A/Prof. Kevin Mc Namara



Deputy Director, Research


Faculty of Health


School of Medicine


Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus



Kevin Mc Namara is Deputy Director, Research at Deakin Rural Health (School of Medicine) and Stream Leader, Economics of Pharmacy at Deakin Health Economics (Centre for Population Health Research).
He has a fifteen year track record of research focusing on health services and public health research. In that time, he has been an investigator for research and development grants worth more than $8m and has published over 50 peer review journal articles. He is a passionate advocate for research that improves patient-centredness, healthcare access, quality of care and sustainability of care. He is best known for his work in developing models of care for screening and prevention of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, including his involvement with the nation-wide Pharmacy Diabetes Screening Trial.

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Career highlights


Primary supervisor for Mark Morgan, PhD candidate at Flinders University. Collaborative care for co-morbid depression, heart disease and diabetes in Australian general practice. Graduated Dec 2016.

Co-supervisor for Mr Glen Swinburne, PhD candidate at Monash University’s Centre for Medicine Use and Safety. A health literacy education-focused intervention to improve community pharmacy adoption of universal precautions. Feb 2011-June 2015 [graduation October 2015].


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Other Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Poole S, Bell J, Dooley M, Kirkpatrick C, Browning C, Diug B, Elliott R, George J, Ilomäki J, Jokanovic N, Le Couteur D, Mangoni A, Mc Namara K, Potter K, Taylor S. The Reporting of Medication Use in Observational Studies (ROMEO) statement. European journal of clinical pharmacology. 2015;71(7):897-9.

Mc Namara K. Low-dose aspirin for the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Australian Pharmacist. 2015:42-5.

Mc Namara K, Gellatly R. The role of direct oral anticoagulants in atrial fibrillation. Australian Pharmacist. 2015;34(1):34-9.

Technical, Policy and Research Reports

Dunbar J, Duggan M, Fetherston H, Knight A, Mc Namara K, Banks E, Booth K, Bunker S, Burgess P, Colagiuri S, Dawda P, Ford D, Greenland R, Grenfell R, Knight S, Morgan M. Heart Health: the first step to getting Australia's health on track.  Technical paper No. 2017-02. Melbourne, Victoria University: Australian Health Policy Collaboration, 1 Oct 2017.

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Mc Namara K, Dunbar J, Krass I, Peterson G. Absolute risk screening in community pharmacy: Report to the National Heart Foundation of Australia. National Heart Foundation of Australia, 31 July 2015.

Non-Peer Review Articles

Calache H, Christian B, Ford P, Freeman C, Gussy M, Jackson J, Lau P, Mc Namara K, Nguyen T. Supporting pharmacy to deliver oral health services. Australian Pharmacist. 2017;June(19).

Lindberg R, Mc Namara K, O’Reilly S. The ten things Australia needs to do to improve health 2016 [updated 28 Nov. Available from: http://theconversation.com/the-ten-things-australia-needs-to-do-to-improve-health-67370

Dunbar JA, Janus ED, Vartiainen E, Laatikainen T, Versace VL, Reynolds J, Best JD,Skinner T, O'Reilly S, Mc Namara K, Stewart E, Coates M, Bennett C, Carter C. Time to question the NHS diabetes prevention programme. BMJ rapid responses 27/10/2015. http://www.bmj.com/content/351/bmj.h4717/rr-12

Research interests

Kevin’s background is as a community and hospital pharmacist. He was awarded an MSc in Community Health by Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) in 2001, after which he worked as a general practice researcher evaluating new models for out of hours general practice in rural Ireland. Since moving to Australia in 2003, he has had a strong interest in developing sustainable models of primary care, particularly the use of task substitution to develop more affordable and more accessible care which are feasible to implement in both rural and metropolitan settings. His PhD thesis examined the feasibility of implementing cardiovascular disease prevention programs in community pharmacy. Current areas of major clinical focus include screening, prevention and management of cardiovascular disease and diabetes in primary care, patient safety/medication safefy, and management of patients with multiple health conditions (multimorbidity). The common threads for all of these areas are the need for excellence in interprofessional coordination and continuity of care, the need for upskilling of individual practitioners (e.g. nurses, doctors, pharmacists), and the need for effective organisational and health system support for local teams to effectively support patients. Understanding these issues has led to his involvement with a range of research methodologies (e.g. co-design with patients, surveys, qualitative research) as well as his leading or substantially contributing to a number of large implementation trials.


