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Pathways of acetyl-CoA metabolism involved in the reversal of palmitate-induced glucose production by metformin and salicylate

B Hayward, J Molero, K Windmill, A Sanigorski, J Weir, N McRae, K Aston-Mourney, B Osborne, B Liao, K Walder, P Meikle, N Konstantopoulos, C Schmitz-Peiffer

(2016), Vol. 124, pp. 602-612, Experimental and clinical endocrinology and diabetes, Munich, Germany, C1

journal article

A gene expression signature for insulin resistance

N Konstantopoulos, V Foletta, D Segal, K Shields, A Sanigorski, K Windmill, C Swinton, T Connor, S Wanyonyi, T Dyer, R Fahey, R Watt, J Curran, J Molero, G Krippner, G Collier, D James, J Blangero, J Jowett, K Walder

(2011), Vol. 43, pp. 110-120, Physiological genomics, Bethesda, Md., C1

journal article

Localization and expression of selenoprotein S in the testis of Psammomys obesus

K Windmill, J Tenne-Brown, R Bayles, J Trevaskis, Y Gao, K Walder

(2007), Vol. 38, pp. 97-101, Journal of molecular histology, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Human Sulfotransferases and Their Role in Chemical Metabolism

N Gamage, A Barnett, N Hempel, R Duggleby, K Windmill, J Martin, M McManus

(2006), Vol. 90, pp. 5-22, Toxicologial sciences, Oxford, England, C1-1

journal article


N Hempel, A Barnett, N Gamage, R Duggleby, K Windmill, J Martin, M McManus

(2005), pp. 179-230, Human cytosolic sulfotransferases, Boca Raton, Fla., B1-1

book chapter

Identification of hypothalamic genes implicated in the development of obesity in Psammomys obesus using differential display PCR

J Trevaskis, J McMillan, K Windmill, K Walder, G Collier

(2004), Vol. 137, pp. 65-73, Comparative biochemistry and physiology. Part B, Biochemistry & molecular biology, Tarrytown, N.Y., C1

journal article

Tanis: a link between type 2 diabetes and inflammation?

K Walder, L Kantham, J McMillan, J Trevaskis, L Kerr, A de Silva, T Sunderland, N Godde, Y Gao, N Bishara, K Windmill, J Tenne-Brown, G Augert, P Zimmet, G Collier

(2002), Vol. 51, pp. 1859-1866, Diabetes, New York, N.Y., C1

journal article

Beacon: a novel gene involved in the regulation of energy balance

G Collier, J McMillan, K Windmill, K Walder, J Tenne-Brown, A de Silva, J Trevaskis, S Jones, G Morton, S Lee, G Augert, A Civitarese, P Zimmet

(2000), Vol. 49, pp. 1766-1771, Diabetes, Arlington, Va., C1-1

journal article

Effect of prepubertal gonadectomy and sex steroid treatment on the growth and lymphocyte populations of the rat thymus

K Windmill, B Meade, V Lee

(1993), Vol. 5, pp. 73-81, Reproduction, Fertility and Development, Australia, C1

journal article

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Lyndal Jane Bayles

Thesis entitled: Mitochondrial Target Discovery in Diabetic Skeletal Muscle

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine