Dr Kelvin Li



Lecturer, Applied Artificial Intelligence


Faculty of Sci Eng & Built Env


School of Info Technology


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Doctor of Philosophy, Monash University, 2020


+61 3 924 68580


Kelvin Li is a mathematician with academic background across mathematics, theoretical computer science and machine learning. His research interests are in the mathematical aspects of cryptography, especially in lattice-based cryptography, homomorphic encryption, and quantum computing techniques used in cryptography proofs.

Kelvin Li completed his Bachelor and Master's degrees in mathematics at the University of Melbourne, and PhD in computer science at Monash University. Prior to Deakin, he was a research fellow in the School of Computing, ANU between 2019 and 2022. 

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Research interests

Lattice-based cryptography, homomorphic encryption, computational complexity theory, quantum computing.

Units taught

  • ANU, COMP8410 Data Mining, 2020 (Lecturer).
  • Monash University, Graduate Diploma of Data Science, FIT5197 Modelling for Data Analysis, 2018 - 2019 (Lecturer).

Research groups

Student supervision:

Doctoral degree

  • Gathika Ratnayaka (current), graph matching, 2022 to present. Co-supervised with A/Prof. Qing Wang in ANU's Graph Research Lab.

Masters degree

  • Ruikang Zhou (completed), Computing COMP6715, 2021 semester 2. Distance matrix computation on homomorphically encrypted graphs.


  • Xuning Tan (completed), Advanced Computing Research Project COMP4550, 2021 semester 2 to 2022 semester 1. Homomorphic encryption for tree isomorphism algorithms.
  • Meilin Guo (completed), Advanced Computing Project COMP4560, 2021 semester 2 to 2022 semester 1. An experimental study of machine learning evaluation methods.


  • Deakin Peer-Review ECR Support Scheme 2024 - Independently applied and awarded for $4250 for a lattice-based cryptography research project.
  • Deakin CREST Collaboration Grants Scheme, 2023 Round 1. Real-time zero day attack intrusion prevention system. Funding awarded: $15000. Lead Dr. Keshav Sood.


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