexer Pty Ltd (Cassy Liberman)

  • 2022: $15,000

Development, Delivery and Evaluation of Career Clinics for People from a Refugee Background: Mantel Group.

Dr Karen Dunwoodie, Prof Alexander Newman

Mantel Group

  • 2022: $25,000

Deakin Centre for Refugee Employment, Advocacy, Training and Education (CREATE) Career Clinics: Decjuba Foundation.

Dr Karen Dunwoodie, Prof Alexander Newman

Decjuba Foundation

  • 2022: $60,000

Deakin CREATE - The Re-establishment of Careers for Highly Skilled Migrants (Crescent Foundation & Chobani Pty Ltd)

Dr Karen Dunwoodie

Chobani Pty Ltd, Crescent Foundation

  • 2023: $55,000


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