• University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates- External International Researcher status for the “Improving Health Care Delivery and Medicines Use” research group.
• Public Health Foundation of India - Adjunct Faculty Status.
• Monash University, Victoria, Australia – Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Knowledge areas

• Social and cultural aspects of health and healthcare
• Implementation Science
• Development of health service interventions
• Screening for chronic disease
• Multimorbidity
• Task substitution in the health workforce
• Medication Safety
• Primary care and rural healthcare
• Health promotion


• Endeavour Executive Fellowship 2017.
• Health Postdoctoral Research Fellowship 2016-17.
• Heart Foundation Postdoctoral Award 2014-2015.
• NHMRC National Institute of Clinical Studies-National Prescribing Service Quality Use of Medicines Fellowship 2008-2010.
• Pharmacy Board of Australia accreditation (July 2003)
• Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland accreditation (Dec 1999)


Western Alliance (2018)
Patient Measure of Safety in Primary Care: pilot study of an intervention to improve safety in rural Victoria
Funding: Western Alliance investigator grants ($65,000)
Team: Hernan A, Versace V, McNamara K, et al.

University of Sharjah, UAE (2017-18)
Improving Health Care Delivery and Medicines Use
Funding: University of Sharjah operational grant (99,000 AED/$35,000 AU).
Team: Alzubaidi H, Browning C, Mc Namara K, et al.
(Chief investigator)

Kardinia Health/Deakin University (2017-18)
Meeting national targets and indicators to reduce mortality from chronic illness in general practice
Funding: Kardinia Health/Deakin University research programme, $41,900.
Team:  Mc Namara K, et al.
(Lead investigator)

Western Alliance (2017)
A Post-Hospital Discharge Pharmacist Medication Management Service for High Risk Patients Using Telehealth
Funding: Grants in Aid program, $35,000
Team: Bortoletto D, Mc Namara K, Weeks G, et al.
(Chief Investigator)

Harvard Medical School Center for Global Health Delivery (2017-18)
Implementing diabetes and cardiovascular disease risk screening program in community pharmacies in the United Arab Emirates
Cooperative Research Award (US$75,000/AU$100,000 Aus)
Team: Alzubaidi H, Atun R, Mc Namara K, et al.
(Chief Investigator)

Australian Government Department of Education and Training (2017)
Funding: Endeavour Executive Fellowship, $9000.
Travelling fellowship to visit and develop collaborations with Public Health Foundation of India.
(Fellowship Recipient)

Deakin University (internal funding, 2017)
Organisation antecedents of sustained healthcare interventions
Funding: Central Strategic Grants Scheme, $28,750
Team: Mc Namara K, O’Reilly S, Livingston T, et al.
(Lead Investigator)

University of Sharjah, UAE (2016-17)
Improving Health Care Delivery and Medicines Use
Funding: University of Sharjah operational grant (99,000 AED/$35,000 AU).
Team: Alzubaidi H, Browning C, Mc Namara K, et al.
(Chief Investigator)

Department of Health (Australia) (2016-2017)
Pharmacy Diabetes Screening Trial
Funding: Tender, $2,955,333
Team: Vowles E, Krass I, Mc Namara K, et al.
(Chief Investigator [Deakin University lead])

Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (2016 – 17)
Economic evaluation of the Partnered Pharmacy Medication Charting program
Funding: Tender, $268,216.
Team (specified personnel): Dalton A, Manias E, Gospodarevskaya E, Mc Namara K, et al.
(Chief Investigator)

South Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network (2016)
Evaluation of the Map of Medicine project at South Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network
Funding: SEMPHN consultancy, $44,154
Team: Mc Namara K, Watts J, Versace V, et al.
(Lead investigator)

Health Postdoctoral Research Fellowship 2016-17.
Deakin University, Faculty of Health. Based at School of Medicine.
Funding: Deakin University, $166,292 (salary subsidy plus research subsidy)

Dementia Research Foundation, (2016).
How do people with and without dementia use anticoagulants?
Funding: Alzheimers Australia, $49,942.
Team: Ilomäki J, Bell JS, Meretoja A, Mc Namara KP.
(Chief Investigator)


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Implementation of diabetes screening in community pharmacy - factors influencing successful implementation

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Implementing screening interventions in community pharmacy to promote interprofessional coordination of primary care - a mixed methods evaluation

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Reporting health research translation and impact in the curriculum vitae: a survey

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The Inverse Care Law might not apply to preventative health services in community pharmacy

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Pharmacists' experiences and views on providing screening services: An international comparison

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Evaluation of clinical quality improvement interventions: feasibility of an integrated approach

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Cardiovascular disease as a leading cause of death: how are pharmacists getting involved?

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Psychometric properties of the Arabic version of the 9-item Shared Decision-Making Questionnaire: the entire process from translation to validation

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Cardiovascular disease risk screening by pharmacists: a behavior change wheel guided qualitative analysis

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Investigating the feasibility of a patient feedback tool to improve safety in Australian primary care: a study protocol

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Process evaluation protocol for a cluster randomised trial of a complex, nurse-led intervention to improve hypertension management in India

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Trends and Predictors of Oral Anticoagulant Use in People with Alzheimer's Disease and the General Population in Australia

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Getting Australia's health on track: priority policy actions for a healthier Australia

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research report/technical paper

Challenges of diabetes prevention in the real world: results and lessons from the Melbourne diabetes prevention study

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Funded Projects at Deakin

Other Public Sector Funding

Health Economic Evaluation of the Partnered Pharmacy Medication Charting Program

A/Prof Andrew Dalton, Prof Elizabeth Manias, A/Prof Kevin Mc Namara, Dr Mohammadreza Mohebbi, Ms Elena Gospodarevskaya

  • 2018: $60,958
  • 2017: $97,533
  • 2016: $85,340

Diabetes Health Check Risk Assessment, Screening and Referral

A/Prof Kevin Mc Namara, Emeritus Professor Rob Carter, Dr Sophy Shih, A/Prof Vincent Versace, Dr Mohammadreza Mohebbi

  • 2018: $49,362
  • 2017: $328,676

Integration of pharmacy services across the Barwon Southwest region.

A/Prof Kevin Mc Namara, Mr Paul Crosland, Dr Kate Kloot, Ms Andrea Hernan, Mrs Hannah Beks, A/Prof Vincent Versace

  • 2018: $40,000

Primary Producer Knowledge Network.

Dr Alison Kennedy, Prof Susan Brumby, A/Prof Vincent Versace, A/Prof Kevin Mc Namara

  • 2021: $71,600
  • 2020: $71,600

Industry and Other Funding

Absolute risk screening in Pharmacy

A/Prof Kevin Mc Namara, Hon Prof James Dunbar, Prof Ines Krass, Prof Gregory Peterson

  • 2014: $63,500

Evaluation of Map of Medicine at South Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network

A/Prof Kevin Mc Namara, A/Prof Jennifer Watts

  • 2016: $40,140

Evaluation of the expansion of telehealth through primary care in Australia.

Prof Anna Peeters, Prof Elizabeth Manias, A/Prof Kevin Mc Namara, A/Prof Vincent Versace, Ms Andrea Hernan, A/Prof Martin Hensher, Prof Marj Moodie, Dr Lan Gao, Prof Liliana Orellana, Prof Andrea Driscoll, Prof Bodil Rasmussen, Prof Peter Vuillermin, Dr Kate Anderson

  • 2020: $24,250


No completed student supervisions to report